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LÍLLÉbaby Complete Embossed Baby Carrier Review

Even though we’re nearing the end of our baby carrier days, I just can’t help but love on LÍLLÉbaby’s new line of Complete Embossed carriers.

It has all the features you know and love in LÍLLÉbaby’s Complete carriers but in light and breathable microcloth, ultra soft suedecloth inside, and gorgeous embossed detailing all along the front. It’s available in blue, citrus, coral, and my fave, this gorgeous teal!

LILLEbaby front inward carry

Here’s a quick summary of the features you can expect to find in every LÍLLÉbaby Complete carrier:

  • Six ergonomic carrying positions without the need for an infant insert: front-fetal, front-infant, front-outward, front-toddler, hip, and back carry. The Complete grows with your child from 7 lbs to 45 lbs.
  • Removable lumbar support increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain.
  • Two-way straps enable you to carry “backpack style” or with straps crossed in the back. Dual adjustment buckles simplify breastfeeding and adjusting straps on the go.
  • Removable sleeping hood with dual adjustment points to provide support for baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection, and privacy while nursing.
  • Extra tall and entendable torso provides extra neck and back support and keeps taller babies secure in the carrier. The adjustable width gently cradles baby’s head, and elastic straps provide support while allowing for movement and easy adjustment.
  • Large zippered storage pocket, plus easy-reach pocket for storing hood and essentials.
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps and waist belt to evenly distribute baby’s weight for maximized comfort.

I love the wide seat that fully supports even my 3-year-old and keeps her legs in the proper position. The extendable high back works well to keep her feeling secure, especially in a back carry. The removable lumbar support makes a big difference in wearability, especially for older toddlers. At 3 years old and 33 pounds, Kay was comfortable to wear for up to about 30 minutes on my front and at least an hour and a half on my back.

back carry

We tried the hip carry, but at Kay’s age, the off balance weight became uncomfortable for me and pulled at my neck after just a little while. Kay didn’t mind it at all though, as her position is similar to how I would naturally carry her on my hip without a carrier. This carry would work better for smaller, lighter babies.

Be aware that if you want to switch between front/back and hip carrying, you will need to rethread the straps each time. In general it’s not a practical set up for us, but if you do like to hip carry, the straps do a great job of keeping Kay in place and feeling secure hands-free.

LILLEbaby hip carry

6 positions make this a wonderfully versatile carrier, but it’s the little things that make it truly a joy to use. Like how the inside is lined with super soft suedecloth against baby’s skin, and how it’s made so that the suedecloth overlaps the edges of the seat so they never cut into your baby’s legs. How it comes complete with a removable lumbar support pad to maintain posture and prevent lower back strain, and how you can store the hood in the pocket below or remove it entirely if you choose.

There are little “pockets” on the shoulder straps to tuck the webbing away when I’m not using it, giving them a neat and streamlined appearance. The little padded cushion underneath the chest/back buckle protects my skin from the buckle digging in, and the convenient zippered pocket keeps my phone, keys, and wallet safe and secure.

snuggling in the back carry

The Complete carrier grows with your baby from 7-45 pounds, without an infant insert. The height of the back adjusts up and down with snaps on either side, and you can adjust the width of the seat for smaller babies or for facing out.

How to adjust the seat width on the LILLEbaby Complete Carrier

The wide, padded waist belt is adustable up to about 52″. The shoulder straps are padded all the way down to the carrier panel and adjust two ways, making it simple to get a comfortable fit for me and Kay.

adjustable straps

One of my favourite things about this carrier is that it’s machine washable! Busy mamas ain’t got time for handwashing and spotwashing everything, especially an item that babies will inevitably drool all over, spit up on, and have those dreaded blowouts in. And of course, no review would be complete without a close-up of this beautiful embroidery down the entire front panel that gives the carrier its distinctive embossed appearance. I love it!

Lillebaby embossed panel

The LÍLLÉbaby Complete Embossed retails for $169.99 USD. Connect with LÍLLÉbaby on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Purchase your LÍLLÉbaby carrier direct from LÍLLÉbaby or on Amazon.

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  • This is a wonderful looking carrier – I like that you are able to use it both in the front and comfortably backpack style! very nice as well the weight range is so high!

  • That sounds amazing! I love that you can adjust both the seat width and the height of the carrier…it’s like a regular and toddler-sized carrier in one! None of the SSCs that I’ve owned allow for a hip carry, but dd#1 would have loved that when she was an older baby.

