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Pockets & Pins’ Fluff & Stuff Subscription: A Baby Boutique in a Box

At the time of writing this I am VERY MUCH PREGNANT. I don’t have the energy to put real pants on these days (hello maternity leggings!) let alone get out of the house for some much needed shopping. For that reason, I’ve been making a lot of online purchases these days and simply waiting for the packages to start rolling in. As much as I love the convenience, online shopping can be a huge time investment. I tell myself, “I just need 10 minutes to sit down and make my purchases,” but after comparing products and reading reviews it’s not uncommon for an hour or two to slip away. When it comes to diapering one sweet little bum (soon to be two!) in our house, a Fluff & Stuff subscription from Pockets & Pins eliminates all that guess work and time spent scrolling through a bottomless pit of information.

Vicki is the mama behind Pockets & Pins, and she carefully chooses high quality cloth diapering items and accessories each month to send you a customized subscription box based on your baby’s gender and size. It’s a great way to be a little adventurous in adding a variety of new things to your diapering stash, and your package value will always exceed the subscription cost. I had an opportunity to try one of the Fluff & Stuff subscription boxes, and we’ve been getting great use out of every item Vicki selected for us.

Pockets & Pins carefully chooses high quality cloth diapering items and accessories each month to send you a customized subscription box based on your baby’s gender and size.

Opening the box felt like opening a present from someone who knows exactly what you need and want. You know the feeling. Here’s a little inventory of what I received:

  • Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler
  • GroVia O.N.E diaper
  • GroVia Mighty Bubbles laundry booster
  • Animal Kids leg warmers

The Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler is two layers of hemp and organic cotton. We’ve been using it for overnight diaper stuffing, and after multiple washes, it’s still absurdly soft.

The GroVia O.N.E Diaper arrived in a really cute camping print that Brooks loves. I can see why there’s been so much hype over this diaper. It really has everything you could ever want. Are you a hook & loop person, or do you prefer snaps? This has both! And with two different sizes of snap in soakers, it’s made to grow with your baby. If it weren’t for Pockets & Pins selecting this item for us, I likely wouldn’t have tried the GroVia O.N.E diaper, so this is a great example of how the Fluff & Stuff subscription can introduce you to awesome new products to fall in love with.

Grovia O.N.E. diaper fits 10-35 lbs. and comes with BOTH hook & loop and snap closure in one diaper.

Also by GroVia, a package of Mighty Bubbles was included. These little pods can be used individually as a laundry booster or a few at a time if your diaper stash needs a full strip. Not to brag, but I have a kick-butt wash routine, so unless I buy a pre-loved diaper I really never have a need to strip.

I did get a chance to use Mighty Bubbles as a booster after a little snafu with our recent laundry room remodel. Our project fell behind schedule, so I had to postpone diaper washing for a couple of extra days. STINK-Y! But it was so effortless to just toss one of those little pods in with my wash cycle, and the laundry came out perfectly clean and stink-free. I normally measure out small amounts of Calgon, Borax, and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda every few months as a boosting mixture, but this is way easier. Following GroVia’s recommended use for regular boosting, one bag should last about a year.

Grovia Mighty Bubbles replaces Calgon, Borax, and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to boost my laundry.

I was happy to see that they also included a cute accessory along with the more basic diaper necessities. Check out these little football leg warmers!

My Fluff & Stuff subscription box came with a cute accessory along with the more basic diaper necessities.

I’ve actually never used leg warmers on Brooks before, but they made for really easy diaper changes, and they were perfect to pair with his Seahawks onesie.

The Fluff & Stuff subscription box was such a fun experience, and I would definitely recommend it to the cloth diapering family that likes to try several different things. It would also make a great gift to a family just getting started in the cloth world. There’s just so much out there to choose from, and you never know what kind of quality you’re going to get, so why not let Pockets & Pins assemble a variety of highly rated items for you?

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Pockets & Pins offers three options for their Fluff & Stuff subscriptions. $34 will get you a single box, or you can save more by signing up for a prepaid 3 month or 6 month subscription. The 3 month prepaid service saves you $6 while the 6 month service has a savings of $24.

