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Things People Say on Social Media #BCStorm

This weekend was pretty windy around here! A major windstorm hit the south coast of BC and down into Washington state on Saturday, resulting in downed trees everywhere and almost half a million customers in BC without electricity at some point. Many people, us included, lost power for two days and some change. Even now as of early morning Tuesday, there are still some homes waiting for power.

But have you ever noticed that whenever something goes wrong, like the power outages during and after this storm, there are always people who take to social media to express their displeasure? Sometimes it’s warranted, and sometimes it just comes off as a little out of touch with the realities of the situation.

It’s all a conspiracy, man…
conspiracy theorist

Lots of people want BC Hydro to reimburse them for spoiled food. Never mind that it was the storm that knocked down all the trees and power lines, and never mind about buying some ice, making an insurance claim, or renting a generator.
reimbursement planbut what about compensation

Some of those people didn’t realize that the E in ETA stands for estimated.
false eta

This poor woman had to leave her birthday cake at her friend’s house. I bet you her friend ate it all as soon as she walked out the door. (Also, candles. Buy some.)
pay for my food

Some people have strange houses.
half of my house

And this guy wanted BC Hydro to help him get his internet hooked up too. Maybe on a break between fixing power lines?
Fix my cable

Some people are never satisfied. This guy was upset to discover that the store he wanted to shop at had power.
the store had power!

And this one was disappointed that BC Hydro’s estimate was for 7 hours past the time she got power back. Yes, she got power back EARLIER than estimated.
I got my power back early

Somebody actually compared our windstorm to Hurricane Katrina! You know, the hurricane that killed over 1830 people, resulted in 108 billion dollars of damage, and displaced over one million people from their homes.

But the most important lesson of all? Netflix is the most important thing EVAH!
I just wanna watch Netflix mannetflix n chilljust want to watch netflix too much to askU donkies

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  • Oh my gosh this made me laugh. I was down visiting family in Abbotsford and the power was out all day, there is such a thing as candles if you need to change your baby. Lol. What did everyone do in the days without power? I’m surprised our species didn’t die out ?

  • Thanks for providing the daily laugh! The one about having power in half the house and not the other half was hilarious.

    On a more serious note, what are people gonna do if the BIG ONE hits BC soon. Do they have their emergency kits packed, could they survive for more than 3 days on their own, could they dig family members out of the earthquake rubble, could they be without power, water, gas, telephone, medical services, etc.?