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OSIM uCozy 3D Neck & Shoulder Massager Review

It’s a massive understatement to say that things have been stressful for everyone this year. Chronic stress can impact our mental health, physical health, relationships, and more. Personally, I’ve been more irritable, having more difficulty sleeping, and what with working from home bent over my laptop as well as sitting hunched over the kitchen table trying to teach my kids math, my neck and upper back muscles feel tight and stiff most of the time.

I’m fortunate to have an amazing massage therapist, but I haven’t seen her in months due to the pandemic. Plus Alisia just had a beautiful baby girl so she’s currently on maternity leave. In these kind of dire circumstances, is there another option?

I’d been considering an electric neck and shoulder massager for a while but was never sure about taking the plunge. So it was great timing when OSIM offered to send a uCozy 3D neck and shoulder massager to see for myself if it would help with those tight and knotted up muscles.

If you’re anything like me, then soft strokes and gentle Swedish massages don’t do anything at all. I need lots of pressure to loosen up those tight trapezius muscles, and the uCozy 3D neck and shoulder massager has six rotating deep kneading nodes to really get into those hard-to-reach areas.

This device claims to emulate the deep kneading movements of a massage therapist. No, it doesn’t feel quite like Alisia’s massages, but it does give a deep massage that helps ease the knots and soreness.

The uCozy’s six massaging nodes are ergonomically designed with three on each side to get into those muscles across my neck and upper back without pressing on my spine, but it works for sore muscles in my lower back and tight calves too. For legs I’ve found it works best to lie down on the floor and rest my legs on the massager.

The massager has a six-foot cord, 20-minute auto timer, and comes with a stretchy Velcro strap so you can attach it to a chair or even your car headrest (comes with car adapter). It’s fairly compact, so you could easily pack it in your suitcase for travel as well.

My only disappointment is the lack of heat. A short press on the power button is supposed to switch the unit to the heat setting (it also lights up), but I don’t really notice much warmth. If the heat feature is really important to you, this is probably not the right unit. I already have a heating pad I like, so it’s not a deal breaker for me. The uCozy 3D massager does what’s most important to me which is get into the right muscles with the right level of pressure.

Even in non-COVID times, it could take several days at least, sometimes more, to get in to see my massage therapist. So unless you have a massage therapist on standby, this could be a smart addition to your self-care at about the cost of 2 sessions.

The OSIM uCozy 3D neck and shoulder massager is available on Amazon or at the OSIM store.

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