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September Preschool Update

As September draws to a close, it seems like a good time to write a little update on how the first month of preschool went for us. My plan is to do regular monthly updates throughout the school year.

Tee has been attending a local Montessori preschool two days a week. She was eager to show her teacher she knows all her numbers from 1-20, primary and secondary colours, the alphabet, and the sounds the letters make. The only one she struggles with is making the L sound, but I think that’s pretty normal for a three year old. Her teacher was very happy with how many skills she already had coming in, and she remarked that Tee is one of the more independent kids in her class.

Our First Year of Montessori Preschool - September update

This month’s theme was apples, and Tee’s been bringing home all sorts of apple-themed projects. She loves painting and using scissors and glue. She’s also been practicing transferring and pouring small objects, tracing shapes, and drawing lines. Tee has been working with some Montessori sensorial materials: the sandpaper letters, the broad stairs, the pink tower, and the cylinder block.

Making Friends and Separating

I’m realizing anew that Tee is, indeed, shy. This is hard for me to remember sometimes because she’s so loud and boisterous at home, but her teacher tells me she still hasn’t really talked to any of the other kids there. I had a good conversation with the teacher a couple of weeks ago, and I brought up my feeling that only attending two days a week might be leaving Tee on the outskirts of her peer group, and for a kid who’s already shy, this may not be the best schedule. She agreed, and so Tee will start going three days a week starting this week. I hope she can start making some friends, and I’m looking forward to having a little more time to myself too! You know, time to tidy and do dinner prep. Yep, I’m living it up over here!

When we’re at home and after school, Tee tells me she really likes school and looks forward to going. She is still having a hard time with me leaving her there though. No tears, but she won’t go down the stairs to the door herself. The last couple of times the teacher has had to pick her up and carry her down the stairs. Tee begs me to stay with her, and it’s so hard to tell her I can’t. I remind her that I’ll be waiting for her after school, give her a quick kiss good bye, and then leave. I know that’s the best way to handle it, but it’s hard not to feel like I’m abandoning her.

Do you have any tips on how to handle the separation?

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  • I’m glad to hear you are liking Montessori! That is the schooling I would like to start my son in when he is old enough. Hopefully your daughter will start to make friends soon. Another way to add in socializing opportunities would be to attend storytime at your local library!

  • My little one just started too and is doing 3 days a week. She is loving it, but I wonder about friendships too. We’ll have to see how it all plays out.

  • Great fall craft! We are going apple picking next week and this would be fun for my littles after we get home 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!