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Omaïki Cabrio Hybrid Diaper Review

Remember my recent battle with cloth diaper burnout? It hit me hard, and my relationship with my diaper stash was in desperate need of some spicing up. One of the most effective strategies to work my way out of that rut was to try something new and user-friendly.

Ömaiki’s Cabrio Hybrid offered the pick-me-up I needed, and I’ve continued to use their AI2 system as often as possible ever since. It keeps my cloth routine simple, helping me stay in a good frame of mind.

Anatomy of an Ömaiki Cabrio Hybrid

As an all-in-two, it requires a waterproof outer shell and a separate absorbent layer. Inserts are sold separately so you can build the combination you prefer.

The Omaïki Cabrio is a one size diaper with four rise settings to fit babies from 8 to 40 pounds. I’m pretty sure my kids won’t hit 40 pounds until they’re teenagers, so yeah…for our family, the Cabrio is definitely a good pick for newborn to potty training. For a one-size diaper, they’re surprisingly light and trim too, so I think the 8 pound minimum would hold true. Riley is 22.5 pounds at 24 months and in the 5th percentile for height. For a comfortable fit, we like to use the small rise setting. This leaves us with two more rise settings and three hip snaps to go. These will easily last until she’s ready for the potty.

Fit and Performance

I really like both of the insert options Ömaiki makes for these diapers. You can lay a one-size EVÖ insert into the Cabrio shell or snap in an Ö.Mega booster, and you’re good to go.

The long EVÖ insert has a cotton/bamboo side and a polyester stay-dry side, and can be folded a few different ways to maximize absorbency where your baby needs it most. I like to do a z-fold with the stay-dry side against Riley’s skin. This helps prevent moisture rashes and gives her extra layers right in the middle. In contrast, the stay-dry Ö.Mega booster snaps into the shell and has elastic gussets. Perfect for newborns and exclusively breastfed babies!

When I use the Ö.Mega booster, I just leave it snapped in when I’m ready to toss it in the wash with the shell. No need to touch anything nasty. The same goes for the EVÖ insert. It just falls right into the pail. I love not having to reach my fingers into a soiled pocket diaper to retrieve inserts.

If the shells are not soiled you can lay in another insert or snap in another booster and use them again. I choose to wash mine every time since they always get a bit of pee soaked into them. If I use them multiple times with pee in the polyester lining, the smell is pretty bad and risks developing into a strong ammonia over time.

If your baby is not a heavy wetter, or if you’re changing very frequently, you may not end up with any pee soaking through the inserts, in which case this AI2 system would work very well for you and save you money. Ömaiki recommends buying half as many shells as inserts. If you need to wash the shell after every use like I do, these would be about the same investment as an AIO or pocket diaper.

Because the absorbent insert is separate, Omaïki Cabrio diapers dry in one cycle too, so it doesn’t feel like your diaper routine takes all day. Keep in mind, natural fibers do need to be washed several times to reach peak absorbency. If you’re going through cloth diaper burnout, the last thing you need are leaks. Trust me, I know.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been a fan of Omaïki since Olivia introduced me to them. The bamboo, organic cotton, and wicking polyester have always worked well on my kids’ sensitive skin, and their trim fit and lightweight feel make them a favorite pick for my slender-bodied babies. Omaïki also manufactures all their diapers in Canada from Canadian fabrics, which brings me some peace of mind, knowing they’re ethically made.

If you’re looking for a new diaper to add a little life back into your cloth routine, the Cabrio Hybrid checks all the boxes. It comes in adorable prints and colors, is absurdly easy to use, and fits babies from newborn size to potty training, saving money and environmental resources. I recommend having a few shells ($19.00-$23.00 CAD) in your stash with both the EVÖ inserts ($10.50 or 3/$25.00 CAD) and the Ö.Mega Boosters ($10.50 or 3/$25.00 CAD) to try.

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Disclosure: I received sample items to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

Samantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband, son Brooks, and baby girl Riley. Between diaper changes and loads of laundry, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.

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