pediped Flex Boulder Boots Keep Little Feet Warm, Dry, and Fly! #TWCMgifts

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As the name of this blog suggests, we live on the West Coast, otherwise known as the Wet Coast. So believe me when I tell you we know rain. When you live here, unless you spend six months a year in galoshes, you need good quality waterproof shoes. We often walk to and from school, and that means a lot of rainy walks.

pediped sent us these cold weather Flex Boulder waterproof boots in charcoal to see if they would stand up to our wet weather. After three weeks or so of daily use in the rain (and even a little snow last week), I have to say YES!

Pediped Flex Boulder waterproof boots

This particular boot comes in sizes 22-36 (US toddler size 6 to youth size 4). They’re made from a combination of waterproof materials, a water resistant membrane, and a gusseted tongue to keep water out and little feet dry. Like all pediped shoes in the Flex line, they have a natural rubber sole for maximum flexibility which allows natural foot movement. Tee’s going to be walking on her feet for the next 80 years give or take, so good quality shoes are vital for the health and development of her feet!

Pediped Flex Boulder waterproof boots

I requested the Boulder boots one size up because I know Tee’s due for a growth spurt any day now. Fortunately, Flex shoes come with extra insoles to adjust the shoe size and allow them to fit for longer. Even though the boots are slightly larger than she needs right now, the double straps tighten down securely so they don’t come off whether she’s walking to school, racing and playing with her friends, or climbing the walls. And because the straps are Velcro, Tee can put on and take off her shoes independently.

Pediped Flex Boulder waterproof boots

Even at four years old, Tee has definite likes and dislikes. And she likes – no, she LOVES! – the pink sparkly tongue and insets along the sides. Of course, I think they’re really cute too. I like the mini hiking boot vibe they project, and the soft, skid-resistant rubber soles are non-marking (safe for school gym floors). And you know what else I love? They’re machine washable!

Pediped Flex Boulder waterproof boots

Through wind and rain, puddles, mud, wet grass, and even light snow, Tee’s feet have stayed warm and dry in these pediped Flex Boulder boots. She plays hard, and we’ve already been through several pairs of shoes this year. But knowing how rugged these boots are, I feel good about her chances of actually outgrowing these boots before they’re too beat up to wear.

About pediped

pediped shoesIn their quest to find the best shoe possible for their daughter, Angela and Brian Edgeworth created the first pediped shoe in 2005 combining comfort, style, and foot health to make it “the next best thing to bare feet”. Fewer than 10 years later, pediped is one of the fastest growing children’s footwear brands in North America.

pediped shoes come in three age-appropriate lines. pediped Originals are meant for infants and first walkers and have a soft, flexible sole to mimic barefoot walking. Next stage pediped Grip ‘no’ Go shoes are designed for toddlers transitioning from early walking to a more confident stride, and then confident walkers move on to pediped Flex shoes with a cushioned arch and soft rubber sole. All three lines are officially recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association as beneficial for children’s growing feet, something that’s very important to me.

One thing I didn’t know about pediped was their focus on philanthropy. Over the years, pediped has donated more than $2,800,000 worth of products and monetary support to children across the globe! Learn more at the pediped foundation.


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The Boulder boots we reviewed retail for $59 USD ($69 CAD). Pick up the perfect pair of shoes for the baby, toddler, or child on your list directly from pediped or from

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  • Pediped makes awesome, shoes! Worth every penny! Tee’s shoes look great! So glad to hear they held out in the wet weather!

    We couldn’t get our particular Pediped shoes at our preferred retailer because they didn’t have our size in stock, but I’m hoping sometime early in the new year we can scoop them up! Definitely looking forward to the giveaway 🙂

  • These are really cute boots! I love that they come with extra insoles so that they’ll fit for a longer period of time. I have such a hard time getting expensive shoes when they might only fit for a matter of weeks. Quality and comfort are so important when it comes to shoes, though, so maybe these are the answer.

  • Love pediped shoes. Such awesome quality and love that they come with the extra insole to get the right fit for longer.

  • I love that these shoes come with extra inserts so that you can let them grow with your child! Shoes are so expensive considering kids never wear them for longer than a few months – this definitely stretches the dollar a little bit!

  • I love the fact that they come with an extra insole so you can adjust the size. I hate paying lots of $$ for my daughter’s shoes and have her grow out of them in a month or two. This is a great feature!

  • I love the fact that these are cute and functional. They would be great for when my daughter stomps in puddles

  • Love, love, love the fact that most of their products are machine washable, I almost don’t buy anything if they aren’t even for me. It’s a bit pricy but I learn that you can skip quality on almost everything but not shoes, if your feet hurt, eventually, all your body will too. So they seem the best choice for me.

  • great shoes, I love the ones your daughter is wearing and she obviously adores them 🙂 Unfortunately I’d have to pick a pair for my grandson and they are seldom as attractive as girl’s shoes. It was difficult to choose really and if only he was a girl it would have been easier for me 😉

  • My daughter is on her third pair of shoes since school started 🙁 I am so done with cheap shoes I need to get her a good sturdy pair. Thanks for the review I will look into these!!

  • these shoes look fantastic. Id love to have a pair for my LO. she really needs new sneaks so I love the riddell style. i bet they are so comfy

  • Love these! They’re shoes look great and such good quality. Comfy and good for the little ones feet. Definitely want to get some for my daughter.

  • I love Pediped Shoes. They were the first shoes that I put on both of my daughters and when they started walking it was the first pair I went out and bought.

  • i love Pediped’s selection of shoes for both girls and boys. I saw several pairs of boy’s shoes that I would love to have! I like that they are not overly trendy or full of characters.

  • I love that these “boots” look like sneakers but are water/weather proof. It’s also great that they have extra insoles for little people as we all know they have growth spurts so often. The price for these is definitely reasonable. What a great product!

  • The boulder boots are super cute. I too love the hiking style and that they actually kind of look like sneakers too. My daughter would agree with your daughter….sparkly shoes are awesome! I really love Pediped in general. They carry such great quality options for all ages! My son needs some new boots too and I have been eyeing the Cruz for him.

  • The look like great shoes. Finding the right shoes for little feet can be tough. I’ll have to check them out because they look perfect for my 2 year old. She has hypermobile ankle joints so she needs very supportive shoes.

  • I live on the BC west coast as well and I’m always looking for shoes for my kids that can handle the weather here. I haven’t seen this brand before but they look and sound excellent.

  • I am familiar with the Pediped brand but I didn’t realize they had waterproof boots. thank you for the review. A very fashionable style and they match perfectly with your daughter’s coat.

  • So nice to have such great shoes for active girls! My little one wants to keep up with her very active older brother so cute shoes do her no good. These are just what she needs

  • I didnt know that they came with extra soles. Ive heard a lot about these and they do look adorable. Might order ones like these