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My Baby Loves Board Books

A love of reading starts young. Kay is already learning to appreciate books and story time, though sometimes it seems like her favourite part about books is how satisfying they are to rip! We make time to sit with a book or two every afternoon, and I love watching her develop her interest in books along with a longer attention span.

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I was excited to receive this package of toddler board books for review courtesy of the wonderful folks at Raincoast Books, an award winning, Canadian-owned book wholesale and distribution company based in my hometown of Vancouver, BC.

Peek-A-Zoo! by Nina Laden

Peek-a-Zoo! by Nina Laden

This sturdy book is the perfect size for toddler hands to hold and turn pages independently. Peek-A-Zoo! is the companion volume to toddler favourite Peek-a-Who? and features simple rhyming text and cut outs on each page so little ones can guess which creature is peeking from the next page. The mirror on the last page (“Peek a… you, too!”) makes Kay smile every time.

Daddy Wrong Legs by Nina LadenDaddy Wrong Legs by Nina Laden

 Daddy Wrong Legs lets toddlers mix and match animal daddy tops and daddy legs including a rooster, a spider, a frog, and a gorilla. All the daddies are shown holding or interacting with their babies. On the very last page is a human daddy with his little girl riding on his shoulders.

Both my kids get a kick out of the mixing up part. Kay thinks it’s hilarious every time. I love the depictions of nurturing daddies playing with, singing to, carrying, and reading to their babies. One of the daddies is even babywearing his puppies on his back!

You Are My Baby Board Books by Lorena Siminovich

You Are My Baby: Garden, Ocean, & Farm by Lorena Siminovich

Last year I reviewed On My Leaf and In My Tree, both illustrated by Lorena Siminovich. Now she’s created a new series of board books featuring a smaller baby book nestled inside a bigger one. Toddlers can match the baby animals to their parents and learn their special name (e.g., hatchling, kit, calf, chick, foal) as well as what sound each animal makes.

Illustrated in the same style of cut paper collage, the animal parents and their babies project a warm and comforting feel. I like how thick and sturdy the board book pages are. Unfortunately, the gutters don’t stand up to rough handling as well as the pages do, and one of ours is ripped already where Kay tried to bend the cover back. (I did mention she likes “testing” our books for rip-ability!)


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  • I’ve always had loads of books around the house. Read stories throughout the day (not just at bedtime). Any time is story time! I also brought the kids routinely to the library.

  • I just always had tons of books around. We read together, and I also encourage my daughter to read and look through books on her own. We’ve always spent lots of time at the library as well. Reading has always been my daughter’s favourite activity – and I hope it continues to be!

  • We always end our day with books. It’s part of our bedtime routine. We also makes weekly visit to the local public library where our boys can pick any books that interests them. We do a lot of reading in our home…I think the best way to foster reading is to read ourselves and have them see that.

  • When my kids were little (10-12) I started reading a book but would stop reading it when something exciting was about to happen, so that would get them real excited for us to read the next night. This worked on my sons as they both have a love of reading now.

  • My husband and I both loved reading as kids! Even though our little girl isn’t here yet, we are already reading to her and are in the process of building a “reading nook” in our bonus room where we can all cuddle up and read together!

  • We read all the time, and have done so since they were newborns. My mom was an elementary school librarian for over 30 years, so books have always been a big part of my life. We shop for them all the time (we have so many books we could probably open our own library!) as well as get a few from the library every week. We read in the car, in the afternoon after school, and before bed.

  • We started reading to our baby when we were pregnant, and have been reading to her ever since she was born!

  • We’ve read my son a bedtime story every night since he was newborn. We leave books all over the house for him to pick up whenever he’d like, and we’re never too busy to read…though we do have a rule that we’ll only read a book once a day. It’s worked- he loves being read to, and he could identify all of the letters of the alphabet by 18 months old.

  • We’ve got books in every part of the house, tiny books, and even extremely large books that stand taller than my little one. She will grab books at any given time, or even magazines lying around, and sometimes just sit on her own and flip thru pages before bringing it to use for a read. She’s a bookworm like her daddy…

  • I’m having my first baby in June and already, I have started reading to him and telling him stories 🙂

  • Not only do we keep a wide variety of books to read at home, but I love taking my girls to the library! We usually read at least one story while we’re there, and they have a lot of fun helping check out books to take home and read as well.

  • We have lots and lots of books. Both Mommy and Daddy read, so our daughter knows we like to read as well.

  • I try to make bedtime stories fun and interesting my choosing a variety of books and use props such as toys or puppets to act out some of the stories.

  • I started reading to my kids when they were born. I let them pick books and I read to them as often as they ask me to (for the most part). I also take them to the library and to story time in the park. I think all these things foster a love of reading.

  • I read to them and, If I found them interested in a subject, i bought books about it. I also love to read and encouraged them to read as well.

  • I read to my daughter and make sure that I read to myself, too – she needs to see that reading isn’t just a kids thing!

  • I am pregnant with my first so I can’t say from experience. I always loved reading, even as a child. My mother would bring me to a children’s book reading club at or local library. When the book reading club was over she would let me browse the shelves and pick out books for myself. I was always excited to read them because it was something I got to pick out.

  • I read to my children when they were little and also had them read to ME. Now one is a mommy and the other expecting, they are also ‘reading’ Mama’s!

  • One of the ways I foster a love of reading is by going to the library often, not just to take out materials but to engage in all the different literacy activiites.

  • I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win these childrens board books.
    In response to your question of
    What do you do to foster a love of reading in your kids?
    I read to them and take them to the library and book stores to check out all the latest books.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  • We set time aside every day to read to our kids and have a nighttime story as well. We also participate in library programs.

  • I used to read to mine every night when they went to bed and as they got older they were allowed an extra 30 mins with the light on if they were reading a book. Now I read to my grandchildren if I’m the one putting them to bed 🙂

  • HI! In order to foster a love of reading, I started reading to my son when he was only a few months old. Also, we kept many fun & interesting age appropriate books around for him to look at and for us to read to him. Reading to him every day is key too. Thank-you!

  • We’ve always initiated a ‘quiet’ time in our house. During that time the only option was to read or sit still 🙂

  • Make reading a habit each night at bedtime, it also gives your child something to look forward to before bed

  • I have a book case with books in my children’s play room, they like to look at them, and I also read to them some. I need to do it even more!

  • I read a variety of books to my son. Also, I let him ‘read’ his books. He has favourite books that he likes to look at and point at the pictures. Also, he watches me read books.

  • My granddaughter is 2 and she loves board books . I have a few and she spends
    A lot of time with her books . Takes after grandma , loves to read ???