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My Summer Skin Solution for Cracked Heels and Eczema #Ureadin

Summer is my favourite season. I love the sunny days and long lazy evenings. I love eating sunwarmed cherries and peaches bought from a roadside stand and licking the sticky juice off my fingers. I love the smell of backyard barbecues wafting through the neighbourhood, and grilling our own dinner and pineapple rings for dessert. I love eating ice cream cones with the kids, picnics at the park, beach days, and camping.

ice cream

It’s not all perfect though. It’s hard to sleep when it’s still sweltering outside, and while I love the freedom of shorts and sandals, I don’t like showing my dry, itchy legs and scraggy-looking feet. Summer came early this year, and I was embarrassed by the state of my feet after six months hidden away in my stylish yet affordable boots. They were dry and itchy, my heels were rough and cracked, and my nails really needed work. My feet were definitely not sandal-ready.

So when I received some Ureadin skin care samples from Intega Skin Sciences, I was itching to try them out. See what I did there?

Ureadin Summer Skin Solution

First I tried Ureadin Podos hydrating gel oil on my feet, focusing on my heels. It’s more gel than oil, and it feels silky going on and absorbs quickly. I really mean that. Unlike every other foot lotion I’ve used, it didn’t leave my feet greasy and slippery when walking on my hard floors. Podos contains Urea Isdin, shea butter, allantoin, and panthenol to help soften skin and repair heel cracks, plus lactic acid and bacillus ferment to help and exfoliate rough, hardened, and thickened skin. After three weeks, there’s a significant different in the look and feel of my feet.

Ureadin Podos Before and After

It’s not just my feet of course. After a long winter, I get really dry skin on my arms and legs too. The skin on my legs gets especially dry. It feels tight and itchy, and if I make the mistake of scratching, my skin turns white and flaky under my nails. Yuck.

To get summer skin, I’ve been using Ureadin Lotion Spray containing the antioxidant HydroISDIN system to hydrate and protect skin. It has a really light, non-sticky consistency, rubs in easily, and absorbs quickly. The spray is perfect for after my shower: I just spray, rub in, and in 30 seconds it’s dry to the touch. The overspray does get on my bathroom floor though, so I use this standing on my towel to keep the floor clean.

Spray lotion

Of all the samples I received, I was most interested in Ureadin’s Ultra 10 Lotion Plus because of my struggle with eczema. It’s worse in the winter, but I have them year round. These patches of skin itch like crazy with tiny blisters that break open when I scratch. It’s the itchiness that drives me up the wall. I know I shouldn’t scratch. I know it damages my skin, sometimes to the point of bleeding, and opens my skin up to infection. I know all these things, but sometimes the itchiness is so bad I JUST DON’T CARE. I know lots of people have it worse than me, but even mild eczema is no fun. 

The bottle suggests using Ultra 10 twice a day, but I have to admit that I often forgot that second application. Even so, after three weeks of using the Ultra 10 Lotion, this patch of skin was completely healed. There’s no dryness, no flaking, no scaling, no blisters, and the best thing of all – no itching.

Ureadin Ultra 10 lotion - before and after

After three weeks of using the Ureadin line, my skin is soft, hydrated, itch-free, and ready for summer. And damn, my feet are looking good!

To learn more about the ISDIN Ureadin line and where to purchase, visit Intega, exclusive supplier of ISDIN products in Canada.

Disclosure: I am part of the Intega Influencer Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  • First I have to say that ice cream looks really good. Now I think it’s great to have such a great moisturizer and whole product line is great