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Omaïki HERÖ Training Pants Comparison: Daytime vs Nighttime

I thought this day would never arrive. I’m officially down to one child in diapers! At three and a half, Brooks is finally using the potty, and although the learning process was pretty straightforward, we experienced our fair share of accidents along the way.

But rather than recount the handful of poop-tastrophe stories I’ve added to my collection, let me offer something a bit more helpful: a closeup look at two types of made in Canada training pants that may work well for your family when it’s time for your little one to ditch the diapers. Omaïki’s HERÖ trainers come in both daytime and night time versions so you can give your child extra protection during their most accident prone times.

During the Day

There’s nothing like potty training to familiarize yourself with their bathroom habits, and for Brooks, I discovered that two of his most challenging times were play dates and car rides. We went through several months where he flat out refused to wear diapers, but I knew he needed a little extra insurance in those situations while he was still learning. Here’s where the Daytime Trainer comes in handy.

Omaïki’s HERÖ Daytime Training Pants ($20.95 CAD) offer light absorption and a small, waterproof layer with a very discreet look that is similar to underwear. All the daytime trainers come with an elastic waistband that gives your child the independence they’re ready for, but they also offer an added snap option that makes accident cleanup as simple as a diaper change. I like the side snaps, personally. There’s nothing worse than trying to shimmy a soiled pair of underpants down your child’s legs without making a mess. The snaps are a brilliant feature.

The jersey material inside and out is very soft, and although there’s a thick, absorbent middle section of bamboo and organic cotton, these training pants are still fairly trim. They look the same under Brooks’ pants as a pair of underwear, which is good news for him, as he is firmly against anything resembling a diaper these days. For little ones just becoming familiar with potty sensations, a little bit of absorption allows them time to get to the bathroom if they feel an accident beginning to happen without giving the impression of wearing a bulky diaper.

Brooks just wore his superhero print pair for a five hour car ride, and although he didn’t have an accident, it gave me peace of mind knowing that the training pants would hold a leak, and the waterproof barrier in the middle would keep it from soaking into his car seat.

The daytime trainers come in three sizes: small (20-25 lbs), medium (25-30 lbs), and large (30lbs+), and the medium size fits perfectly on Brooks who is currently 28 lbs. Omaïki has six different prints to choose from including Cactus, Flamingo, Lodge, Fawn, Pineapples, and Superhero.

At Night

In comparison, Omaïki’s HERÖ Nighttime Training Pants ($34.95 CAD) offer customizable absorption and sizing that goes all the way from 18-24 months up to an extra large special order version for children 9 to 10 years old. The stretchy sides create a snug overall fit just like underwear, so kids can take a big step of independence by pulling them up and down on their own. A perfect fit is also important should your child have a nighttime accident.

These training pants look very roomy down the middle where the waterproof shell is, but I can see why. The sides and waist hug tightly while the middle section has a built in absorption layer of bamboo and organic cotton and a pocket to stuff the two included inserts plus more, if needed. I’m glad I went with a size small for this pair, as I think a size up wouldn’t have fit around his legs and waist as snugly as they’re supposed to.

Miraculously, Brooks hasn’t experienced nighttime accidents, but for those that do, enough absorption can mean the difference between a quick change before going back to sleep and a big production of changing clothes and bedding. The inside is also lined with stay-dry polyester, so a small amount of pee may not even wake them.

HERÖ Nighttime Trainers come in four solid colors including Mango (below), Watermelon, Steel Gray, and Cobalt, and three prints including Cabin Fever, Fox Superstar, and Monaco.

It was so hard for me to know when and how to potty train Brooks. There’s an endless amount of advice, and every child is different. But he knew when he was ready. One day as I was helping him get dressed, out of nowhere he said, “Noooo, Mom! Not a baby diaper!”

I guess it doesn’t get any clearer than that. He was ready to learn, but, like a lot of other parents, I wasn’t ready to give up the peace of mind (and cleanliness) that comes with layers of absorbent material and waterproof PUL. If you and your child are ready to start this next phase of life, then Omaïki HERÖ Daytime and Nighttime Trainers can help give both of you what you need—autonomy and a bit of accident insurance.

Not all accidents are created equal, however, and Omaïki does a good job of covering all the bases. I like that both the daytime and nighttime trainers have an absorbent middle section, but the daytime trainer only catches small leaks while the nighttime version is designed to absorb a full pee and prevent a bed wetting. You never really know what your potty training experience will be like until the process has begun, so I think it would be best to start out with a few of each HERÖ design until you know what your child’s potty habits will be.

