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Playmobil’s Magic Play Sets are…Magic!

You simply can’t go wrong with Playmobil for the holidays! Children can spend hours with these classic play sets, accessories, and figures. Not only do Playmobil toys possess outstanding replayability, but they also last forever and can be handed down to younger siblings and cousins.

Playmobil has a new theme this year. These delightful Magic themed figures and play sets sparkle with wintry enchantment. They’re perfect for the holidays! The crown jewel of the Playmobil Magic collection is the Crystal Palace. The four-level Crystal Palace is 25.5″ tall and boasts incredible attention to detail. The box comes with everything you could possibly need including interchangeable outfits and a ton of accessories and furniture for kids to play with.

The magical light-up crystal in the ice cave beneath the castle (3 x AAA batteries not included) glows white or flashing pink/blue/green and shines through the clear floor of the throne room above. An unshaven soldier guards the door with his trusty spear and shield.

Two graceful peacocks form the back of the ice queen’s throne. The throne room doors are hidden behind an icy barrier that breaks apart and slides into the walls to allow entry.

Above the throne room you’ll find a bedroom, sitting area, and dressing area. Store a treasure trove of jewels in the clear chest. Hang extra outfits and store accessories on the clothing rack.

At the very top there’s an observatory where the princess can stargaze through her telescope or write letters using her quill and ink bottle. Apply cold to the princess’ dress to reveal hidden snowflake pattern. Add heat to make them disappear.

This set comes with three Playmobil figures (ice queen, ice princess, and soldier), glowing crystal and magical key, throne, brazier, bed, clothing rack, rocking chair, table, vanity table with mirror, bench, brush and hand mirror set, scepter, rug, candelabra, treasure chest and jewels, telescope, chalice, tree, rabbits, ice flowers, love letters, quill, and more. With its multiple parts and decals, the Ice Castle does take a while to put together. Expect to put aside about 60-90 minutes for assembly.

But wait, there’s more! Travel to the Crystal Palace in style with a friendly Yeti guide. Playmobil’s Yeti with Sleigh set includes the sleigh, one adult figure, one child figure, the Yeti, husky, lantern, mittens, clear chest, crystals, crown, and blanket. We love all the little details that come with this set, like the chest to pack your magic crystals and other supplies in before heading out into the snow, and the lantern that really lights up (batteries included).

The Magic theme also includes four different mini ice princess sets perfect for stocking stuffers. Each comes with a wand, clear hologram cone, and a different animal friend – a faun, a pair of rabbits, an owl, or a fox.

Download the free Playmobil app on your phone and place the clear cone on top of the screen to project a hologram of the princess’ animal inside the cone.

All the accessories and thoughtful details in every Playmobil box create an immersive magical world that will draw kids in for hours of pretend play. Playmobil’s Magic play sets will thrill any fan of castles and princesses! 

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