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Love at First Clean with the Dyson Ball Animal 2 #DysonClean

We’re a busy family of four, constantly on the go with school, and work, and karate classes, and Sparks meetings, and playdates, and grocery shopping, and so on, and so on. With two young kids, a long-haired dog, and not a lot of time, keeping my house and my floors clean is a constant challenge. We’re talking dog hair, people hair, dirt and mud tracked in on the kids’ shoes, goldfish cracker crumbs, dried up play dough, and what’s up with all the glitter?

So yeah, I have heavy-duty messes, and for that I need heavy-duty cleaning. Dyson is known for its suction power, and the Dyson Ball Animal 2 has the strongest suction of any vacuum out there to get all the dirt, dust, hair, and allergens out of my floor, carpets, and those little cracks and crevices.

I used the Dyson Ball Animal 2 for the first time last weekend, and I have to admit I was kind of horrified at what it sucked out of my carpets. I swear I vacuumed just a week ago. It wasn’t so much the fur and glitter (I expected that), but I couldn’t believe the amount of fine dust and dirt that got pulled up out of what looked like clean carpets in my daughters’ bedrooms. My girls play sitting and lying down on their carpets all the time, and I’m grossed out that what I thought was clean, wasn’t at all. Thankfully the Dyson Ball Animal 2 has whole-machine HEPA filtration to keep all that dust, dander, and allergens trapped inside, instead of blowing back out of the machine.

Like most homes, we have mixed flooring: wood floors in the living room and hallways, vinyl in the kitchen and bathrooms, a few area rugs, and carpet in the bedrooms. I have no interest in pulling out multiple vacuums or tools to do the job right. Fortunately, the cleaner head works across multiple surfaces with a powerful motorized brush bar with stiff nylon bristles to dig deep into carpet to pick up ground in dirt, dust, and pet hair, as well as soft nylon bristles to sweep up everything from my hard floors.

The active base plates on the cleaner head self-adjust across different floor surfaces to seal in the suction and ensure my floors come clean the first time. I have enough to do in a day, I certainly don’t have time to go over my floors again and again.

The dirt cup empties with the press of a button, and the vacuum itself feels nicely maneuverable even at a substantial 17 pounds. The hose easily pulls out to convert into a handheld to get into places I can’t reach with the main vacuum like under the bed or up in the ceiling corners.

Out of the box, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with 6 tools. There’s the combination tool (1), articulating hard floor tool (2), stiff bristle brush (3), groom tool (4), tangle-free turbine tool (5), and stair tool (6). The combination and stair tools are stored on board the vacuum, and the rest are stored separately.

That tangle-free turbine tool is really cool. Instead of a beater bar that winds hair all around it, the little counterrotating brushes actually pull hair through the center so there’s no wrapping and no tangles.

But the most interesting tool with this vacuum is the groom tool that lets me vacuum the fur and dander off Kallie at the same time as I’m brushing her. The bristles slide out for brushing, then slide back in so the hair and dander can be sucked directly into the canister. I’ve started by brushing her with the vacuum off. Next step will be to turn on the vacuum to suck in the hair between strokes. I think it’ll take a few times for her to get used to being brushed with the vacuum on the whole time, but I’m game to try!

This may be the best holiday gift you give to your family this year! After just my first use, I can tell you that I’m impressed with the powerful suction and all the accessories that come with the Dyson Ball Animal 2. I’m going to continue using this vacuum through the holiday season (let’s see how it stacks up against all the Christmas cleanup!) and report back my longer-term impressions in the new year.

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Disclosure: I am participating in the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Dyson and received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. Nevertheless, all opinions expressed are honest and my own. Your experience may differ.


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  • I love my Dyson but it is now 8 years old so I’m looking to get a new one. Thanks for this information. I can’t believe dogs will let themselves be vacuumed lol

  • My husband wanted a dyson so badly when we bought a house. I wanted the vaccume you plug into the house
    *sorry im esl and I can’t think of the word even if know it!!! :/ *
    Maybe we should have gotten a Dyson lol.

  • Omgosh I LOVE the addition of a grooming tool!! How awesome!! I really adore Dyson because I feel like they think of everything. And this just solidifies my love!!