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Nuggles Simplee OS Hybrid Diaper and Hanging Wet Bag #MadeinCanadaBaby

Today I want to tell you about a relative newcomer to the Canadian cloth diapering scene. Have you heard of Nuggles yet? Founded right here in BC, Canada in 2012, they strive for Simple, Modern, and Green. While they do manufacture overseas, they are committed to only working with responsible and fair-wage production facilities and to keeping their operations local.

Gentle Nest, a Canadian online natural mom, baby, and family boutique in Manitock, Ontario, carries the full Nuggles line among other Canadian cloth diaper brands. Owner Melanie is a generous sponsor in our 4th Annual Made in Canada Baby giveaway event, offering a Nuggles cloth diapering package containing one in stock Nuggles Simplee pocket diaper, one Simplee bamboo stay dry insert, one in stock Hanging Wet Bag, and Bambooz Deodorizers.

Nuggles Cloth Diapering Package

I received the same collection of Nuggles items to review for you.

Anatomy of a Simplee OS Bamboo Hybrid Diaper

The Simplee hybrid diaper is a one size bamboo diaper estimated to fit 8-40 pounds. It comes in nine solids and six limited edition prints. The outside is waterproof TPU, and the interior is soft, squishy, 100% viscose from bamboo terry. The Simplee has two rows of ten angled waist snaps, two snaps on each wing to adjust the size at the waist, and hip snaps. This diaper also comes with crossover snaps. The size and rise is adjustable with four rows of two rise snaps.

Anatomy of Nuggles Simplee OS Bamboo Diaper

Note the dual gussets on this diaper. The inner gussets are soft bamboo terry, and the outer gussets are TPU.

The Simplee is considered to be a hybrid diaper because it can be used three ways:

  1. Inserts stuffed in the pocket and snapped into the hidden snap in the front to make it a one-piece AIO (all-in-one);
  2. Inserts stuffed into the sleeve as a pocket diaper; or
  3. Inserts snapped in and laid on top as an AI2 (all-in-two).

Nuggles Simplee Hybrid Diaper can be used as an AIO, Pocket, or AI2

Each Simplee comes complete with two 4-layer bamboo terry inserts: one regular insert and one newborn insert that can snap to the regular insert as a booster for older babies. Nuggles also makes a Stay-Dry snap-in booster for extra absorbency or for overnights, made from bamboo terry and topped with a layer of stay dry polyester microfleece. The inserts all need to be washed 3-5 times before using to remove natural oils. 

Nuggles bamboo terry inserts

Diaper Fit & Performance

First things first. I love this Sirenity print, and so does Kay! If she’s reluctant to stop playing for a diaper change, I can usually tempt her with her mermaid diaper.

And I really love the dual gussets. I know some babies are sensitive to exposed PUL or TPU against their skin, but as long as that’s not an issue for your baby, these do a fantastic job at keeping messes inside as well as keeping the fabric inner from wicking onto baby’s clothes. We didn’t have one leak in this diaper.

The Simplee is a little unusual in that it has four rows of rise snaps. Most diapers have two or three. I don’t know if the extra row is actually necessary, but I don’t suppose it hurts anything.

Nuggles Simplee size comparison

At 32 pounds and almost three years old, Kay is starting to outgrow some of her one size diapers. Happily, the Simplee fits her really well. On the largest setting, the rise sits just right on her. She still has a little room on the last hip snap, and there’s lots of room left in the waist.

Nuggles Simplee OS Bamboo Hybrid Diaper

The Simplee fits snugly without being too tight, and the double gussets mean there’s more room for error or a slightly looser fit than with diapers without this feature. The bamboo inserts keep the diaper fairly trim. In these pictures, she’s wearing both the regular and the newborn booster insert, but it still looks pretty trim to me.

Like all bamboo diapers, it takes longer to dry than microfleece, but it’s not a deal breaker for me at all. I like that bamboo terry doesn’t pill, but it can stain so I use liners whenever I suspect that Kay is due for a poop.

Nuggles Hanging Wet Bag & Bambooz Deodorizers

I also received a Nuggles single layer polyester TPU hanging wet bag in the matching Sirenity print. The handles are made so you can snap them into two separate handles, over a towel bar, or into one single handle to hang over doorknobs or hooks. It measures 18″ x 24″, and I can easily fit 20 stuffed pocket diapers in there without putting any stress on the zipper. That’s enough room for 2 or 3 days worth of dirty diapers, so you could also use this as a diaper pail.

Nuggles Wet Bag

There’s a neat little zippered mesh-lined pouch on the side that allows you to put in a carbon filter or some essential oils on a piece of cloth for odour control.

Nuggles makes their own Bambooz Deodorizers that fit perfectly in that pouch. You can see one peeking out of the pouch in the picture above. Each deodorizer contains 100% natural and sustainable bamboo charcoal to absorb odour and moisture. When it stops working, you can “recharge” it by putting it in direct sunshine (UV light) for a few hours. Nuggles suggests you can also use their deodorizers taped inside the lid of your diaper pail, in stinky shoes, gym bags, lunch bags, drawers, or wherever you have a smell problem.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Simplee OS Bamboo Hybrid Diaper. I generally use it as a pocket which is mostly just a personal preference, but I would not use this diaper as an AI2 with a reusable shell as it can’t be wiped down between uses. The double gussets do a fantastic job of keeping everything dry even when the inserts are saturated.

I was happy to find the Simplee fit my older toddler very well, so if you’re looking for a slightly larger one size diaper, this one may be a good fit. Remember that a larger diaper will have more bulk when you’re using it on a smaller baby, so don’t expect this to be trim on a newborn.


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Disclosure: I received sample items for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.


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