  • Such a beautiful carrier! I love how you addressed the hip carry; I’ve been curious about this one and wonder how well it would work with a younger child and nursing.

  • I’ve not had the opportunity to try one of these on but I’m loving how high up the back goes. The embossed design is really pretty.

  • Thanks for a good review! I appreciated your showing how to adjust the seat width. I do wish that pictures of the straps and buckles while in use had been included, though.

  • I appreciate your review! I have been a lover of babywearing since my first but buying an expensive carrier was out of the question. I used my moby until she reached max weight. I would have loved to wear her more but doing the research I did I am glad I didn’t just use a cheap carrier that could have harmed my sweet girl. I am looking forward to buying an embossed soon!

  • I have an all-season and I LOVE doing hip carry. When my son falls asleep I just slide him into front carry and continue on (with crossed straps). He loves front facing out but if he falls asleep and I’m solo it’s harder to switch him without waking him. I also love the lumbar support; I have a bad back but I was able to wear him for 5hours when he was 18lbs @ 4mo old without feeling it! I have memorized all of my strap adjustments too which helps when going between carries.

  • I am so excited for the opportunity to win one of these 🙂 If I win, I would get the complete all season carrier in stone. Thanks for the review and giveaway!!

  • I love the lumbar support and also that the suedecloth overlaps the edges. At only 3 months my baby is quite large for her size already, so I’m definitely looking for something that will be most comfortable on my back, and on her!

  • Oh how far baby carriers have come in the last 26 years!! My parents graciously gave us the baby carrier they had used for me for our LO. The support for the parent and even child has change drastically!! I had it on for less than 5 min and it was all I could take. I love how much support Lillebaby has for both the parent wearing and for the child. I definitely need to look at getting one!!

  • Awesome review. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while and your review goes into such detail and answers all the questions I had.

  • I love that its adjustable and that you dont need an infant insert. Also that its made soft on the inside. I think my baby would like this. She tolerates my tula but its not as soft or adjustable. She likes to look at everything but the tula doesnt allow her head to see. So this would be perfect to use, I could do the front facing so she could see

  • I don’t know why these carriers aren’t as well known as Ergos and Tulas…in my experience they blow them out of the water lol

  • Love the color and that you matched it for pictures! Great touch!

    I had no clue Lillebaby could face outward safely!!!! So thanks for sharing that! I honestly thought only beco gemini’s did that… So I’ll be looking into Lillebaby now! Hopefully I’ll just win one!

    As you stated I LOVE the details. The embossing is great!!! ?

  • Oh my goodness I just commented that my favorite was teal and seahorse… these carriers looks so comfortable and versatile I love that you can adjust them in a sea of the baby they are very cushioned you to wear them in front or in back. So looking forward to having one dor baby due next month. Will need it as i have 3 and 5 yr old with lots of energy.

  • I am in love with this carrier. The colors and embosing is stunning. I love the fact that is has an adjustable seat. My baby girl is just round with really short legs and is so hard to find a carrier she actually fits in without hurting her little legs. Thank you for your great review of the carrier! Your baby girl is adorable btw!

  • This looks like a great carrier. I am in the market for one, and I love this review. I like how it has the front pocket for storing items, and the adjustable straps so both my husband and I can use it.

  • Since I found out about lillebaby about a year ago, I have been in love with the design of their carriers. I haven’t been able to try one yet but I’m glad I held out, the embossed looks like an even more improved version (and it is gorgeous to boot!) I’m so glad to hear you liked it too. Love love love the teal colour!! 🙂

  • I have Lillebaby Airflow and I love it – carrier is really comfortable for me and my baby! I love EMBOSSED – TEAL – such a beauty!!!

  • I love the embossing, wow! This carrier sounds seriously awesome 🙂 I love the adjustable seat for forward facing or a small baby!

  • This is gorgeous! I love that you can adjust the seat so it eliminates the need to buy an infant insert. It truly “grows” with your little one.

  • Thanks for showing off all the adjustable features on this carrier– I think a lot of moms have no idea how much you can customize the fit! And the lumbar support on the Lille is just amazing– I have a sensitive back, and I can wear it for hours without my back quitting on me. It’s not the most minimalist of the SSCs, but it’s definitely among the most comfortable!

  • Love lillebaby carriers. Would love to win one so I can try it out. Our carrier now is very uncomfortable.thanks for the review

  • I really like the color of thus carrier! I wouldn’t use the out facing position, but I’d probably use all the other positions.

  • I love that you are able to use this carrier for your baby up to 45 lbs. I also love that you are able to carry many different ways.

