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New Funk-eh Forest and Hanging Diaper Pail from Funky Fluff #ClothDiapers

I recently had the opportunity to check out Funky Fluff’s 2.0 Stay Dry diaper system in their brand new print, Funk-eh Forest. Designed by Toronto artist, Glen Halsey, this autumn-inspired print features Canadian wildlife (why yes, that is the noble beaver!) and our iconic maple leaves. It’s a little hard to tell in the pictures, but the snaps are more bronze than brown. This lovely gender-neutral print joins the Funky Fluff lineup of 11 colours and 3 other prints.

Funk-eh Forest print from Funky Fluff

Stay Dry 2.0 Diaper System

I reviewed Funky Fluff’s bamboo diaper a couple of months ago, and the fit and features are very similar between the two styles. They’re both one size diapers designed to fit babies from 7-35+ pounds, and they both also include snapping inserts that allow you to use it as a pocket, AIO, or AI2 diaper. Check out my Funky Fluff Bamboo 2.0 review for a full explanation of the features including photographs showing the different size adjustments.

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 Diaper in Funk-eh Forest review

This stay dry version uses suedecloth on the inside to pull moisture away from baby’s bum. Compared to the microfleece usually used in stay dry diapers, suedecloth is thinner, more stain resistant, more durable, and doesn’t pill like microfleece.

Each Stay Dry 2.0 comes with two heavy duty soakers consisting of four layers of microfiber and one layer of stay dry fabric. The smaller soaker fits the newborn and small size settings and can be added to the standard sized soaker as a booster for extra absorbency. In comparison with Funky Fluff’s bamboo soakers, these microfiber soakers are slightly thicker. Not by a lot, but the stay dry diaper is not quite as trim, especially when both soakers are in use (as in the above pictures).

Funky Fluff Stay Dry diaper and soakers

One note of caution: when laying the soakers on top of the lining, you must make sure the stay dry side is touching baby’s skin and not the rougher microfiber side. Microfiber will dry out your baby’s skin and cause a rash/irritation. It’s pretty clear which side is down (exposed snaps and label), but I’d still love to see a mention made of this on the insert itself or in the packaging so novice cloth diapering mamas know.

Stay Dry vs. Bamboo

I still really like the fit of the Funky Fluff diaper, even though the stay dry soakers are slightly less trim than the bamboo. Between the bamboo and stay dry versions, I prefer the suedecloth lining of the stay dry diaper. While it isn’t a natural fabric, I found it less likely to wick, and I think my baby is more comfortable in the stay dry diaper. I did find that the bamboo diaper pocket stretches which makes it much easier to stuff than the stay dry – suedecloth does not have anywhere near the same kind of stretch that bamboo does.

The bamboo and microfiber soakers seem to be roughly equivalent in absorbency, though I find microfiber will lose some of that as it ages. I’ve already mentioned that the Funky Fluff microfiber soakers are slightly bulkier than their bamboo counterparts and cannot be placed next to your baby’s skin, but they do dry faster and don’t require multiple washes to reach full absorbency like bamboo does.

Obviously the stay dry diaper helps keep Kay’s skin drier, but the biggest difference for me between the bamboo and stay dry diapers is the drying time. Suedecloth dries quickly on my indoor clothesline and is ready to put away within 4-6 hours versus 36-48 hours for the bamboo.

Personally, I lean towards the Stay Dry, but it’s not a landslide victory by any means. There are some really valid reasons to prefer bamboo instead, and I know other mamas might choose differently than me. Overall, I’m just happy that Funky Fluff offers the choice.

Hanging Diaper Pail

I also received one of Funky Fluff’s new zippered hanging diaper pails in their other new print Funksters.

Funksters hanging diaper pail from Funky FluffYou can hang the bag off the side of your change table, on a towel rack, on a door handle, or pretty much anywhere, and the snapping handles allow you to configure the handles to suit your situation. Each handle attaches with two heavy duty snaps that will easily hold the weight of a full bag without coming loose.

Funky Fluff's Hanging Diaper Pail review

This very sturdy wet bag is made with two layers of polyester interlock and a layer of laminate in the middle. Like their Double Pocket Wet Bag, the pleated front expands out to make more room. I recently took this hanging diaper pail with me when my family went camping, and I couldn’t be happier with how it performed. It easily held three days’ worth of dirty diapers, and it held in the smell of all those dirty diapers even after three very hot days.

Funky Fluff says this bag fits 18-20 diapers, but I’m sorry to have to say that’s not quite true. I was able to comfortably fit TWENTY-EIGHT double stuffed pocket diapers in this wet bag. That’s an entire stash! This is my absolute new favourite hanging diaper pail and there really isn’t anything I’d change about it. And at only $24, it’s a great deal too!


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The Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 diaper system including 2 microfiber soakers retails for $20.99, and the hanging diaper pail for $23.99. You can pick one up at Lagoon Baby.

