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Has It Really Been Ten Years?

Today marks ten years since I met the man who would one day become my husband and the father of my children. Wow! Ten years is such a long time. That’s 3653 days (including three leap years in there!), but sometimes, it seems like hardly any time has passed at all. I certainly don’t feel like I’m turning 37 this year!

10 years ago!

I found this picture of us way back then. Weren’t we cute? (Sorry about the quality of the scan. It just wasn’t a great resolution photo to begin with.)

We met on a dating website. Back then, online dating wasn’t anywhere near as common as it is now, and I was a bit embarrassed to tell people that’s how we met. But like a lot of women in their mid twenties, I didn’t have a lot of avenues to meet new people. I’d finished school, I knew better than to date a co-worker, and once you’ve been in a relationship with one or two people in your circle of friends, you really have to move on. That’s my free dating tip for you!

After instant messaging and emailing for a while, Chris and I started talking daily on the phone. We discovered we both had degrees in psychology from the same university, and when we compared notes we realized we’d even had a couple of classes in common. What a missed opportunity! But you know, I don’t wish we’d met earlier. I don’t think I was ready to meet him yet. I had to do the seemingly mandatory round of bad boyfriends and poor choices before I was ready to meet him.

So it was ten years ago that I met Chris for the first time. We met up at a nearby Starbucks and ordered hot chocolates. Once I’d decided he wasn’t an axe murderer, I agreed to go out for Thai food with him. We had such a good time talking and getting to know each other, we ended up hanging out at Denny’s until 1:30 in the morning drinking coffee and talking.

I didn’t really think I’d meet anyone serious through a dating website, but I did. And now we have two beautiful little girls, a mortgage, a home, and a family. Not bad for ten years!

I love you, Chris! Here’s to another wonderful ten years!

Did you or anyone you know meet their spouse through a dating website? Or do you have a funny/sad/happy story about online dating you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!

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