Star Stable: A Horse Lover’s Adventure Game and a 6 Month Star Rider Membership Giveaway {Closed}

When I was a kid, I was officially horse-crazy. I read Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty over and over, all the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley, and the Misty of Chincoteague series by Marguerite Henry. I took riding lessons, and I dreamed about going on adventures with a beautiful black Arabian horse as my best friend and constant companion.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one to feel that way, so it’s no surprise to me how incredibly popular Star Stable, an online massively multi-player horse game, has become for people of all ages over the last few years.

Star Stable - Andalusians

In Star Stable, players explore the beautiful 3D island world of Jorvik, care for their horses, interact with other players, participate in competitions, and complete fun quests, all from horseback. Weekly updates to the epic storyline keep the content fresh for more advanced players.

Star Stable - pony picnic

Anyone can download and play Star Stable for free on their computer, but there is also an option to unlock premium content with a Star Rider membership.

Membership gets you access to the entire Star Stable world and exclusive Star Rider horse breeds like Andalusians and Arabian horses. Members can race their horses with friends and create their own riding club with a private chat channel. As a member, you also receive 100 Star Coins every week to spend on cool clothes, new horse equipment, and even your dream horse!

While it’s always my job to appropriately supervise my child’s activities online and offline, as a parent I really appreciate the effort that Star Stable has put into keeping this a safe and enjoyable game experience for all ages. The chat function is moderated, and there are no third party advertisements.

Win a Six Month Star Rider Membership!

Want to see what the big deal is about Star Stable? Enter here to win a Star Rider membership good for six months! Membership opens up full access to the entire game world and all the features of the game, plus 100 Star Coins every Saturday. This giveaway is open worldwide, and all entries will be verified.

To win, just tell me, “If you could add any horse to the game, what colour/breed of horse would you choose and what would you name it?” Leave your answer in the comments at the bottom of the page and make sure you record your entries in the giveaway widget below. Earn extra entries by completing extra, optional tasks in the widget. Come back every day for more entries!

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  • I had a black Arabian gelding named Black Sheik II when I was a kid. He is still around, but my sister owns him now. He getting quite old now, but he is healthy. If I could add any horse to the game, I would add a horse like Sheik: a black Arabian with a white star and socks on his back legs. 🙂

  • If I could add ANY horse to Star Stable Online I would add the Clydesdale in Strawberry Roan because I think they are stunning horses! Also I don’t think that SSO have enough ‘Heavy Horses’. I would name him Stargazer, or Gazer for short, because the ‘Heavy Horse’ breeds kind of walk with their head stuck up, like they’re star-gazing :).

  • If I could add any house I would love to add a bay Clydesdale and name him Hercules. I feel like the name fits because they’re such a strong breed of horse. 🙂

  • I’d Love a Clydesdale in Dapple Grey! I would name Him Thor, or SilverThunder , I Love Tinkers NSH and Clydesdale

  • If I had the oppurtunity of buying one horse, I would choose one Arabian, they are soo cute!! I would name it: “Skyangel”

  • I had a grey stallion Lusitan Horse, and called Jack, because this is the description of my real life horse, and if this happend it will be amazing *-* <3 :3

  • I would add a glittering pink unicorn with a purple horn and I would name her Maisy.

  • I definitely want Lusitan horse, becouse they are one of the most beautiful horses in this planet. I really do not care of color, couse every breed and every horse is beautiful…but i would call her “Symphony” 🙂

    • She’s not gonna put Lifetime because this is a giveaway sponsored by SSO. Six months is enough time, half a year. Save up for Lifetime during it.

  • I would like a shetland pony, I hope it counts, I would call it ministar, it would be black with a star and you can do little jumps with them and train them for beauty contests. If this does not count then I would like a ……I would have said Quarter Horse but star stable brought them out….. So I would ask for thoroughbreds. They are amazing and the series are just so breath taking! I would have a strawberry Roan and name her WildFire.

    (I use my sister (Cassandra Mcbell’s, she is helping me write this!) things like insta and email, but the youtube is mine)

  • i would like to add Hanoverian horse .It is one of the oldest and most successful of the warmbloods,and the colour would be black .I would name him Magic Whisperer.