  • I love the teal color and embossed pattern on this carrier.The wide weight range is wonderful to be able to use one carrier from newborn into toddlerhood, without an infant insert. An adjustable chest/back strap is an absolute must for me due to fluctuating breastfeeding breasts.I love the padding, extra pocket, hood options, and adjustable under Baby for an ergonomic carry throughout babywearing.

  • This is beautiful. As my five month old grows, one of the things I am most looking forward to are the different carrying positions I’ll be able to use my líllébaby for!

  • This carrier looks so comfy! I love the charcoal/berry color but now that I see teal it looks very cute too.. so many choices! I would love to buy 2 or 3! Thanks for sharing this great carrier with us!

  • This carrier is crazy cute & looks mega easy to use! :o) Due March 3rd w/ baby #2 and would love one of these to baby wear. i didn’t try it out with my first & I kind of regret it now. Probably is life saving when trying to prepare meals and such.

  • I have had been using the same ergo for 7 years. I love it, but on my hike last night, I was a little worried by toddler was going to launch himself out. I like the high back feature of this Lillebaby carrier. It looks like a challenging rival to my beloved Ergo, and I can’t wait to try it!

  • I love that this carrier allows backpack style & crossed straps so that both my husband & I would feel comfortable with it. The colours are beautiful too.

  • Hello Olivia, my LO sweats a lot when he sleeps on me. Do you think the Embossed would keep him too warm and exacerbate this problem? Would the airflow likely be better for us or is the breathable feature sufficient to keep baby cool? What was your experience?

  • Hey there! I have been researching carriers throughly and had chosen between lillebaby and one other ssc and after reading your blog and seeing the different features in a visual sense has moved me to decide lillebaby is the one for me! I love the weight range and how easy it is to go from the wide to narrow seat. I really appreciate the depth you went through in this blog. It also doesn’t hurt that this is the same carrier I have been looking at and I am in love with the color here!! Thank you again for sharing! Xx

  • This carrier looks fantastic! And is amazing at how versatile it is. I am intrigued by the lumbar support and the fact that this does not need an infant insert. Would love to win this!

  • Wow! That is really versatile! I love that you showed a picture of the hip carry as if you didn’t, I definitely would’ve been asking for one! That is one of the most awesome carriers I think I’ve ever seen, and a beautiful, vibrant color, too!!

  • I am so smitten by this teal and appreciate your honesty with the hip carry. .my 7 month old is larger than your average baby and with a bad back already from my twins the lumbar support would be amazing. I can’t get over the 6 different carry positions.

  • This looks like an amazing carrier! You have done a great job explaining all the options and how to wear it all the different ways! I’m super excited to try this.

  • Thanks for giving us not only a review but a quick tutorial too. I like reviews because you can often see so many more pictures that you can’t on the product page. This seals the deal for me. I definitely want to try Lillebaby out and will eventually be buying this type of carrier as well…it’s so beautiful!

  • Now that I really look at the Teal Embossed carrier…. I am sold !! ! I would choose that one, it is absolutely gorgeous. My favourite color and I love the design. With my back issues, this carrier would make carrying my first little one a breeze!

  • This carrier just seems to have it all. I have a boba, and I like it, but it just doesn’t seem to work as well now that my little man isn’t so little. This one just looks comfortable, not to mention stylish. I love that it is forward facing and machine washable!

  • I think Lillebaby is the best! I have an All Seasons carrier. We went to an amusement park this weekend. I carried my youngest ALL day. I thought that I was going to regret that the next day, but I didn’t. I wasn’t sore! I couldn’t believe it!

  • I love the gorgeous color! The fact they spent so much time on the details tells me that this company cares a great deal about quality and making good products.

  • The embossed carriers are gorgeous!!! I too have dark long hair and I’m really feeling the contrast of the teal embossed ?. Thank you for showing how to narrow the seat. The pictures are a huge help too!

  • Wow! I haven’t been super familiar with lillebaby carriers, but the more I hear the more they sound awesome! I love that there are 6 carrying positions, and the tiny details really do seem like a cut above other carriers. I would love to try one sometime to see how they compare to out other options!

  • I have an airflow and love it – i used it daily with my first. I love the new embossed colours and the addition of the pocket. I’d love one for my new little guy.

  • This carrier looks awesome. I love how versatile it is and that it can be used in 6 different positions and different ages and weight of the children.

  • We have a lillebaby all seasons and carry on in our local groups library. They are awesome carriers and Lillebaby has wonderful customer service. I’m glad you have found the #LILLElove as well!

