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Purex Plus Oxi Versus the Mystery Stain

I was going through my never ending pile of laundry yesterday when I found it. You know what I mean. The dreaded mystery stain. I don’t know what it is or when it happened, but I do know it’s been sitting in the hamper for at least three days. And then I found the grass stain on Tee’s jeans from yesterday that I forgot to pretreat. Sigh. Well, I guess the silver lining here is that this is the perfect opportunity to test out the Purex plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent I received last week.

Purex plus Oxi vs. the Mystery Stain | This West Coast Mommy

My usual brand of laundry detergent is Purex. I get it in the huge bottles from Costco, and I like it because it works, it’s economical, and it smells nice. This Purex plus Oxi formula’s Fresh Morning Burst scent is pretty strong straight out of the bottle, but I quite liked it once the clothes were washed and dried. I didn’t find it overwhelming at all.

Another thing I like about this detergent? You can use it in either high efficiency washing machines or standard top loading machines, so no worries about accidentally buying the wrong version for your machine. (Because I would never do something like that!)

Purex plus Oxi - before

This Purex comes with Oxi and Zout stain removers, which are supposed to let me use the detergent as a pretreater as well as regular laundry detergent. I followed the pretreater instructions and poured a little Purex plus Oxi onto the stains and rubbed it in.

Purex plus Oxi - pretreat

After five minutes, I threw it into my HE front loading washing machine and washed as normal. So how did it do?

Purex plus Oxi - After

See for yourself! The mystery stain was completely gone!

Okay, so what about that grass stain?

Purex plus Oxi vs. grass stains

Unfortunately, the grass stain was still just barely visible after pretreating and washing. I don’t think you can even see it in the photo, but in real life I could still faintly see it. I washed the jeans again in Purex plus Oxi and it was completely gone the second time around. Not perfect, but I’ll take it!

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