  • I would add a Mustang or a Lipizzaner horse, with the colours buckskin,black,white or bay. I would call him Beauty for short

  • If I could add any horse breed to the game, I would add a dapple grey Mangalarga Marchador and name her Moonbeam!

  • i would love to add a white and brown mustang with long, really dark brown mane and tail and a white star on his face. it would have light brown feet and white hooves.

  • i would add the Percheron they are big but very sweet i had the chance to ride one her name was trouble she was black and here hooves were bigger then my hand she is very Sweet and gentle horse so if i could add any horse to SSO i would add a full black Percheron

  • I would appreciate a pintaloosa of any color. They do exist, I would want a stally and I would name it Spotted Eagle.

  • I think, I would love to see Clydesdales in the game! They should be brown with white legs. Also, I like dark brown, black or dapple grey trakehners and hanoverian horses. 🙂

  • I’d add Marwari’s to the game, maybe a rare colored one like paints. I’d choose a palomino Paint Marwari and name it Sundance. I think it would go well against the Palomino colour and the white shining against the coat…Plus I love Marwari’s xD

  • I would like to have Knapstruppers ( Danish breed) in the game. They are rare horses, with lots and lots of different spots all over, and lots of different colors.. My favorit one would be a black Knapstrupper, with snowdrop spots on its back and with 4 white legs, and a big white making in the head. I will call it : Snowdrop Peace hunter..

  • I am not entering, As I have won a giveaway already from another SSO Giveaway. But when you win, you still revieve the 500 SC, but you will not recieve 100 SC every Saturday due to it being a free Star Rider account. Yes, I was extremely disappointed at this, but it’s one thing that we just look out for codes once in a while. Six months should give us all tine to save money for LT. Good luck everyone.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ada! In my communication with SSO, they described the prize as a 6 month Star Rider membership including 100 Star Coins every Saturday. As that is what they told me, that’s what I’ve written here. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the game! 🙂

      • Ah! Yes, but the Prize is free. Meaning the player will be known as a free Star-Rider. But if that is what SSO has put, then I can’t argue.

  • If I was able to get a new horse from this contest I would get a Friesian, because I have always wanted one from the start (about 4years ago I started playing). I am not a star rider so I can’t get one. It has been my dream to buy that horse. If the name is there I would name him “Nightstream”

  • I would have a Bay Hanoverian because they are really nice dressage horse and I think SSO can make them really nicely walk, trot, and canter 🙂

  • I would like to add a Rocky Mountain horse with a Black body and for him to have White muzzle, White socks on all four legs and White main and tail and i will name him NIGHT SKY

  • I would love to add Mustang <3 and I would name him: Big Red, and if she is a girl she would be: Nala

  • But if I win this game I would love to buy american paint horse. That is my dream ever sinc I started to play this game =)

  • If I was able to get a new horse I would make it a girl, it would be the new American Quarter Horse, the name would be “Flowerbloom” Because she would be the prettiest horse and my best friend with her awesome personality. That’s what I’d get and name.

    good luck everyone 🙂

  • I would add new American Quarter Horse, but it would be palomini overo with beautiful golden dapples and one blue eye… <3 Exactly like Big Chex to Cash. 🙂

  • i would add in the Irish Sport Horse as they have Thoroughbred in them making them fast 🙂 but they are also very pretty :D, wouldn’t mind more dapples too 😀 and i would name it UltraDiamond 😛 as diamonds are a girls best friend (after horses of course)

  • When I was a kid, I visited a gray Lipizzaner horse in my relative’s estate, every day. This horse was my best friend in my childhood. I would like to see the star stable online game grey Lipizzaner horses. So I have to recall the good old friend of mine.

  • If i could add a horse iT would be a welsh or haflinger (the one that my friend have) with the name vanillacake that is a cute name

  • I would have a lusitano horse and that I would wear socks on the front and rear legs. I still have a saddle and shoulder pads.

  • I would have a lusitano horse and that I would wear socks on the front and rear legs. I still have a saddle and shoulder pads.