Top 10 Favourite Foods at the Fair

Going to the fair is a summer tradition for my family and families everywhere. We go for the rides, the SuperDogs, 4-H Club exhibits, live music and entertainment, and the midway, but it’s just not the fair without gorging ourselves on our favourite fair foods. For one day, we throw all our healthy food rules out the window and just enjoy whatever deep fried, sugary treats we want. In no particular order, here are the best foods to enjoy at the fair.

1. Mini Donuts

It’s not the fair if we don’t pick up a bag of piping hot mini donuts as soon as we arrive. The best ones are made right in front of you. We love watching the little doughy rounds drop out of the machine, travel along the mini conveyer belt while they cook, and then fall into the bin to be tossed with a generous helping of sugar and cinnamon.

2. Funnel Cakes

Sweet, crispy, crunchy, melt in your mouth yumminess! Funnel cakes get their distinctive look and texture when the batter is poured into hot oil through a funnel. Served hot and sprinkled with powdered sugar, this classic treat is a fair must have.

3. Cotton Candy

Everybody loves these pastel pink and baby blue clouds of fluffy spun sugar!

4. Elephant Ears or Beaver Tails

Beaver tails. Elephant ears. Doughboys. Fry dough. Whatever you call them, these flat pieces of fried yeast risen dough are classic fair food. Traditionally sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar or apples and cinnamon, we like ours with cream cheese icing and bits of toffee.

5. Corn Dogs

Nothing says the fair like a hot dog on a stick, rolled in cornmeal batter, deep fried, and covered in yellow mustard.

Coney Island Corn Dog” by M. Bitter is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

6. Deep Fried Anything

Speaking of deep fried, the fair is the best place to try deep fried foods you never even knew could be deep fried. At our local fair we spotted deep fried Oreo cookies, Kit Kat chocolate bars, cheesecake, strawberries, lasagna, jelly beans, and coffee.

Deep Fried Oreo” by hmmlargeart is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0.

7. Lemonade

After eating all that sugar and fried stuff, a giant cup of refreshing, fresh squeezed lemonade really hits the spot!

Lemon Heaven” by Keira Morgan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

8. Kettle Corn

Honestly, nothing is better than crispy, sweet and salty kettle corn made fresh while you wait.

9. Barbecue

We always hit the big barbecue place for dinner when we go to the fair. Savoury barbecued ribs, pulled pork, and barbecue chicken, the stickier the better!

Canfield Fair 2013 by Doug Butchy is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

10. Snow Cones

Pick your flavour (or two or three!). Nothing beats the heat like shaved ice flavoured with sweet, fruity syrup.

Did we mention your favourite fair food? What would you add to this list?

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