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Little Me Tomorrow – A Unique Personalized Children’s Book on Kickstarter

I’ve partnered with Little Me Tomorrow to bring you this post.

You all know how much we love books around here. When I was pregnant with Tee, our friends and family members brought their favourite book to the baby shower to help us start her first library before she was even born because kids should grow up with books and stories. Every child needs a collection of books that teaches, comforts, entertains, and inspires.

Tanja Hladnik feels the same way, and when she became a mom, she looked high and low for a special kind of children’s book for her new baby boy. When she couldn’t find one that spoke to her, she decided to create her own book that would inspire her son and children everywhere to find their passion. And thus Little Me Tomorrow was born!

Little Me Tomorrow is a poem to your child. Its hard cover and large circular design are perfect for lap reading, and each sturdy page introduces a different interest or hobby in gentle, rhyming text. Activities include travelling, singing, painting, playing a musical instrument, cooking, diving and snorkelling, winter sports, reading, hiking, and learning a foreign language. Hand lettered text and charming hand drawn, watercolour, and multimedia illustrations decorate every page, and a unique wooden handle holds this handcrafted eco-friendly book together without any kind of glue.

Best of all, each special book is individually customized with your child’s name burned into the natural wood handle and a personalized dedication page.

There’s no place like HOME.
Because it’s a place where love cannot be measured
and hugs cannot be counted.
And most important:
it’s a place where your mommy is waiting for you,
dear little one,
and she would give her heart and her soul
for just a tiny piece of your dreams to come true.

We received an advance copy of Little Me Tomorrow to see, touch, and read for ourselves. My friend Alisia has an adorable toddler who I knew would love this special book, so Tanja had it personalized just for him.

It’s a beautiful book and something Vance will have a lot of fun with as he grows. The personalization makes it really special for him. Just wait until he learns to read his own name! The rhyming text is a bit beyond his capacity right now, but he loves playing “I Spy” with his Mommy, pointing out and saying the word as he identifies images on each page. Airplane! Tree! Octopus! On the musical instrument page he pretends to play the piano by pressing his fingers on the hand drawn keys.

Reading our favourite books together has always been some of my most-treasured time with my kids. Little Me Tomorrow would make a wonderful gift for any child, especially for a baby shower or first birthday gift!

Little Me Tomorrow has just launched on Kickstarter. Head over to learn more and pre-order your copy. Grab one of the limited Early Bird pledges and you’ll be one of the first to receive this special book personalized for your little one plus an exclusive colouring book at a $10 savings!

And remember:

No matter what you choose and where you will end up, always follow your heart.

Pre-order on Kickstarter!

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