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Three Reasons to Celebrate International Babywearing Week

If you get a group of moms together and ask them about that one piece of holy grail baby gear that they wouldn’t want to do motherhood without, chances are good that wraps, ring slings, and other babywearing carriers will receive a few mentions. They keep baby close to mom where they belong, and goodness knows they make life a bit easier for mama — they shift baby’s weight out of your arms, giving you some mobility back and sparing you from that all-too-familiar backache.

What better time to embrace all babywearing has to offer than International Babywearing Week? Backed by Babywearing International, the annual event is intended to promote the powerful benefits that both mothers and babies reap when children are worn. The celebration takes place from September 28 – October 4, 2020, and includes local and online festivities, educational activities, and media outreach.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about wearing your baby. Some highlights:

  • A close attachment to mom is a key part of baby’s early psychosocial development. Research has demonstrated that babies who are carried in worn carriers throughout their first year of life create a more secure maternal bond than those who were carried in hard carriers.
  • Knowing exactly what your baby needs when they cry is a learning process, and figuring out their vocalizations can make things much easier. Research measuring the difference in worn babies vs those carried in hard carriers determined that mothers who participated in babywearing were more able to understand their baby’s specific needs.
  • Easing baby’s cries by figuring out what they need is a parent’s job, but it’s no secret that a fair amount of fussing comes from a desire for attention. A study assessing the link between babywearing and crying showed that babies held at random throughout the day cried 51% less during the night and 43% less in general than non-worn babies.

Ready to learn more about events and advocacy opportunities in your community? Visit Babywearing International online.

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