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MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier – Carry little ones with ease, style, and safety!

David and I recently decided to go to Costco on a Sunday morning right at opening. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we thought it was a brilliant idea to get out and do our shopping ahead of the crowds. We’d get to park close to the entrance, avoid the shopping cart jams around the food sample stations, and the check out lines would be a breeze.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Costco Parking

Our actual experience went something like this: We arrived to find nearly every parking space taken and ended up parking so far away, we would have been justified in hitching a ride to the entrance. To make matters worse, our sunny skies were quickly traded for a serious spring thundershower. Big fat drops of rain soaked every inch of our t-shirt and sandal-clad selves as we made a dash across the massive parking lot to the store. Serves us right for not checking the forecast before leaving the house.

So it wasn’t the hassle-free experience we’d expected, but one member of our party rather enjoyed herself.

Riley Asleep in Hipster

This is my sweet girl, Riley, fast asleep in a MiaMily Hipster soft structured carrier.

While the rest of us got drenched, she was snuggled up next to me with the Hipster’s snap-on hood covering her head.

She didn’t mind all the swerving around and dodging other shopping carts. She was contentedly looking around, taking in the bustling crowds and expanse of the warehouse from the safety and comfort of the ergonomic seat perched on my waist.

And while we waited in a long check out line, our cart piled high with bulk items and still a little soggy from our arrival, she laid her head back against the carrier and chewed away at one of its teething pads until she fell asleep.

Hipster at Costco

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the Hipster. It’s the easiest carrier I’ve ever worn, and I can be confident knowing that the Swiss company, MiaMily, puts safety first. I’ll confess, I didn’t even read any of the instructions before trying it out. I was in a pinch. Chores needed to get done, and Brooks wanted to be held. So I took it straight out of the box and put him on my front, facing in. I put the Hipster to work immediately so we could enjoy one another’s company while I did the dishes. It was great!

I did eventually get around to reading through the instruction manual, and here’s where it gets especially innovative—the top portion of the carrier zips off so you can use the hip seat by itself! This is wonderfully convenient when your child wants to be carried around for just a few minutes before asking to get down again or when they want to be held but without the confinement of a carrier, wrap, or sling.

Hipster Hip Seat

The ergonomic design of the seat meets international hip safety standards and also keeps your back properly aligned. If you’ve tried to hold your child on your hip for an extended amount of time, you know it can get painful, but with the Hipster there’s no need to tweak your back trying to extend your hip out to the side.

MiaMily Hipster carrier positions

The Hipster gives you six different carrying options with very little fiddling. And I prefer to avoid fiddling whenever possible.

That’s why my favorite part about this carrier is the 3D seat. Because it promotes healthy hips in every position, there’s no snapping, tucking, or buckling to transform it to fit infants or to switch from wearing your child facing in to facing out.

Brooks Hipster Face-Out

I’ve done the laundry with Brooks on my back, vacuumed with him face-out on my front, and run more errands with Riley tucked inside. I think I’ll wait until she’s 4 months old before trying face-out to make sure she has really good head control. As for back carrying, they recommend waiting until at least 18 months so your child has full head control, can see over your shoulder, and can hold onto you while you while adjust the Hipster.

Brooks Hipster Face-In

MiaMily’s Hipster includes a good amount of bells and whistles without making things too complicated:

  • Teething pads that can be easily removed for washing
  • A zip off front panel for breathability in warm weather
  • A snap-on head cover
  • Velcro on the waistband for added safety and stability
  • A collapsible carrying bag with the company’s giving slogan

MiaMily Hipster details

That reminds me! Let me tell you about the awesome charitable contributions they make!

The parents who created MiaMily share a love for giving and serving, and they carry this passion into their business. For every product they sell, MiaMily donates a can of formula to an orphanage in need. Their motto is Change the World, One Baby at a Time.

How awesome is that?

MiaMily Collapsible Bag

They offer a couple of extra accessories for purchase including an extender belt and a single shoulder carrier top that zips onto the hip seat just like the double strap top. This adds three more carrying options for a total of nine.

Single Shoulder Carrier Holds

This carrier is recommended for children from 3 months old (with good head control) to 3 years (40 lbs). Riley is now 3 months old, and Brooks probably won’t clock in at 40 lbs until he’s 10…so I’m able to use it for both kids.

Hipster 3D Seat

The unique 3D seat makes a big difference in comfort as well as safety. It distributes the weight really nicely, and because there are no long pieces of fabric or hammock-like seats to fiddle with (again with the fiddling!), it’s really impossible to get it wrong. There’s no need to check in a mirror to make sure everything looks as it should or to ask, “Did I do this right? Does he/she look properly supported to you?” Their legs will always be in the correct “M” position.

Now that Riley is big enough to be worn in this carrier, I rarely use wraps anymore. This is just so much easier, especially when we’re on the go. And now that it’s warming up outside, I’m glad MiaMily incorporated the zip-off panel to keep my babies cool. We’ll definitely be getting a lot of use from the Hipster in seasons to come.

Hipster Plus Kickstarter

MiaMily is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter for their next generation carrier, the Hipster Plus. Added features include an infant insert for newborns, a slip guard on the seat, a drool cover, and the best part…a HUGE pocket inside the 3D seat. This would render diaper bags and purses unnecessary for short trips. Think about it, people. Does it get any better than that?

