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Rumparooz One Size Pocket #ClothDiaper Review

I recently received a Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper for review from Bear Bums, one of my favourite retailers. Lindsay is such a sweet mama, and the customer service you can expect to receive from her is second to none! Case in point, I discovered a tiny hole in this diaper hidden under the edge of a rise snap. I let Lindsay know, and she arranged with Kanga Care to replace the diaper, including shipping both ways. Easy peasy!

We received this Dexter print – possibly the cutest diaper in my stash right now!

Rumparooz OS pocket diaper in Dexter

Anatomy of a Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper

The Rumparooz is Kanga Care’s one size diaper. The waterproof outside is made from biodegradable and solvent-free TPU, and the inside is lined with super soft and squishy no-pill microchamois. These diapers are available in snaps or aplix and come in 10 prints and 14 colours.

This is a straightforward pocket diaper with the opening in the back and 2 rows of 10 waist snaps to adjust the leg and waist sizing. The Rumparooz does not have crossover snaps or hip snaps, but you can see this diaper has shorter wings than most other diapers, and I never had an issue with wing droop.

Rumparooz OS diaper features

Rumparooz diapers feature Kanga Care’s famous patented inner dual gussets to keep the messiest messes inside where they belong. Each diaper comes standard with two 3-layer microfiber inserts: a smaller contoured insert used for newborns or as a booster, and a larger one size insert that can be folded down for smaller babies. This combo allows you to customize absorbency and fit in 6 different ways to suit your baby!

Rumparooz 6r soaker

Rumparooz 6r soaker settings

4 rows of 2 snaps allow you to adjust the rise in 4 steps to fit from 6-35+ pounds. Here’s a look at the sizes and how they compare.

Rumparooz OS sizes

Diaper Fit and Performance

The first thing I noticed is that Rumparooz diapers fit smaller than most of the other one size diapers I own. The rise sits lower, and at 32″ tall and 28 pounds, Keira already wears her Rumparooz fully unsnapped, unlike most of our other one size diapers. The thick elastic fits nicely around the waist and legs, but I’m not sure how well the rise will continue to fit if Keira has a growth spurt.

Rumparooz Collage

The microchamois lining is so thick and soft and snuggly, I wish all my diapers were made with this same material! The pocket is easy to stuff and has lots of room for extra absorbency. When both inserts (6 layers) were stuffed though, I found it a bit bulky. I ended up using my Rumparooz with just the one large insert, and I found it worked great on its own for 2-3 hours without any leaks. I usually use two inserts, so that’s saying something about this soaker’s absorbency.

I like this diaper for naps. Rumparooz elastics seem to be stretchier than most other diapers, which allows the diaper to stretch more than you’d expect and the leg elastic to fit snugly without red marks. This is one of the best diapers I’ve tried for avoiding wicking around the legs.

At this point, the inner gussets aren’t that big of a deal for me, but if you were using this diaper with an exclusively breastfed baby, I think the gussets would be very, very useful for keeping the runny poop inside. Keira is two years old though, so I can take them or leave them. If you use disposable or reusable liners, note that you’ll likely have to fiddle with them a bit to get them to fit inside the gussets.


Rumparooz look to be one of the very few one size diapers that will actually fit your baby from birth. This would be a good choice to fit your newborn and smaller/shorter babies properly, and I think the gussets would be particularly useful for containing runny breast milk poops. If you have a larger toddler though, this diaper may not fit all the way through to potty training. Like most diapering decisions, it’s a trade off.


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Buy Rumparooz starting at $26.95 at Bear Bums. Remember, you always get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75! Under $100, get flat rate shipping of $7.99 on Canadian orders and $12.99 on orders to the USA.

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I always wanted to try a Rumparooz diaper on my girl, but was always convinced the size wouldn’t hold up. Her thighs are just epic lol. Inner gussets seem to take away from the true size of the diaper, just my experience I guess. I hear great things about Rumparooz, and they look great too! Love the prints!

