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Spray Pal and Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review

When you have a baby, that means poop. Regardless of how you diaper, you gotta deal with the poop. (Side note: even if you use disposables, you’re still supposed to dump and flush the poop. Don’t send it to the landfill to seep into your groundwater!) You can do the old school dunk and swish method (yuck!) or scrape with a spatula (yuck again!). I use reusable fleece liners, but in my experience they’re rarely 100% effective. A fourth option is to use a diaper sprayer, a high powered handheld sprayer that attaches to your toilet and sprays the poop off your diaper.

I’ve had a sprayer for a couple of years, but honestly I’ve never liked using it. My diaper sprayer was supposed to save me time and effort but it often ends up making more work for me. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am apparently incapable of angling my sprayer the right way to keep the spray in the toilet.

Spray Pal

Let me introduce you to the Spray Pal, a splatter shield for diaper sprayers!
The Spray Pal splatter shield keeps back spray off you, your toilet, and your walls.
We had a messy diaper the very next day after the Spray Pal arrived. Great timing! I used the Spray Pal along with my diaper sprayer, and I’m telling you it was like a whole new world! The diaper got clean, and I didn’t get sprayed and neither did my wall. Woo hoo!

It’s a simple idea. Just a piece of flexible plastic about 16″ tall and 30″ wide. Secure the dirty diaper inside with the attached clip and snap the edges together to form the sleeve-style splatter shield. The clip is strong but gentle on cloth – no teeth to snag or damage your diapers. (And yes, I’m sparing you the sight of a dirty diaper. I think we’ve all had enough experience with poopy diapers not to need the visual!)

Spray Pal review - Secure the diaper to the Spray Pal with the included clip, snap the doors shut, and spray.

Position the Spray Pal inside the rim of your toilet bowl, then use your sprayer to your heart’s content. There’s enough room in the Spray Pal to get my hand and diaper sprayer in and to angle it all around until all the surfaces are sprayed clean. The sleeve keeps all the dirty water inside and off your toilet and walls. 

The Spray Pal splatter shield protects you, your toilet, and your walls from back spray.

When you’re done spraying, unsnap the doors and flatten them to press the excess water out of the diaper. Keep your diaper pail next to the toilet and all you have to do is release the clip and dump the diaper in the pail. Ta da! Rinse off the inside of the Spray Pal and store it folded flat beside or behind your toilet.

Here’s a video demonstration by Mr. and Mrs. Spray Pal!

The Spray Pal works like a charm. I didn’t get any back spray on me, the toilet, the wall, or the floor. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the residue on the inside of the shield. That makes for an extra step because you need to spray down the inside of the Spray Pal afterwards. I keep mine in a pail so it doesn’t drip on the floor after I’m done.

One more thing I wanted to share with you. I think it’s important to know where our dollars are going. Two years ago, Jen (AKA Mrs. Spray Pal) had a little boy born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation. As a result he requires oxygen and a feeding tube, and he is visually impaired and profoundly deaf. When you buy a Spray Pal, know that the proceeds go to helping this family pay for their son’s medical bills. 

Lalabye Baby One Size Stay Dry Bamboo Cloth Diaper

Spray Pal also sent me a Lalabye OS Bamboo Diaper in gray with pink snaps to try. This diaper is a 2-in-1 system – you can use it as a pocket or as an AI2. Each diaper comes complete with two snap-in bamboo inserts (a one size insert and a smaller newborn or booster insert). The sleeve style opening allow you to stuff from the front or the back.

The Lalabye Baby is a one size diaper. Four rows of two rise snaps allow you to adjust the rise and fit babies from 7-35+ pounds. It comes with two rows of ten waist snaps to adjust a wide range of leg and waist sizing, hip snaps to prevent wing droop, and crossover snaps. The rainbow snaps were a nice surprise when I opened up this diaper for the first time. They make it very easy to remember which snap setting to use. Plus they’re just pretty!

The inside is lined with stay dry microsuede, and there’s a strip of TPU along the inside tummy to helps stop leaks from the front (great for tummy sleepers!).

Lalabye Baby OS Bamboo Diaper Review

I’ve reviewed several 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 diapers lately, and the Lalabye Baby works very similarly. To use as a pocket diaper, just stuff the inserts into the sleeve-style opening. As an AI2, snap the inserts on top and replace them when they get wet. The shell has a snap at the front and the back, and the inserts can be snapped into one or both.

Getting a good fit the first time was a bit tricky with this diaper. It took a few attempts experimenting with the rise fully unsnapped and snapped down one level, tightening and loosening the legs and waist. The issue I had was getting the waist tight enough without leaving red marks on her legs. I finally ended up with the rise snapped down one row and the top snaps done up on an angle. Once I figured that out, the rest was smooth sailing.

Lalabye Baby OS Bamboo Diaper Review

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the waterproof TPU fabric. It’s nice and thick and seems like it will last a long time. The diaper fits quite generously and provides full coverage over the bum, with plenty of room to add more absorbency if needed for naps or overnight. The included bamboo inserts hold a lot of liquid without a lot of bulk. We never had any leaks in this diaper, even after several hours and a nap. Trimness was about average and what I would expect with two bamboo inserts (the pictures above are of both inserts). Note that the inserts do need to be washed and dried 3-5 times to strip the natural oils and reach full absorbency.

Kay’s two years old and 27 pounds in these pictures, and there’s still a lot of room left to grow at the waist and legs. This diaper would be a good choice for larger babies with chubby thighs, though like most one size diapers, it’s unlikely to fit properly immediately after birth.


