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Taking a Chance on Nutrience Grain Free Dog Food

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Nutrience. All opinions are my own.

I talk a lot about my kids, m’kay? Because I’m a mom, and that’s what I do. But believe it or not, there are other members of our family too. This is Kallie.

Kallie the keeshond

Kallie was part of our family long before the kids came along, and I have to give credit where credit is due. She is the sweetest, most patient, most forgiving dog I’ve ever met. She tolerates curious toddlers poking and pulling, yanking on her ears, reaching in her mouth, checking to see if she’s really a miniature pony in disguise, and testing her load-bearing capacity. We love her and want to keep her healthy and active for a long time.

When Kallie first joined our family she ate budget kibble. It was convenient, cheap, and I could buy huge bags of it at the big box store. As she grew older, we noticed she started getting a lot of “digestive issues”. That’s a nice way of saying we kept a roll of paper towels permanently next to the front door because she was having diarrhea four or five times a week. We watched to make sure she wasn’t eating anything she wasn’t supposed to, we took her to the vet, we had all sorts of tests done, but we could never find a cause for her tummy troubles. It seemed to be a chronic issue with her, and we chalked it up to her being an “anxious” dog.

Dogs can have anxiety too.

We didn’t give up though, and we started trying different pet foods, hoping to find something that might help her. Eventually we tried grain-free dog food, and very quickly we realized she was no longer having those digestive issues anymore. She’s been almost completely diarrhea-free for three years now – so much nicer for Kallie and for everybody else involved too!

All this means that we’re very careful about what she eats. So when Nutrience asked if we’d be willing to give their new grain-free line of dog food a try, I was a bit hesitant. I really did not want to go back to those days of paper towels and emergency baths.

Nutrience Grain Free Dog Food - Pork, Lamb, & Venison Formula

Nutrience Grain Free Dog Food - Pork, Lamb, & Venison FormulaBut I decided to take a chance. Nutrience says their pet food has β€œNo Bad Anything,” and after a look at the ingredients I can see why. We received a bag of Grain Free Pork, Lamb, and Venison Formula, and the first three ingredients are deboned pork, pork meal, and lamb meal.

I feed my kids good quality, unprocessed food because I want what’s best and what’s healthy for them. Well, Kallie’s a part of our family so why would it be any different for her?

Instead of fillers like wheat, corn meal, and corn gluten, Nutrience’s grain free dog food is made with premium animal and vegetable proteins, ingredients closer to a dog’s ancestral diet. No corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Sounds good to me!

But does she like it? Yes, she does!

Eating grain free dog food helps reduce our dog's digestive issues.

And as for her “end products”, we’re still good in that department too. Thank goodness!

Scroll down for a chance to try out Nutrience’s Grain Free dog food and see for yourself! Well, not you specifically. You know what I mean!


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