Win Omaïki HERÖ Training Pants

Are you potty training or getting ready to start? Omaïki is generously giving one of my readers a pair of daytime or nighttime trainers in winner’s choice of any in stock size and colour/print. Enter in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, 18+. Please note that all the winner’s entries will be verified.

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Disclosure: I received sample items for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

Samantha Samantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband, son Brooks, and baby girl Riley. Between diaper changes and loads of laundry, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.

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  • I would choose the fox superstar! We have started potty training and have had •some• success. Haha

  • Nighttime panty – Cabin Fever are the ones I’d choose for my grandchildren. There’s one training now and her sister will come next 🙂

  • I like the Lodge print, I try to get everything I can gender neutral so it can be reused for multiple kids. I think the Lodge print would be adorable for a boy or girl! My oldest has his own potty already (11 mos), but at this point he’s just getting used to it. He knows when he is wet or dirty, because he comes to tell me or crawls to his room. However, I don’t think he’ll be able to really use the potty until he is walking!

  • We’re not toilet training yet but we do diaper-free and EC as much as we can so these would be great! We love the Omaiki products. 🙂 I can’t decide which ones I like best! Lodge, Pineapples, Monaco, Cactus, Fawn… So many cute prints.

  • I like the cabin fever nighttime training pants and we started potty training with my 20 month old daughter. She’s peed a few times in the potty, but not consistently.

  • I would choose the Nighttime Panty is Steel Gray! My grandson is only 10 mos. old but I’m beginning to collect trainers for him since we already have more than enough diaper!

  • I am getting ready to start potty training my daughter and I’d pick the Nighttime panty – Fox Superstar.

  • I would choose daytime in superhero. We have started some initial potty training but not full blown – trying to do one major change at a time.

  • I love the Nighttime panty – Fox Superstar ? My son did very well at potty training but I use diapers at night. In a year, it will be my daughter’s turn!!! Great review!!

  • I would choose the flamingo pull ups. We aren’t potty training yet. Still have months to go but nothing wrong with stocking up now.

  • If I were to win this giveaway I would choose the nighttime fox superstar. For a day trainer I would love to try the cactus one. My son is 16 months old so he has a little ways to go before potty training but I want to get him some well made trainers. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I think I would choose the nighttime panty in cobalt. One kiddo is working on sleep potty training (naps and night) and the other is starting to show some readiness.

  • I would get the side snap daytime trainers in flamingo. Potty training is still awhile away but i am starting to do research.

  • If I won, I would choose the Side Snaps Daytime Trainer in Cactus. I am not currently potty training, but I will be soon!

  • We’ve started potty training, but i think it is going to take some time! I’d choose the watermelon trainner!

  • I would choose the Pull up daytime trainer in Cactus – so adorable. I’m not training, but I have a relative who is and this would be great for her son Aaron.

  • I like the mango color. We’re in the midst of potty training but still need more than regular underwear for sleeping and longer outings.

  • I’d pick the flamingo print. We’re not potty training yet, babys only 4 months. But the time will come eventually:)

  • My choice would be Side-snaps daytime trainer – Fawn design. Currently my granddaughter is not potty training her daughter but there’s another child up and coming for training.

  • This is a great giveaway. If I were to win I would love to have the Nighttime Panty in Mango. My son seems interested in using the potty but has not yet. Trying to encourage him by reading books ?

  • Oh my goodness I love the pineapple print so much!! But it’s only available in the day time pants, and I would like to choose a night one. My little one is potty trained during the day, but not at night. I think she would need a size medium, but there are no prints available in that size, but if there were my first choice would be the watermelon colour, second choice would be mango. It looks like the Cabin Fever print is available in the large, so I guess I would have to try that one since I’m almost certain that the small 2-4 would be too small – she’s really big for her age.

  • Thanks for the detailed comparison of Omaïki HERÖ day time and nighttime training pants. I’m going to try them out.

  • I love the side snap daytime trainer in Fawn. Still have awhile before potty training but would love to have these for when I do.

  • I would pick the night time panty in the grey. We have potty training down but this would be good when we take trips longer the 30 mins in the car as she usually drinks 12oz of water and can’t make it till we get there. Plus we have another on the way and it’ll be handy to have it for potty training that one also.

  • I really like the nighttime trainer in watermelon. We are planning to start training my almost 2 year old but it’s very hard since I can’t seem to find trainers to fit her little tush. She is just 20lbs and can still fit in 9month clothes around her waist.

  • Were currently trying to potty learn with my oldest son he’s very much so unsure of of it lol. If we won id choose the superhero day time trainer my son is a huge fan of batman.