Check out their campaign and consider supporting MiaMily with their goal of making baby wearing the safest and easiest it’s ever been!

Win a MiaMily Hipster!

MiaMily Hipster Giveaway

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Disclosure: I received sample items for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

SamanthaSamantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband, toddler son, Brooks, and new baby girl, Riley. Between diaper changes and loads of laundry, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to do these giveaways I really enjoy reading all these blogs available online today and that im given the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Thank you 🙂

  • I love this carrier! I really hope I get to try one out with my 21lb 6 month old. I think the seat will be great to take a load off my arms, even for around the house.

  • This carrier seems so great! I love all the different carries available. I love the idea of an easy and safe forward facing carry because even though my son is only 3 months he is very curious and likes to take it all in.

  • I’ve been in the exact same situation at Costco. I’ve actually just left before because of the rain. We have a Mei Tai type wrap…. not an option to get baby in if it’s pouring!

  • I’m excited about this carrier! I will have a 4 year old and a newborn at the same time. My oldest still likes to be carried at times (short periods) and I think this will save my back a ton of strain. So simple a concept yet so innovative in the world of carriers.

  • What a great review. I LOVE the versatility of the Mia Mily hipster carrier. Reading the real life experiences with it help explain how useful it actually is. The story of going to Costco made me chuckle as hubby and u recently had a very similar adventure on our last trip to Sam’s Club with our two boys under 2. Thanks for sharing!

  • This carrier excites me because of the hip carrier by itself. So often my LO cries to be picked up but screams if I stick him in my Mei Tei. He wants up down up down up down… This would be perfect for that but would also allow us to go for longer walks in the woods where the stroller is hard to push.

  • This carrier looks amazing. I love the versatility of multiple carries and the stylish design. I bet we’d be super comfy on our long family treks using this product!

  • I love the versatility of this carrier!! As a hipless Mom I also love the fact that it could be hips for me lol!! So convenient!!

  • Loving the different combinations you get to choose with this product. It grows with you as your baby grows. Economical vale.

  • Wow,thanks for such a detailed review.The MiaMily Hipster looks very stylish and can be used in different positions.I am really impressed with this carrier.

  • The hip seat alone seems amazing. My 2 year old gets tried in public and wants to be carried but hates most baby carriers. I think the hip seat would be a great alternative.

  • I love how versatile this carrier is and would definitely consider getting it even I don’t win! I am also liking that it is ergonomic and won’t injure the baby/kid as they grow!

  • They have really thought through having a product that works with the various needs that one has as children are growing up… it could be used for a ton of times and events.

    And I love that they keep in mind a charitable focus. Another awesome thing for a great company!

  • I saw many parents with this on vacation in Hong Kong and wondered where to buy it from. Love the built in seat and that you can use it without the straps. Would love to win this!

  • I love that it can be used so many different ways! Also the weight restrictions mean I could use for my baby and toddler for different situations.

  • I love how versatile this carrier can be and that it helps with proper spine alignment when used as hipster.

  • Great review, you gave the carrier a work out and it seems it held up. I love that it has teething straps great. And the zip open area to help keep baby cool.

  • Wow! Six carrying positions, with an additional 3 positions when you buy the extra attachment. Everyone should be comfortable with this one.

  • I love that teething pads are included instead of having to be an extra accessory you buy!

  • I’ve never heard of this product. There has been a history of babies born with hip issues in my family, so I’m curious to see if this helps keep baby’s hips in a more neutral position.

  • I’d love to try one and see if it helps with the back pain. My LO is constantly wanting to be held now and I don’t have the desire to always put her in a carrier, so the hip support on its own would be wonderful. My chiropractor would be more pleased if I didn’t always do a one-hand carry…

  • Thank you for giving me the chance to win! I’ve never won a carrier before. I’ve also not familiar with this carrier and would love to test it out. It looks aweosme!!!!

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  • This looks like a great carrier. I’ve been trying to find one with a sturdy seat because I have a big boy and have tried a few with little success. I love that this carrier promotes good back posture even when holding baby at the hip.

  • I love that this can double as a hip carrier or double shoulder! There are so many ways to “wear” your baby!

  • This was a very thorough and informative review yet interesting and easy to read! I love all of the options that this carrier offers and it looks super comfy for both mama (or daddy!) and baby! My little guy loves to face outward and a lot of carriers don’t offer this option so that is definitely a bonus! This is a very generous giveaway and I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate and would be genuinely grateful if I were chosen as the winner! I eagerly await the winners name being revealed! Thank you for all of your great blog posts! ?

  • This carrier looks awesome! My little baby is entering toddlerhood and he’s getting heavy! I love my ergo but my back can only take so much. This looks like a great solution!

  • I just had my first child 3 weeks ago and this would be amazing to have to take her to the mall or grocery shopping. Carrying her around in her car seat is SUCH a pain in the butt!

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  • Love the number of different carry positions. And that you can just use the seat! My back would love this!

  • Would love this for my little guy. It looks so comfy and love how functional it is.

  • I like the thought of being able to use the seat by itself. My daughter is at the stage where she only wants to be held for a few minutes before wanting down to walk around, but when she wants up, she NEEDS to be picked up or everyone within 1 mile will know it! lol. I could see me using that feature a lot.