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  • I love that the wetbag has the laminate and that it has the snaps im so excited that it can hold that many diapers! The new prints are adorable. I do love that you can choose bamboo or staydry for the diaper.

  • That’s so cool they used a Toronto based artist. The print itself is amazing and I can’t wait to try Funky Fluff out in the future! I think I will go with bamboo for a trim fit. Thank you!

  • I really like that each Stay Dry 2.0 comes with two soakers. Suede cloth is a PLUS!
    The hanging diaper pail with the snaps is also pretty neat.
    I love the colors and designs of both items.

  • I think it’s great how you can use the diaper in either as an AIO, AI2 or pocket. I like the design of the wet bag too. Thank you for the review!

  • I really like that suede cloth idea. My son is super sensitive to moisture so I’d love to try something new (never tried suede cloth).

  • This is really helpful. I’m just getting into cloth diapers and there are just so many kinds and fabrics and companies it’s really overwhelming. I was also at a loss for what to do with dirty diapers – and it seems this hanging bag is the perfect solution, as it travels well (we love to travel) and can hang anywhere. I’ll have to check them out in more detail. Thanks for the in-depth coverage about absorbency, too – so helpful to read from someone with experience.

  • That wetbag looks amazing. It’d be sooooo handy, especially since it holds so much! Haven’t tried anything Funky Fluff yet but I keep hearing such great things that we’ll have to get some! 🙂 I don’t think I know of any other brands that use suedecloth so it’s definitely something I want to try!

  • I like that it has micro fiber and suede cloth. Keeping the bums feeling dry is a priority and they are quicker drying! I love the funksters print too. Minty colored and super cute pattern!

  • I really like how you thoroughly compared the bamboo and microfiber inserts. Definitely gives a new cloth diapering mommy, like myself, some insight when choosing what to use. Overall the 2.0 sounds wonderful and dealing with a little more poof seems totally worth it with practically a 3rd or less of the drying time!

  • I like that they use suedecloth for their stay-dry diapers, especially since it’s thinner and doesn’t wear like microfleece

  • I’m loving the new prints. I’m more of a fan of the stay dry diapers, with a small(ish) stash dry time needs to go quickly for us. And the

  • I love the explanation of the differences of the bamboo vs the suedecloth/stay dry. I’m still kind of a newbie and its still a bit confusing on what materials do what. Thanks! And I love the print on the wetbag!

  • I wasn’t really a fan of prints until I saw a picture of them on the bum. I just picked up shells in both of the new prints but definitely would love to get my hands on more 🙂 The Funksters one is adorable and can really be pulled off by both genders. I also have yet to try to hanging pail. It looks incredible and would take up way less space in the it would probably hold the stink in better.

  • Love the gold snaps and print of the new diaper. The hangin wet bag is so useful to contain smells and the versatile snaps/handles are awesome!!

  • I’m not a huge fan of the new print, but they have some that I love. I’m really loving that wet bag tho, I’m looking for a new solution or storing dirty diapers now that I have a diaper sprayer. This might work!

  • Very helpful review! Love the versatility of the diapers and wet bag. Like that the diapers have so many options on stuffing for absorbency and trim. Also love how many diapers the wet bag can hold, big bonus

  • I had no clue that the microfiber can give babies a rash, that would probably explain why my boys have gotten rashes that I couldn’t get rid of. We have BumGenius diapers my MIL gave me and I would love to try some other brands. Bamboo sounds like it would be a good fabric for sensitive bums as does the suede cloth.

    • That’s only if it’s placed directly against baby’s skin (because it’s so good at pulling moisture away, it can overdry your baby’s skin). As long as it’s in the pocket or under another fabric it’s totally fine.

  • Thanks for the clear explanation of stay dry. I’ve wondered what was different about them, but never knew. I think we would like the suede cloth too. I hate how long bamboo takes to dry, but I also like using it. Lol

  • My pet peeve with many diaper brands are that the prints are so cheesy. So far I’m liking the funky prints. Its nice that they have original designs from commissioned artists. Oh and it’s a plus that the funk eh forest print is multidirectional. I hate it when the print only goes in one direction which means it’s right side up on one side (usually the front) and upside down on the other (usually the bum). Thanks for this review. I probably would not have know about this brand if you haven’t reviewed it.

    • Lol, I know exactly what you mean about being multidirectional! I don’t like one way prints either, especially when they’re upside down on the bum where you want to best see the pattern.

  • The new fall print is so cute! I really like prints with Beaver in it! This diaper looks really nice. I like that it comes with two inserts. The wet bag would be perfect for my coming new baby!

  • I’m super interested in the multiple ways you can use this diaper. I’ve been wanting to try one but can’t afford it at the moment. I may have to get the hanging wet bag in the meantime tho since we are about to change up how we store the dirty dipes…so Forest doesn’t get into them.

