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These Are the Star Wars Cloth Diapers You’re Looking For

We all grow up eventually, and that means geeky kids become geeky parents. The geeky parent in me loves these Star Wars themed diapers, and what better time to share them than for May the 4th, Star Wars Day! Whether you’re a Jedi in disguise or secretly in league with the Dark Side, I think you’ll agree your baby padawan would be adorable in any of these! Scroll through and take a look at these labours of geeky love.

20 Star Wars cloth diapers to celebrate May the 4th Star Wars Day!

Geeky Z Diapers specializes in, you guessed it, geeky diapers! This is the coolest Chewbacca diaper I’ve ever seen. The faux fur and the bandolier details on this fully functional hybrid fitted diaper are fantastic. It even comes with a miniature leather messenger bag like Chewbacca’s!

Chewbacca hybrid fitted - Geeky Z Diaperz

Bunzuke Cloth is a genius at turning cloth diapers into works of 3d art. The removable ears on this Yoda diaper attach with snaps for practicality’s sake, and I honestly think this is the cutest Ewok I’ve ever seen!

Yoda and Ewok diapers - Bunzuke Diapers

Or how about this set of squishy Darth Vader and Chewbacca inspired AIO diapers from Little Butt Diapers.

Darth Vader and Chewbacca AIO diapers - Little Butt Diapers

This diaper from The Albino Squirrel features an applique of the traditional Mandalorian crest. You know, for when you really want to be obscure.

Mandalorian AIO diaper - The Albino Squirrel

Ashley from Buzzy Booty hand paints OS pocket diapers in every geeky theme thinkable. Here are a few of my favourite Star Wars inspired designs. I think it’s awesome that Darth Vader’s menacing helmet is now reinterpreted in technicolour pop art.

Hand painted Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader, and Yoda pocket diapers - Buzzy Booty

Check out the Episode IV Star Wars print on this AI2 by Toosha’s.

Star Wars AI2 - Toosha's

I’m in love with this sugar skulls stormtrooper and Darth Vader fabric! This OS diaper is from Teethers, Tushies, & More. (This shop is now closed.)
OS Sugar Wars Cloth Diaper - Teethers, Tushies, & More

Look, it’s an “R2Pee2” pocket diaper from Seams Geeky! These used to be embroidered, but it looks like they’re made from printed microsuede now. (They also make Firefly themed diapers, but that’s a topic for a different post.)

R2PEE2 Pocket Diaper - Seams Geeky

And this minky version of R2-D2 in a hybrid fitted from Canadian diaper maker Maplebean Diapers.

R2-D2 hybrid fitted diaper - Maplebean Diapers

Fans of the Fett will love this embroidered Boba Fett helmet by MyVeryBest Diapers, but I’m in love with this Yoda diaper in pink and green ruffles and snaps.

Embroidered Boba Fett and Yoda diapers - Myverybest Diapers

This custom Star Wars pocket diaper by Happy Tara Tails is made with a chic monochromatic fabric featuring a diagram of the Death Star and what we think is a TIE Interceptor starfighter. (This shop is now closed.)

Custom Star Wars pocket diaper - Happy Tara Tails

Bicklebear‘s Far Away Galaxy hybrid bamboo fitted diaper features super cute and friendly characters perfect for sweet Star Wars dreams.

Far Away Galaxy hybrid bamboo fitted diaper - Bicklebear

Binky D Diapers makes several Star Wars themed hybrid fitted diapers. I love the white and blue of these stormtroopers, and this Jedi in Training hybrid fitted has a stormtrooper on the front and Darth Vader on the back! With lightsabers along the wings!

Stormtrooper and Jedi in Training hybrid fitted diapers - Binky D Diapers

And finally, the Dark Side is strong with this embroidered Darth Vader bobblehead  inspired pocket diaper from Snarky Bums. (This shop is now closed.)

Darth Vader embroidered pocket diaper - SnarkyBums

Which one is your favourite?

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