  • I have been wanting a Toki Doki complete since I first saw them being promoted! This looks a big low on your daughter’s back, did it feel like she was completely secure even if she were to lean back?

  • I love SSCs. They’re great for toddlers and littles! I like that this has so many positions and being ergonomic it’s comfortable for mommy and baby.

  • This looks so comfortable! I had no idea the Lillebaby had so much padding on all of the straps and lumbar support. Now I really want to get one haha. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I have been wanting a stuctured carrier for a while now, and I think I’m sold on the Lillebaby. I really like the COMPLETE Embossed – Teal, because teal is my favorite color.

  • What a beautiful carrier. I’d love to see photos of your 3yo in a toddler sized one vs the complete. It looks comfy for her though.

  • This is an absolutely gorgeous color! I love it. It sounds like a great carrier too. I can’t believe it’s machine washable. That has to be my absolute favorite feature. The mei tai that we use almost every day has seen so many messes, and I can’t even imagine having to constantly hand wash and spot clean a carrier with as messy as my little guy can be. Thank you for the great review!

  • I love my lillebaby. I put my son in a different carrier one time and he just didn’t like it. Would love to win a carry on so I can carry my daughter too.

  • That teal is absolutely gorgeous and I’m loving the embossed back panel! I feel like lumbar support should be an absolute necessity on ergonomic carriers! Very impressed with Lillebaby!

  • This carrier is gorgeous, thanks for the great review. I have been looking for a new carrier and am now leaning towards a Lillebaby!

  • Hey. Thanks for the pictures, they really help me because I am a visual learner. I love that it’s you with your daughter, it makes me more relatable, especially to me who is new to baby carrying.
    Have a great day

  • Looks like a great quality product and with six adjustable positions it would grow with us! Great review…thanks for sharing!

  • This would be amazing for our growing family! I am due October 8th and this would allow me to still keep up,with my toddler while bringing along my newborn 🙂 fingers crossed!

  • This is what my daughter would love to have for her newborn of 2 wks. . It’s not in the budget, yet. I would seriously love to win something she would be over the moon about. Thank you very much for the opportunity for me to give it to her, as I would not be able to any other way.

  • Love the pictures in the review, and thanks for pointing out that the suede cloth goes all along the leg openings, this is a nice feature when baby is wearing shorts (or no bottoms at.all!).

  • Love this! It would be perfect for my 2 year old son. I’ve been looking at options for a good carrier that will hold an older child and hopefully someday soon another little one 🙂

  • Wow this is a very cool carrier! I love the embossing, and the flexibility it has, wish I could afford one 🙂 That’s a beautiful baby model you have too. This is so on my wish list for Christmas!

  • Oh my goodness, the color of that carrier is breathtakingly gorgeous! I love that it is gender neutral too. I read so many great things now I’m eager to try one! 🙂

  • I loved your wonderful review of the Lille baby embossed carrier it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I would love the citrus color!! I have been following Lillebaby for a while and I’d love to get a chance to be the winner of this carrier I have a bad back and the padded straps and all the lumbar support sounds like a dream!! I live the fact that the carrier does not dig into your back on the babies legs unlike some others and the fact this beautiful carrier is machine washable!! What an awesome giveaway!! thank you for the chance!!

  • I love that you actually showed the interior and how to adjust the width of the seat for smaller/facing out babies too! Thank you!

  • I was not familiar with this brand of carrier before this review, but it looks amazing and I’m going to have to check it out.

  • Thank you for pointing out the little details that they don’t mention on their website. That makes me want this carrier even more!

  • Thank you guys for what you do! You guy’s rock! I LOVE your products! I love the colors and the lumbar support in the carriers!

  • Awesome Review. I am in love with this carrier. After reading your review i feel more educated on the features of this one. Thank you.

  • I was not familiar with this carrier before this review, but now I plan to look into it some more. I’m a bit on the large side, so it’s been hard to find a carrier that fits comfortably, but this one seems very adjustable.

  • The embossed looks so soft and comfy! Love the fact that it can grow to fit your child from infant to toddler, without sny extra inserts. Also the 5 different carry positions is really a nice feature!

  • I like how this LÍLLÉbaby’ carrier is adjustable and looks like it would be super comfortable. I also love the teal colour and the embroidery!

  • I love that I can use this carrier for both my children and it looks so comfortable and breathable. Which is important when you live in Florida.

  • I LOVE that teal carrier! What a beautiful mama and baby! Thanks for the explanation on the embossed carrier. Now I’m even more in love!

