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Tea Cup Mother’s Day Card

Pandemic parenting is HARD, and moms deserve a break. Here’s an idea for a pretty card that both celebrates Mother’s Day and gives Mom a chance to sit back and enjoy a cup of hot, relaxing tea.

This is a great last minute card to make at home because you probably already have everything you need around the house. No need to go out and pick up any supplies!

All you need is some card stock, paper, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, markers, stickers or other decorations, and a tea bag. We grabbed some green card stock for the card and used a nice bright red paper for the cup so it stands out.

Free hand draw a tea cup shape, making sure it’s wide enough to slip a tea bag in there with room to glue the edges. You could cut it all out in one piece, but I found it easier to cut out the teacup handle separately and glue it to the cup after. Older kids can use this opportunity to practice their scissor skills.

Move the pieces around on the front of your card until you’re satisfied with the placement, then glue the edges of the cup down with a glue stick. The most important thing is to remember is to pull the edges in a bit to make enough room in the pocket for your teabag. You can see below how we made a little “pouch” in the picture below.

Draw some steam on with a grey marker, and hand it over to the kids to decorate any way they like. Mine thought the tea cup needed some sparkle and some extra love, and we used some 3D fabric paint to write a very important message.

The final touch is to tuck the teabag inside. In case you were wondering, this is Double Bergamot Earl Grey – my favourite tea in the morning!

Now Mom can enjoy a beautiful card and a delicious cup of tea on Sunday morning!

Wishing all the moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day, despite the circumstances. To all of us mothers. To stepmothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, godmothers, grandmothers, mothers of babies born sleeping or who were never born at all, mothers that were, and mothers to be. We’re all in this together.

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  • Another fun touch is to replace the tag on the tea bag with your own Happy Mother s Day tag. Simply cut a piece of cardstock, make your Happy Mother s Day message, then staple back to the string. You can then write another message on back of the card.