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Upload Your Own Custom Print with AppleBunz Cloth Diapers

Custom AppleBunz cloth diapers

Are you ready for the next generation in cloth diapers? I’m so excited to introduce you to the newest cloth diaper in town. AppleBunz is a proudly Canadian cloth diaper company, designed and manufactured in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island. AppleBunz diapers are like nothing you’ve seen before!

AppleBunz pocket diapers are designed to be the perfect one size diaper for any and every baby. Picking snaps or Aplix closures is old news. Now you can also select the lining material (choose from organic cotton, microfleece, microterry, viscose from bamboo, or athletic wicking jersey) and even your rise snap configuration. Love gussets? You can add those too! Place the pocket opening wherever you like – in the front, in the back, or in the middle.

But here’s the most exciting part! You can actually upload any high-resolution image into the AppleBunz system to have your picture printed on high-quality PUL and turned into a one of a kind, custom cloth diaper! Design the diaper print or pattern you’ve always wanted! Any pattern or photo can be printed. Imagine having custom diapers printed for the most amazing baby shower gift ever. How about a scene from your favourite movie (I would totally get a Dark Crystal diaper)? A special family photo?

Or how about your baby’s ultrasound photo, on your new baby’s bum!

Custom ultrasound AppleBunz diaper

Are you excited yet? I know I am! Stay tuned for a full review and a huge giveaway coming next week!

Learn everything about these amazing, fantastic custom Applebunz diapers here!









Update: Wouldn’t this be awesome? Sorry. Happy April Fool’s Day!


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  • Oh my…personal designs or landscape photos I understand…But someone out there is going to put a face on the back of their baby’s bum! I think that’s a bit odd, but to each her own!

  • Whaaaat? Are you kidding me? How AWESOME! I would love to customize my clothe diapers. Iblove the ultrasound pics. Thats cute!

  • I’m not sure if this is an April fools post or not, but it’s a cool idea! I could match diaper prints to outfits!

  • This is so awesome! Matching prints or colors …. I love the family photo idea! So many ideas are going through my mind right now!

  • Wow! This is an amazing idea. This would definitely make a neat baby gift. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • I love this. I have always wanted to try cloth, but never had a chance. Life got in the way…but I would have a few ones with Giraffes on it lol

  • I’ve never seen anuthing like this, where you can actually design your own diapers!!! How cool is this!! My daughter is going to be getting to work on her 4th child coon, I will surprise her with these when she posts an ultrasound. How adorable!

  • Hmm, is this for real? Seems to me that it’s too individual to be workable. If this is in fact a possibility then I think it’s a great idea – loved the photo with the sonogram on the diaper.

  • I would have loved to have these design cloth diapers when my daughter was a baby. Had the plain white ones. These are so neat and would make a great gift.

  • Cool! You could have your kid poop on anything. I can only imagine the joke prints people might come up with 🙂

  • Oh my gosh you so got me and its the 2nd!!! I was like seriously! And was most excited about being able to choose my lining.

  • Seriously, if it was possible to customize a diaper in the fabrics and style one prefers, it would be awesome!

  • Ha ha..good one! The name of the diaper sounded like a combo Apple Cheeks and Fuzzi Bunz, which had me puzzled at first. And Crapaud, PEI?? Too funny!

  • Wow, those are so neat. Who knew you would ever be able to customize your own cloth diaper!! Too cool!!

  • This is definitely by far the coolest and most exciting thing I’ve seen in awhile!! Every parent nis going to want a custom diaper, and the sonogram picture is so awesome! Fantastic idea for sure. 🙂