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March Break Play-Cation with Hasbro

Our very first March break is here, and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with these girls all day long for two whole weeks! I know I’m going to have to wing it at least part of the time, but I’ve been preparing by stocking up on some crafts, games, and activities. Hasbro knows just what I’m talking about, so they’ve put together some suggestions for how to keep the kids busy over the break.

Our March Break Survival Kit (TM pending) has crafts, Play-Doh, board games, movies, and Kre-O. Tee has recently discovered the joy of building things with her dad, so she was really excited to see this Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons Fortress Defense Set in our Survival Kit. This set comes with a castle and movable drawbridge, a catapult and six marbles, three orcs, two knights, a miniature treasure chest, and three flags.

March Break Play-Cation with Kre-O and Hasbro

Collect the world and Master the Battle with the KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons sets! You can use the 297 pieces in this Fortress Defense set to build a castle in 3 ways and defend it from the hordes of the Orcs. Set your knight Kreon figures on the wall, armed with their bows and spears. Will the castle stand against the powerful assaults of the catapult you’ll build? If not, send your knight Pikesman and Archer Kreon figures crashing into battle against your Orc Kreon figures as they storm over the drawbridge! You’ll build one magical adventure after another with the Fortress Defense set!

Set includes 297 pieces and instructions. Ages 7 to 12 years.

Yes, the box does recommend ages 7-12, but Tee is perfectly capable of building it with help. Her favourite part of the day is spending quality playtime with Daddy. They look through the instruction book, hubs points out the next piece needed, Tee finds it, then they put it in the right place together. The system works for them, and they have a lot of fun!

March Break Play-Cation with Hasbro

The Kre-O set comes with some game rules and play cards, but they don’t bother playing by any rules. Tee just enjoys launching cannonballs from the catapault and trying to knock the characters off the castle. This is our first Kre-O set, but I don’t think it’ll be our last.

Check out the some of the other ideas Hasbro Canada has to keep your kids happy and busy this March break!

March Break Play-Cation with Hasbro

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