Scentuals Body Care from Nature Review #TWCMgifts

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I’m always surprised by how many amazing eco-friendly and handcrafted shops there are in my area. I don’t know if it’s the inspiring natural West Coast beauty, or if we’re all just a little bit hippie, but we seem to have a bounty of local small businesses offering unique and handmade items.

Earlier this year, I discovered Scentuals Body Care from Nature, a local shop in Coquitlam, BC, hand making personal care products from pure essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, and the finest butters, botanicals and organic herbs. None of their products are ever tested on animals. Scentuals sent me a selection of their products to review in two amazing scents, plus two of their famous lip tints.

White Cranberry Collection

I was sent some hand and heel intensive moisturizer, bath soak, hand and foot repair cream, hand and body lotion, and body spray from Scentuals’ luxury White Cranberry collection.

White Cranberry Collection

“The tart, yet sweet fragrance of cranberries mingle with the sparkling crispness of lemon to create a fresh and fruity scent.” The white cranberry scent was sweeter than I expected, almost candy-like, but still so yummy! You know your lotion smells good when you keep sniffing your hands all day. (I got a couple of weird looks, but I didn’t care!)

Natural Hand and Heel Intensive Moisturizer

This solid lotion bar comes in a twist-up tube, like deodorant. The lotion goes on solid, and the warmth of your skin softens and liquifies it. I’ve been using this on some eczema patches on the back of my hand, and it instantly soothes the flaking and itching. The lotion absorbs quickly, and I like that the tube keeps my hands clean.

Replenishing Bath Soak with Dead Sea Salts

I rarely get the opportunity to soak in the bathtub, so when I do I definitely want that touch of spa luxury. These bath salts include epsom salt and dead sea salt, plus cocoa butter for extra moisturization.

It’s not often I get to tell hubs to take the kids so I can take a long luxurious bath for a review – blogging’s a tough gig sometimes! My skin felt so soft afterwards and smelled divine, though the cocoa butter did leave a bit of a ring around the tub. But at only two uses per jar, it’s a pricy indulgence I think I would save for a special pick-me-up (or when the tub is due for a scrub anyway!).

Natural Hand and Foot Repair Cream

This jar of rich, silky cream reminds me of cold cream in its texture, and the scent is a bit less sweet than the others. This is my favourite product of all the ones I tried in this line. The repair cream absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy at all, and leaves my hands feeling silky soft even after washing them. And it just smells so good!

Natural Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion

The hand and body lotion is a lighter everyday lotion. It absorbs quickly, but doesn’t last as long as the repair cream.

Natural Hydrating Body Spray

This sweet-smelling body spray uses vegetable glycerin to moisturize skin and even help defrizz hair! Many perfumes make me sneeze, but not these products scented with essential oils. I found the body spray’s scent faded faster than some others I’ve tried, presumably because it doesn’t contain a long list of chemicals and preservatives that I can’t even pronounce. A fair trade off, me thinks!

Scentuals Lip Tints

Scentuals sent me two of their famous lip tints in Passion and Sultry.  Passion is a “sophisticated dark pink with natural citrus flavour,” and Sultry is a “sexy shimmery bronze with natural cinnamon flavour.” Oh my, these are fantastic! They moisturize like lip balm but with tons of colour! I would say it’s more than a tint, but not quite as pigmented as lipstick.

Scentuals Naturals lip tints

Both lip tints have a nice amount of shimmer and keep my lips moisturized naturally. I like them both, but my favourite is definitely Sultry. The bronze tone really suits my olive complexion. It’s dark enough to be noticeable but still neutral, and I love the cinnamon scent and flavour! I dislike most flavoured lip glosses because they taste artificial. Not with these! All lip tints are absolutely free of lead, petroleum, and synthetic fragrance.

The lip tints do transfer and need to be reapplied more often than lipstick because of the moisture content. You can see in the swatches below they are sheer but still have tons of colour. I love these for everyday use, especially in the winter because of how they protect and moisturize my lips. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. A quick swipe and go!

Scentuals lip tint swatches

Christmas Memories Collection

I also had the chance to try some hydrating hand & body lotion, moisturizing hand soap, and ambiance mist from Scentuals’ limited edition Christmas Memories Collection. This blend of essential oils including cinnamon and vanilla really does create a warm, spicy, and nostalgic scent reminiscent of the holidays, just as advertised.

