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Just a few weeks ago, the entire family came down with a virus. Coughing, sore throat, stuffy nose, fever – it was NO FUN! When the girls started feeling really warm, I went to dig up our thermometer. But of course it wasn’t in the medicine cabinet where it was supposed to be. After much searching, I finally found it in the junk drawer in the kitchen (where pretty much everything ends up at one point or another), but when I tried to take Kay’s temperature I realized the battery was dead. Grrr.

I’ve gone through a couple of digital oral thermometers in the last few years, and for sure digital is the way to go. My kids don’t have the patience to wait three minutes for an old fashioned thermometer, especially when they’re sick and feverish, and the last time I tried to read one, I’m ashamed to say I just kept spinning that thing squinting for the tiny silver line.

Traditional thermometers take 3 minutes to take a temperature.

Oral thermometers work well enough (when the batteries work), but when the kids are asleep, it sucks to wake them up to check their temperatures. And of course when you have a baby, oral thermometers are not an option. You know what the traditional option has been for babies, and I think I can safely say nobody likes a thermometer up the butt. I was always too frightened of hurting my baby to even try!

About a week later (too late to save me the aggravation from the dead thermometer unfortunately), I received this Swaive Thermometer to try. From the first time I tested it on the kids, I was sold. It quickly and accurately measures the temperature of the tympanic membrane inside the ear so there’s no need to wake sleeping kids up. Just remember that a tympanic temperature is on average 0.3°C (0.5°F) to 0.6°C (1°F) higher than an oral temperature.

Swaive Thermometer lets babies sleep through the night

At three seconds, the infrared Swaive Thermometer is much faster than my old digital oral thermometer at taking temperatures, and the blue LED display makes it easy to read in the dark. It comes with 21 probe covers to keep everything hygienic, but one of the best features for me is that it uses two regular old AA batteries. I can never remember or find the right button batteries for those other thermometers, but I always have a pack of AA batteries in my house.

If you’re technologically minded, you can also connect this thermometer to your smart phone via Bluetooth and record and track temperatures for your entire family using the optional Swaive app, available for iOS and Android. You don’t need to have the app or a device to use the thermometer, but it’s a really nice feature to have, especially when you’re sick too (because really, don’t we always catch whatever bug the kids come down with?). That way you don’t need to worry about remembering the last temperature reading or tracking whether your child’s fever is going up or down.

Swaive Thermometer syncs up to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

Easier temperature-taking means less fussy kids, which makes me happy to be a Swaive Thermommy!

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Any parent would love to have a one of these tucked away in one of the medicine cabinet! Swaive Thermometers are currently only available in the US, but they’re expected to be released in Canada early next year. The Swaive Thermometer retails for $59.99 and is available on Amazon

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Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • These thermometers sure make our babies being sick a lot easier to handle. I just hate when we have fevers.

  • So awesome! I would have been over the moon for something like this when the boys were tiny (although they’re pretty awesome for big boys too).

  • This thermometer sounds great and has a lot of super features. It’s always nice to see that a product uses a common battery size, such as AA, instead of something that’s hard to find in the stores.