  • I also originally thought that Rumparooz were smaller as well. My initial foray into the world of Rumparooz began last year with my second cloth diapered son.I began with Rumparooz from birth with F. I thought to myself,”How could these diapers possibly fit til Potty training ?”When I had the rise fully unsnapped at 10 months… I know how to put on a cloth diaper, I am a veteran!
    I was so wrong…. My son is only a couple of months younger than Kay, Yet he is taller.He is tall with a long rise.They are about the same weight at this time. I can still get the top of a Rumparooz pocket to his Belly Button.
    After reading this article: . I realized that I was apparently putting the diaper on wrong the entire time. After following the step by step instructions, ” Do I need instructions????” I realized that you have to stretch Rumparooz as you place them on your baby or toddler.
    This is completely different than any other cloth diaper I have ever used on either of my boys. I own a large eclectic stash of many Brands and types of Fluff. I thought I knew everything about cloth diapers, I was so wrong. My suggestion to anyone trying Rumparooz pockets,” Please read this article!” Even if you are a cloth diaper veteran like me
    .Rumparooz are now one of my favorite Brands that I have tried. I have tried quite a few.
    I do not sell Rumparooz. I am not a blogger. I am not getting paid to write this. This is my personal experience. I am a Mama; that is all…

  • I’m really looking into pocket diapers recently. I keep hearing people say this brand does well for newborns, so I’ll have to consider this. I love the plaid print, too!

  • I love the look of this diaper. I love that its soft on the inside and a pocket towards the back. I alos love that its a onesize diaper. im a big fan of one size diapers.

  • I really like how their inserts can be customized to fit your baby’s needs as they grow. I saw that they come in hemp and bamboo as well. Wonder if you can use them in other brand of pocket diapers.

  • I’m hoping to be able to try a few Rumparoos out when babes comes along! I love the idea of the gussets for newborns – they also come in super cute colours/prints.

  • Thank you for explaining the sizing and the inserts so clearly. As a soon to be FTM, it’s just so hard to know if advance what may or may not work on my future little one. It’s so overwhelming and I know that none of the local stores are going to be as complete as the reviews that I can find on this site and others like it. I’m committed to cloth diapering but I’m still wavering on the whole pockets vs. pre-folds/covers. I’m guessing a pocket would make my husband and future day care provider happier.

    • With both my babies, I used mainly prefolds and covers for the first few months, then switched to pockets. Prefolds are a really economical way to diaper, and with the number of changes that newborns go through, it was easiest for me. I agree with you though that prefolds can be challenging for people unused to them. Personally, I like having a mix so I can use whatever works best in any situation (e.g., prefolds/covers at home, pockets at grandparents/babysitter, etc.)

      Congratulations and wishing you a smooth delivery! If you have any cloth diapering questions, feel free to post on my FB wall, and I’m sure we can help! 🙂

  • My little guy is coming in only 5 weeks (…!!!) and I bought a Rumparooz newborn cover for him. NOT a pocket and I soooo regret it after reading this review!! And mine is just a boring old black 😉 this Dexter print is too cute!! I should have waited instead of being so impatient and wanted to get everything ready way way way before due date…!

    • I’ve heard so many great things about Rumparooz covers! It really is best to have a mix of options in your stash, you never know what will work best for you until your little one actually makes an appearance. Congratulations and wishes for an easy, smooth delivery!

  • I have a rumparooz cover and didn’t like it so much when my guy was little, but now I’m starting to like it more. Looking into getting more pockets and rumparooz weren’t even on my radar, but, thanks to your review, I will definitely keep them in mind.

  • sounds like a great diaper to try! love that they come with a good amount of different sized inserts and the double gusset is something I look for. good that they fit snug without being too tight (leaving marks). thanks for introducing me to the rumparoos

  • I have Rumparooz covers for newborn and worked perfect. I heard awesome things about the diapers but I think they a re a bit expensive. Hope one day I’ll but one.

  • I would like to try this diaper, especially because I have a heavy wetter and find the microfiber inserts don’t usually last too long. It would be interesting to see how these inserts compare to others. Plus the prints are AWESOME

  • I love our rumparooz. Agree with you that they do sit lower, my 1 year old is about to go to the highest setting at around 23 lbs. I wonder how long they’ll last on her. But we’ve been using them for a year!

  • I really like how much the size changes with the snaps, also…i think the inner leg gusset sounds like a good idea! i would have to try it and see how well it held up with my baby though…

  • I can’t believe the versatility of these diapers!! I’ve heard great things about Rumparooz, but really didn’t know much about them until I read this review 🙂 Not only is this print adorable, but looks like I would have no problem fitting my little guy from now until potty training for sure!

  • I absolutely love these diapers! I have an EBF one month old so the double gussets are a life saver! They fit really nicely on him now and it’s nice to have a diaper that can adjust as he grows. Another really good feature of this diaper is that the pocket opening is large enough that the dirty insert will agitate out in the wash, no need to touch it! I currently have one of these diapers and actually just ordered up one more today. I would love to add more of these to my diaper stash! Great review!

