March Baby Names

March is a magical month caught between winter and spring. It starts off cold and blustery, perhaps with traces of snow still on the ground, but by the end of the month the first stirrings of spring have arrived. That’s why we say, “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb.”

March is a wonderful time to welcome a baby! All of nature is becoming green again, and St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th evokes Irish traditions and lucky four leaf clovers. If you’re expecting a bundle of joy this March, take a peek at these baby names inspired by the changing of the seasons and the luck of the Irish.

March Baby Names for Girls

Agnes means chaste or a lamb, as referenced in the proverb, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” (Greek)

Chloe means young green shoot on a plant or flower (Greek).

Clover would make a charming name for a March baby. Four leaf clovers are associated with St. Patrick’s Day and represent good luck.

Daffodil is an unusual but sunny name, and the birth flower for March.

Diata is of African origin and means like a lioness.

Erin is the poetic name for Ireland, meaning from the island to the west (Irish).

Felicity means lucky or fortunate (Latin).

Felice is a pretty variation on Felicity, also meaning lucky (Latin).

Gwyneth/Gwynneth means luck or happiness (Welsh).

Giada is Italian for jade, a semiprecious green gemstone thought to bring good luck (Italian).

Harita means green, an appropriate name for early spring (Hindi).

Jonquil is a variety of daffodil, the birth flower for March (French).

Lenore means like a lion (Greek).

Leona is a variant of Lenore meaning lion (Greek).

Midori means green (Japanese).

Phyllida means green bough (Greek).

Teli means a lamb (Greek).

Verna means green (Latin).

Zada means lucky (Arabic).

March Baby Names for Boys

Ash, as in ash tree, is associated with the first half of March in the Celtic tree calendar. In British folklore, the ash was considered to have protective and healing properties, most frequently related to children.

Alder is associated with the second half of March in the Celtic tree calendar.

Ari/Ary means lion (Hebrew).

Chance represents the luck of the draw, an appropriate choice for a baby boy fortunate enough to be born in March.

Felix means lucky or fortunate (Latin).

Finn is a popular Irish name meaning fair or clear. Finn was also the name of legendary Irish hero Finn MacCool (Irish).

Irving is derived from the Scottish surname meaning green water (Scottish).

Keir is a variant of Kerr, a Scottish surname meaning wet ground (Irish).

Kerr means from wet ground (Scottish).

Leander means lion of a man (Greek).

Lev means lion (Russian).

Oran means green (Irish).

Patrick is a classic Irish name meaning noble. Of course Patrick is also the patron saint of Ireland and the namesake for St. Patrick’s Day, making this name entirely suited for a March baby boy (Latin).

Raanan/Ranan means fresh (Hebrew).

Vasant means spring (Sanskrit).

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