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Buy your Spray Pal directly from Spray Pal, at, or from a retailer near you. The Spray Pal retails for $25.00, and the Lalabye Baby OS Bamboo Diaper is available for $18.95. Orders $25 and up ship for FREE within the US.

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  • I love my diaper sprayer. The first time I used it, I made a HUGE mess!!! I quickly got the hang of it though. I’ve seen the spray pals and wondered if I would need it. I would love to try it out and see how I like it.

  • My SprayPal is the best money I’ve ever spent, and I would love to try this new diaper (new to me at least)

  • The Spray Pal it’s a must have!!! The Lalaby cloth diaper in grey with pink snaps so gorgeous!!!

  • Thanks for reviewing the Lalabye diaper! I’ve heard so many comments on these that range from overpriced China Cheapies to amazing. I think my favorite feature is the color coded snaps. My hubby cannot seem to figure out what snaps go together and ends up with a poor fitting diaper.

  • I’m definitely going to make sure I get a Spray Pal in addition to a diaper sprayer. It just makes sense to do so and isn’t too costly. Also going to add that diaper brand to my “brands to watch” list! At first I only wanted to focus on flats and covers, but now I’ve been eyeing pockets and AI2’s. So many choices! I like how this brand seems to be made of sturdy material.

  • I’ve been wanting to try the spray pal for a while but I thought it would be awkward to use. I didn’t realize it opened up, that makes it seem like it would make it easier. Glad I read this!

  • We have a Spray Pal and at first, I thought it would be a luxury, but now, it’s become a necessity. It’s made cloth diapering much easier.

  • I didn’t think I would need a spray pal until this morning, YUCK! I always thought they would be awkward but now that I see it’s easy to use, I think it’s a must have 🙂

  • This seems like a pretty absorbent diaper. I’ve been trying to find a night time solution for my son. We use bamboo during the day in pockets but I’ve never tried an ai2.

  • I have a sprayer ( not hooked up yet) but not a spray pal, and I think I really need one! Right now I am doing the dunk and swish method, and it isn’t very fun! That diaper is so nice and trim fitting, and such a nice contrast with the snaps!

  • I still need to buy a sprayer, but I’m kind of waiting until I get a Spray Pal. It seems like something I really, really need to have! I have one of these diapers and love it, I’d love to have more!

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  • I’ve been wanting a Spray Pal for AGES. They look so totally handy. And I love following them on Facebook, they seem like such a nice family run business.

  • The spray pal looks amazing. I love that it’s such a simple design for a massive issue. I especially love the clip inside to hold the dirty diaper. Keeps hand clean and dry

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  • I love cloth diapers, but honestly I’m sick of getting poop on my hands and getting splashed with poop water 🙁 I need one of these!

  • on some days i don’t feel the need for a spray pal- then i have days w. major sprayback/splatter & i wish i had a spraypal 🙂 20mo later this is still true haha

  • A spraypal is on my list of things to get (along with a sprayer). I just started using cloth this week, and dunk and swish is *not* my thing.

  • My bathroom and my sanity both need a spray pal Lol! Lalabye diapers are really cute, I think no matter what kind of diaper you get your always going to have to play around with the fitting at first. Some just take a little more tweaking than others. I’m still having trouble with my Grovia and prefolds.

  • I think the SprayPal is a great product! And I love supporting their family! The Lalabye baby diaper is super adorable with the colored snaps!

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  • The Spray Pal is such a great invention! What an easy way to keep the poo from spraying all over the place. I always end up with it on the toilet so I have to not only clean the poo off the diaper but then off the toilet when I am done. I would absolutely love to try one. Plus I am always happy when I hear that products are created and businesses are run by mommas like myself. I love supporting local people and their families! (And the video was so great! I love being able to see the products in action.)

  • We don’t have a diaper sprayer yet. We need one. But I appreciate the informative review, so I know what it’s all about. I also love the diaper and will look into them more now. We just started cloth diapers a few weeks ago.

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  • The spray pal looks awesome I’m using a homemade one and I just get alot of over spray. The diaper is stinking adorable as well

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  • The color coded sizing system is awesome! and sprayers…hehe..take a ton of work out of cleaning the diapers, and less/ no back splash

  • Diapers like this were my favorite when my daughter was little. Seeing this post almost makes me want another LO just so that I could feed my cloth addiction again. HAHA

  • I’ve heard great things about the spray pal and this review further confirms it. I like how easily it stores away and how it can be used to squeeze out excess water. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • I love the color coded snaps and trim fit of the Lalabye diapers. Spray Pal would make life so much easier.

  • It makes me want to buy a spray pal just to help the good cause of providing funds for medical expenses. Thank you for sharing that information.

  • I am a soon to be FTM and researching cloth diapers. One of my husband’s biggest concern was the poop. This is a great review that not only explains what you do with the poop, the different ways to deal with it, and how this great product does make it easier! This may help change his mind! Thanks so much! So do most cloth diapers have the option to use disposable inserts?

    • I think you mean disposable liners (they look like dryer sheets) used to line the inside of the diaper to catch the poop and help with clean up. If so, then yes you can add those to any diaper you like. Lots of cloth diapering moms swear by them!

  • I never used a sprayer when CDing my first daughter. Second daughter, I am seriously considering it. I havent done tons of research into it yet, but I didnt know this part was seperate! I thought they came with the sprayer. Haha good thing I read this review!

  • My little dude is going to arrive in this world in just a few weeks and I am so excited to start cloth diapering! I only have pockets though, it was great to read about this one that can be used as a pocket and AI2! I’m hoping to give that a try too when I am used to little monkey and the pocket ones we have ready for him now 🙂