  • It’s interesting that the one size pocket seems to fit smaller for larger babies. Right now, I have a Rumparooz cover in the Charlie print. It’s a little too roomy on my 3-month old as there’s some extra fabric on the sides. No leaks or anything. It just looks a little bulkier than it should. I think it will fit better once he gets bigger and fills it out a little more in the larger sizes. I’m interested to see how the pocket would fit him.

  • I really love how versitile this cloth diaper is. It really works well from about birth to potty training. I did find that the elastic wore out in several of ours within about 2.5 years of use (in a very large stash). I also wish they didn’t come with microfiber – just not my favorite. We used pad-folded flats once those fit well enough on my daughter.

  • I have a few Rumparooz and use mostly at night, especially I have a couple bamboo inserts I bought from them that work great.. Also for a tad bigger rise I prefer the Velcro closure over the snaps as I have both..

  • I just got my first Rumparooz and am very impressed with the microchamois lining and the thickness of the inserts. Can’t wait to get it on her bum and see how it fits and holds up on her.

  • I’ve bought two of these diapers to try on my little one after she is born. Now that I I have read your review, I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’ve bought mostly OS diapers to help us save on upfront costs, so until our little minion chunks up we will be using prefolds/newborn covers or sposies. Knowing I will have a few OS that will fit right away makes me happy! I am nervous about what you said for the fit later on. My 3 year old son has always been a chunk- so I have no doubt his little sister will be as well. Loved the pictures and she looks so cute in that print! Great review!

  • The photo looks amazing! The lining looks super soft and the elastic and gussets look bery well made. I was never interested in trying a Kangacare CD, but now I am!

  • I’ve really like my rumparooz diapers, although I don’t care for the mircofibre inserts (in general, not just theirs). Seems likt the little guy might grow out of these sooner than his bumgenius diapers, although this one fit well sooner

  • I never had the chance to try one of these, but with all the nice colors and the fact that they fit from 6lbs, I might buy one for my daughter.

  • I’ve always wanted to try rumparooz for my son but never got it. I’m finding cloth diapering him hard because he’s got massive thighs and butt so is tough. Right now his tots bots are on the largest setting and he’s only 6 months. I’m guessing I need to start trying some larger diapers now. I’m going to have to try rumparooz for sure now.

  • Thanks for this awesome review! I am expecting in January and this will be my first venture into the cloth diapering world. I ordered my first Rumparooz diaper a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be of EXCELLENT quality. The double gussets were definitely a selling point for me. I would have never dreamed that the inner lining would be that soft! I can’t wait to try it out on our baby boy!!

  • I love how thorough your review is. I have been wanting to buy some rumparooz for my baby due in December and this review really helped me.

  • I would love to try one of these diapers!!!! I love the prints, they are adorable!!!! I would be worried about the fit though with my little guy, since he’s chunky and not so little lol. I’m also not big into gussets, but still would love to try them. I love shopping Bearbums!!!

  • I’ve never tried this brand before so I really appreciate this review (especially all the sizing pictures!). Its hard to find one size dipes that will fit a small/short baby, so I might actually have to try this one! Thanks!

  • Aah! Another brand I haven’t heard of which I’m now obsessed with getting. I love the gussets, they should be mandatory in a pocket diaper!
    And the covered pocket is genius! I want it.

  • I have an Eco Owls because I love the print. Rumparooz prints are pretty epic. But I’m not a pocket lover so it doesn’t get used frequently.

  • that print is really cute & interesting that the snaps set up to do from newborn to large kid… i would be interested in seeing how it fits compared w. other diapers we own 🙂

  • This diaper is CUTE and it looks so snuggly! I love the snaps on the inserts to make it smaller. This definitely a diaper I want to look more in to, as I’m working up a stash I can use on my newborn in December, and my 18 mo. toddler who is fairly small!

  • The cover designs are adorable! A few things that I love about these diapers, based on your review, is that they have inner dual gussets and that the inserts adjusts with snaps. I’m new to cloth diapers and I don’t think I have seen that anywhere else. Thanks!

  • I have yet to try Rumparooz but think they would be a great addition to my stash. I just have one question, how do they hold up in terms of stains? I have found that some pocket diapers stain really easily and I have tried sun bleaching but it doesn’t always work…

    • I actually have a couple of older Rumparooz pocket diapers too. I just took a quick look, and none of them have any stains. I don’t think I’ve sunned my diapers since last summer, and they still look pretty good to me! Your mileage may vary of course. 🙂

  • I’ve only tried the rumparooz cover using prefolds. I love the quality of the cover and the double gussets. This all-in-one looks awesome, though I wonder if it runs small like my one-size cover has. Either way its a super cute print.

  • te newer diaper are great i got my family some and they enjoy they will last a long time and then they can be passed on