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SamanthaSamantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives with her husband and one-year-old son in Washington state, and they look forward to welcoming a baby girl into the family this January. Between changing diapers and Braxton Hicks contractions, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.
Disclosure: I received sample items for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I would love to find the NO PREP soaker and the STAY DRY soaker in the fluff and stuff box. I would love to try them for my baby.

  • I would love to see the Hemp Babies diaper doubler or Fuzzi Bunz hemp insert (I love hemp!). I have never tried Rumparooz so a OS cover would be awesome as well!

  • The No Prep Soaker would be nice to try for my baby to see how well they worked for our household needs.

  • GroVia Perfect Pail !! AND Li’l Joey Newborn Diapers as well as covers and washable liners! Its been so very long since I used cloth!!! My kids are 20 and 22 but my baby sis is pregnant and I know she can’t afford disposables.

  • I would love to see some reuseble wipes, Rumparooz, hemp babies doublers and a wet bag!! So fun!! What a great idea!!

  • This is my local diaper store and love getting my box each month. We are trying reusable wipes this month because it came in our January box! I would love to see a wet bag in a future box.

  • The products in the Pockets and Pins shop that I would most like to find in a Fluff & Stuff box is a fitted diaper and a wool cover.

  • I’d love to see a combo of a Grovia shell and pair of soaker pads in the Fluff & Stuff Box, perhaps organic cotton so even the crunchiest of parents could enjoy!

  • If I won this box, I would love to find pretty much anything! Some of my favorite products on the site, though, are OsoCozy prefolds, Hemp Babies Little and Flat Weeds, Flip Covers, and BumGenius!

  • I would love the Baby K’Tan Smart Gear Bag with Built In Wet Bag or the Baby K’Tan Carrier or any of the wet bags

  • Now that we are finally potty training (second attempt lol) , I would love to see the EcoPosh Training Pants in the box. Because my son and daughter in law both work, my husband and I are taking care of our grand daughter during the day (week days). Which means we get to potty train, yay lol.

  • I’d like to see the Osocozy bamboo/cotton prefolds. I’d also really like to try some Ecoposh wool diaper covers.

  • In my Fluff & Stuff box, I’d love to find Fuzzibunz First Year diapers, Osocozy bamboo prefolds, and baby leggings. I love the idea of a subscription box. It gives you something to look forward to every month and the element of a surprise is awesome.

  • I’d love to see some of the Hemp Babies doublers/inserts, either the Bigger Weeds or the Diaper Doubler. I’ve heard great things about them!

  • I am expectinging my first, so I am just starting my collection. I would love to find either a Rumparooz newborn cover or a Flip Hybrid cover to help jumpstart my stash!

  • I would love to find a GroVia O.N.E. or a BumGenius Freetime and a wetbag! These are so neat! Who doesn’t love surprise gifts! 🙂

  • I’d most like to find a EcoPosh Wool Diaper Cover!! I’ve been wanting to try wool on my kiddo!

  • I’d love to see anything by Grovia, bumgenius, or flip. It would be nice to have a mix of diapers, and maybe a cloth trainer! Add in some liners and a spray pal and it would be complete!

  • They all look so nice, but I would hope for the ecoposh wool cover and the indian cotton fitteds or bamboo/cotton prefolds. It’s time for us to size up on our wool covers, prefolds, and fitteds.

  • If I won or could afford a box, I’d love to have a Grovia ONE in there! My baby girl is a very heavy wetter as well as a tummy sleeper.

  • I would love to see some grovia prefolds in the box so that we could try some bamboo blend prefolds; I hear the grovia ones are so soft!

  • I’d most like to find in a Fluff & Stuff box a Rumparooz Newborn Cover, OsoCozy Bamboo/Cotton Prefold Diapers and GroVia Mighty Bubbles (we have super hard water!).

  • I would love to see a Grovia one or my choice trainer in a box. A boba carrier would be awesome. I would be excited for grovia soakers or mighty bubbles or a hemp babies flat weeds too. So many great options.

  • I would love to have a wool cover with some wool care products. I cannot seem to take the plunge and purchase anything wool. The price tag scares me. lol