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Maman Kangourou Woven Wrap Review

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This particular review made me realize we’ve reached a bittersweet milestone in our family. My baby boy is no longer a baby, and being carried around conflicts with his burgeoning independence. I thought to myself, How great would it be if I could use this beautiful woven wrap with both kids to show how well it works for children of different ages?

Brooks had other plans.

And just like that, his babywearing days are behind him.

Brooks on bike
It brought to mind that awful poem about all the “lasts” in your child’s life. I’m searching my memory to see if I can recall the last time he let me put him in any kind of wrap or carrier. Did I cherish it? Did I slow down and treasure that time with him?

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been fashioning ways to carry our most valuable possessions—our sweet babies—close to our hearts. But it’s driven by more than just safety and practicality. It feeds our souls.

This is a sobering reminder for me to pay attention and not wish away this precious season of life. Because if I’m honest with myself, I’ve been doing some wishing lately.

Riley—who has never slept for long stretches to begin with—is in her 9 month sleep regression. She’s also learning to crawl and working on her top two teeth. In addition to all that, apparently it’s common for older siblings to have a resurgence of jealousy and acting out as a result of all these new developments.

So the Levang house is experiencing some growing pains right now. But thankfully, babywearing helps take some of the edge off for all of us. Riley gets the comfort and security she needs while her little world is out of control, Brooks gets more of my attention when I’ve got two free hands, and I? I get some much needed rest from the grouchy gloom that’s been hanging over our family.

Maman Kangourou wrap - front view

This woven wrap from the Quebec company Maman Kangourou has been a little slice of sanity for us. It comes in 4 different colors, and I chose this gorgeous one called Summer Rain.

Unlike knit wraps that have a bit of give to the fabric, this 100% cotton, woven style is not meant to stretch. We loved our knit wrap when my babies were newborn, but as they got heavier and more wiggly, we used it less and less, opting for carrier styles with more support. I missed the comfort and style of wrapping, though, so I instantly fell in love with this woven wrap’s perfect mix of sturdy and snuggly.

Maman Kangourou

Getting your baby in a proper carry position with a wrap definitely takes a little more time and practice at first, but for long-term wear, it’s worth the extra effort. It distributes weight across your body better than anything else out there, and I definitely notice a difference in how my back and shoulders feel after a long stretch of carrying Riley, who is now hovering around 18 pounds.

Maman Kangourou wrap - back view

We’ve been doing a lot of front carrying (Front Wrap Cross Carry) when Riley needs some extra comfort, but she also loves the hip carry so she can see more of the world around her. I won’t bother listing all the ways you can wear your little one with a woven wrap, because there are endless variations. After all, this is how we’ve been carrying babies for thousands of years.

But to get you started, Maman Kangourou includes a really helpful instruction pamphlet that illustrates several different options. I used that as well as some Youtube videos to help me navigate this new terrain. When I began carrying Brooks as a newborn I stuck with the Hug Hold (Pocket Wrap Cross Carry) exclusively, so it’s been fun to try something new.

Maman Kangourou - side carry

Maman Kangourou offers this wrap in four different lengths. We went with a size 6, the second to largest, so David would feel comfortable using it too. The generous length and 5-35 pound weight range give us plenty of room for Riley to grow.

I love having Riley so close and being able to respond to her (MANY) needs during this especially difficult season of growth. It’s been hard work for all of us, and I’m grateful for such a comfortable, supportive wrap to help ease us through it.

Maman Kangourou woven wrap

But Maman Kangourou is so much more than just wraps! They also make a wide selection of safe and ergonomic baby carriers for you and your baby: stretchy wraps, ring slings, pouches, Asiatik carriers (a mei tai and stretchy wrap hybrid), woven wraps, water slings and pouches, and even doll carriers for little ones.Maman Kangourou baby carriers giveaway

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SamanthaSamantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband, toddler son, Brooks, and new baby girl, Riley. Between diaper changes and loads of laundry, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.

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