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Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer Review

Even though we’re nearing the end of our cloth diapering days, happily there’s still a cloth option. Smart Bottoms sent me a rainbow Lil Trainer a few weeks ago in anticipation of Kay potty training. At that point she didn’t seem to have much interest, but I was hopeful. I mean she had to start at some point, right?

Lil Trainer - outside

And then it happened! For the last couple of weeks, Kay has been out of diapers during the day (though that’s not to say we don’t have an accident here or there). Our current system is underwear around the house, diapers at night, and trainers when we go out.

Smart Bottoms Lil Trainers feature two layers of organic cotton, hidden PUL in the wet zone to help keep the car seat or couch dry, and a snap-in four layer insert to add more absorption. It comes in two sizes: size small for 20-30 lbs., and large for 30-45 lbs. Note that the Lil Trainer has to be washed 6-8 times before using it for the first time to strip all the natural oils out so it can reach full absorbency.

inside a Lil Trainer

It’s important to know that training pants in general aren’t meant to hold a lot of wetness. They’re not diapers. The Lil Trainer is meant to catch small accidents and then be changed. If it’s just a little pee that only gets the insert wet, you can just replace the insert (like an all in 2 diaper) and reuse the trainer. A couple of times in the last week Kay has forgotten she’s not wearing a diaper and sprung a little leak. That’s the type of situation a trainer is good for.

I really like that the Lil Trainer fits, looks, and pulls on like underwear. If a trainer feels too much like a diaper, it can slow down the potty training process. Learners may forget it’s not a diaper and have more accidents. With the insert removed, it looks and performs even more like underwear, with just a little bit of extra absorption. Kay definitely knows the difference. She inherited some trainers from her older sister, but she won’t wear the side snapping ones because, “They’re diapers! NOT big girl underwear!”

These trainers have a lower rise than a diaper (just like underwear), and they’re designed to be easy for little hands to pull up and pull down independently. Kay can easily manage that task on her own, but I’m just not sure for how much longer these will fit her. She’s wearing a size large here, but at only 33 pounds the legs are already fairly snug. As long as she doesn’t have a growth spurt in the next couple of months though, I think we’ll be okay.

I haven’t used this much around the house, but I do like having this trainer for that little bit of added protection when we go out and don’t have instant access to a washroom or if Kay falls asleep in her car seat. It sure beats sticking a towel underneath her in the seat.

If you’re unsure about sizing or your child is at the upper end of the size small range, I would definitely recommend going up to the large. In fact, I’d love to see another size added to these training pants. It’s not that unusual for older (three-year-olds or even four-year-olds) or taller/heavier children to be potty training, and they could use some protection too.

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