  • I am pretty impressed with how many diapers the hanging pail can hold. I have yet to buy a pail for the arrival of our baby girl in January, so I gotta say reading your review has put this one on the map for us. The snaps will definitely be convienient since we don’t have a lot of space for a pail. That baby will hook right onto the side of our playard!

  • I love the diaper bag and since we do a lot of camping too I was glad to hear that it held 3 days worth of dirty diapers.
    I also love the cute designs on the outer part of the diaper and love how the inside is made of bamboo and micro-fibre soakers.They would be soft and help our baby with diaper rash I think.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about Funky Fluff lately but I have yet to try one. Now that I’ve read about both the Stay Dry and Bamboo, I’m not sure which one would be best, maybe I’ll have to get both 😉 You’re right, the wet bag is a great deal, maybe I’ll throw one of those in too.

  • I wish the hanging diaper pail had been out when I was looking for a solution. I could’ve saved some money by going with those!

  • The hanging Diaper pail sounds amazing! I love that it has two handles with snaps and that you were able to hold more diapers than they said! Thanks for the great review! I will be buying the hanging diaper pail.

  • I’m drooling over that wet bag! Seriously, I might ask for it for Christmas! I bought two (one by fuzzibunz and one by lovely pocket diapers, both are) that, while good quality, I hadn’t realized were so tiny and I can’t fit half my stash in both. Is there any fear that it could tear at the handles, though, especially with a load of wet diapers?

    • I can’t say it’s impossible, but each strap is held on with 2 heavy duty snaps, the fabric is 2 layers thick and very sturdy including where the snaps are, and the stitching at the other end of the strap is reinforced. It’s sewn so the stretch is widthwise, not lengthwise, which helps reduce stress on the fabric too. I carried 3 days worth of dirty diapers in there with no concerns at all. What I can say is I would be very surprised if that happened with a reasonable amount of wet diapers in there.

  • I personally LOVE the hanging diaper pails. I did that with my daughter and it worked so much better than having the pail on the floor.

    Also, this diaper is SUPER cute!! Makes me wish she was still in diapers…well almost wish. 🙂

  • I love this print on your little one. I’ve tried about ten different brands of cloth diapers so far and your review makes me want to try this one as well. Seems like a good fit for my baby boy.

  • I am fed up of our pale and was looking for something more flexible and bigger than a wet bag when we leave for more than a day. Looks like a great product and will definitely buy!

  • HI from California! My husband and I are starting our new adventure in cloth diapers and these reviews are exactly what we need to make informed decisions. From what I’ve read other places too, I’m more inclined to choose Suede over Microfiber: both my son and I have sensitive skin and suede on these Funky Fluffs would be a better choice for baby 2. Also, I like the pocket feature included for extra extra absorbency. One more thing: my husband’s family is Canadian: Newfoundland and Calgary respectfully and this particular print would make them so happy to see on the second grandchild in his family 🙂 Thanks for the review! I’m now going over to Funky Fluff to learn more about them.

  • I’m expecting my first in February, so I’ve been soaking up as much knowledge about cloth diapering as possible. My plan is to try out several different styles and brands. Funky Fluff’s Stay Dry inserts sound very interesting…I really am torn between going as natural as possible and using the synthetic stay-dry versions. This is the first I’ve heard of the the suedecloth layer though. I may have to pick up one of these to try out. Thanks for the review!

  • That’s exactly the kind of wet bag I’ve been searching for! I have heard these diapers are awesome. I can’t believe how much longer it takes to dry the bamboo! Good to know cause I was originally leaning toward the bamboo when thinking about purchasing. Thanks for the great review! Definitely gonna have to try this brand out even if I don’t win

  • The fit of this diaper looks perfect on your little one. I also love the various hanging methods available for the wet bag!

  • I sure wish the multi-use hanging Diaper Pail and these colourful cloth diapers were available when my daughter was born. Now that I have a grandson, I’d like to try them out on him.

  • I love the Funk-Eh Forest print! I also found your opinions on microfiber vs. bamboo helpful. I’ve heard that bamboo is nice and stretchy, but I had no idea that microfiber loses its absorbency over time.

  • These diapers sound so practical. I especially like that they fit a wide range of weight…you will certainly get a lot of use out of the,

  • Um, what more can I say, it’s Funky Fluff, and I’m in LOVE!!!!! It was really nice to see that piece about the mf not being next to baby’s skin. As a newbie, a few months ago, I did not know this. That was the first and last rash my LO had. I knew right away it was something I did wrong. Didn’t take long to figure it out. Would love to win this!!!!

  • I’m going to have to try one of these. I have a few of another brand that can be used as a AI2 or pocket, and I love the flexibility. I might buy one of those wet bags too. Love the straps!

  • Thank you for explaining about the suadecloth. We were leaning toward bamboo because it’s natural, but I think the wicking is more important. We might try both just to see how the little guy responds.