Christmas Memories Set

I noticed the hand soap is more watery than commercial liquid soap. That doesn’t affect how it works at all, it’s just different. I really like the light scent and light layer of moisture on my hands after rinsing. The hand soap and lotion are made with aloe to heal and various oils to moisturize, and I’ll be putting both of them out in our guest bathroom to pamper our guests over the holidays.

The ambiance mist is made from filtered water and essential oils only, which means I don’t have to be concerned about what I’m spraying into the air in my home. With just a few spritzes around the room, the scent instantly conjures up the warm, cozy feel of Christmas.

Big News! Scentuals Is Having an Open House!

Mark your calendars for Scentuals’ very first Open House from December 11-14. Learn about how each product is made, sample products, and get exclusive offers. The first 100 visitors who purchase the vanilla collection will receive a free diffuser! RSVP here.

Purchase a $15.00 gift certificate for only $7.50 and use it towards your purchase during the Open House days. Even if you can’t make it in person, you can use this gift certificate on your purchase online too!


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Gift It

Either of the collections I reviewed would make a lovely gift for anyone! Scentuals also offers sets of three or four lip tints for the lippie lover on your list. Go holiday shopping online at Scentuals Body Care from Nature! All orders over $75 ship within Canada for FREE!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Use code TGIF at Scentuals and get 40% off store wide (excluding gift boxes) Friday only.   

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Disclosure: I received sample items for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • There are definitely times when I miss living in a large urban area (when I lived in Britain) – just for visiting the shops – I seem at the moment to be relying on blogs to inform me of Canadian companies – so thank you for that

  • These sound amazing! I especially love the idea of the bath salts, although with it leaving a ring around the tub I’m not sure if I’ll want to go to all that trouble. The lip tints are really pretty!

  • I love supporting smaller companies. I also love companies that make homemade products in small batches so I know they are fresh and current. All the products sound awesome and I’d use every single one that was reviewed.

  • Scentuals sounds like something I would love to try. I like that even the hand wash helps moisturize your hands as mine get so chapped during the winter. Their lip glosses sound great also and I like that they have a tint to them.

  • They have so many wonderful products that I’d be interested in trying. Going to bookmark the site so I can go back later when I have more time to browse. Thanks for the introduction

  • what an interesting product. I have never seen or heard of this before but the product sounds and looks amazing. I would LOVE to try the Natural Hand and Foot Repair Cream! my feet are so bad right now especially with this weather

  • Great review – you really make me want to try out ALL the products. I love that they are all natural.

  • The Christmas Memories Collection looks so beautiful.This would be so nice to have in our house to make the holidays special for our guests and family to use.I bet they smell amazing too!!!

  • I smiled to myself when I read about you smelling your hands several times when you had on a scent you really likes-whether it be soap or lotion, etc. I’m afraid I do the same. If I really like a scent, I find myself smelling my hands over and over. They just smell so fragrant!
    I love the idea of Christmas Memories. This would be so cozy to spray in the house in the Christmas season.
    I love your posts and your ‘ Wordless Wednesday’s.’

  • These sound like great products. I would love to try the Natural Hydrating Body Spray. I am always on the hunt for natural products. I will definitely be checking out this brand.

  • I love products like these. It is nice to have different and creams and products that you can take a bath and relax.

  • The White Cranberry Collection sounds amazing! I am always trying to find new natural products because my skin doesn’t like products full of chemicals.

  • What a great review. It’s makes it so much easier to classify quality with such a super review. These items definitely sound like really good quality and all natural is of course a huge plus, another being that it’s a Canadian firm 🙂

  • I like how the Natural Hand and Heel Intensive Moisturizer comes in a twist-up tube like deodorant. You can put it on without getting it all over your hands and other things.

  • I really appreciate that this is a Canadian line of products. It is nice to support a homegrown business especially one that offers such lovely products.

  • Great review and I definitely know how you feel about taking time out to take a nice relaxing soak. It is pure luxury, even at home when we allow ourselves to do it!

  • I like that their products are natural, free of chemicals. I would love to try their lip tints, as I usually only look for something to color my lips a little bit.

  • The smell of cranberry sounds amazing! The hydrating hand cream and body spray sound so amazing! My skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter, and what better thing to help then natural body products! Their gingerbread latte scent sounds amazing too!