  • I am so glad you did a review on Lillebaby carriers, I have been eyeing them for awhile and now I know I need one for sure!

  • I love the fact that you can do a hip carry with this carrier. It gives your little one the ability to look around but still turn in to mama when the world gets overstimulating. <3

  • I love that this product adjust for bigger little ones. I just had my 4 year old special needs child who is 35 lbs in our ergo and it killed my back! This carrier looks well thought out with bigger little ones in mind!

  • I like how this carrier looks very comfortable for both the mother and the child and that it can be used in six different positions and is adjustable to fit each individual. 🙂

  • This carrier looks amazing! I love that your 3 year old looks so comfortable in it and I love that it’s machine washable. 🙂

  • I am absolutely in love with this color and pattern, how gorgeous! I love that there are 6 carrying positions, which is more than most carriers. I would love to have one for my baby girl, she loves being close to me!

  • Wish I had this when I had my last one four years ago. I have let my niece who is currently pregnant know about these wonderful carriers!

  • I love all of the positions possible. Thank you for showing so many helpful photos. It really shows how it would work for a toddler.

  • Ty for ur awesome review. I want a carrier but im so torn between the lillebaby and a tula hopefully I will soon be able to try out both and choose which one I like best.

  • This carrier Looks elegant and the different carrying positions are wonderful. SSC are not something I have tried before, but would love to.

  • What a great carrier! Adjustable seat width is awesome, six carrying positions, removable lumbar support, and gotta have a pocket! I’ve never tried a Lillebaby carrier, but I would love to 🙂

  • I am very drawn to these soft constructed carriers and after going back and forth between lillebaby and tula I believe I will be going with the lillebaby. I like the fabric and the fact that no infant insert is needed.

  • I have the Lille baby All Seasons Complete and wear my 2.5 year old for hours at a time on my back . He’s about 37 lbs now. I’m also 24 weeks pregnant. I find the Lillebaby to be the most comfortable ssc I have for him!

  • This looks like a great product; the best feature being the fully adjustable for different bodies (Mommy, Daddy and Aunties) and that there are SIX ergonomic carrying positions (my favourite being the backpack style for the older kiddos). As a girl, I love that there are multiple designs and colours (my favourite being the Rebel). This looks like a great product!

  • I really like how versatile the LILLIEbaby Carrier is, how it can be used from Birth Up to 45 pounds (which is really Good, especially if your like me and are looking for something that is very affordable and that will Last a long time)..I really Love how there is different choices of colors and how there are different styles to choose from (which is great whether your shop[ping for your baby boy or girl)..I Really like how any body type can wear the carrier (as it’s adjustable up to a 52″ waist)..The carrier is extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods if necessary (as it has got some great padding and the shoulder & waist straps can be adjusted to suit the carriers needs)..And Big time Bonus Points for the LILLIEbaby Carrier due to the Fact that it’s Machine Washable!!! 🙂

  • I would have loved to have had this for our hike today. Unfortunately, my wife had only brought a couple of her wraps for our newborn and of course after ten minutes of walking our two year old was done. I’m useless with a wrap, even with her help, and this seems like the perfect solution! This is on my to buy, maybe even win, list so my wife isn’t stuck tandem carrying our two youngest ever again. Great review too, it answered all the questions I had about this carrier!

  • it was so helpful to see your toddler in this carrier! I was sad to see the embossed isn’t yet available in the CarryOn size, but the fit for your gal looks great!

  • I love love love Lillebaby!! They just sound so amazing!! The new embossed line is gorgeous!! I wish they made it in the Carry-on size for older babies as well 🙂 The lumbar support on the carrier is truly genius!!! Their all seasons with the mesh is so amazing as well!! Especially when its super hot and humid out!! I also love that you don’t need an infant insert!! Way to go Lillebaby!! You guys are just so fabulous!! Thanks for the giveaway West Coast Mommy!!

  • Love your review and the lillebaby embossed! I have the navy and I love it. Such a comfortable carrier and so easy to use. The teal in your blog post is beautiful though, makes me wish I had gotten the teal over the navy!

  • I love my lillebaby. I never carried my 3 oldest girls because every carrier was uncomfortable.i would love to win a second so I could carry my 3 yr old also!

  • I feel the same way about the hip carry and have never really used it. I do love the fact that a 26 lb. toddler and a newborn can use the same carrier 🙂

  • I’ve been stalking all things Lillebaby for a while now! I love that it’s so versatile AND pretty. I have an almost one year old that loves to cuddle, and a very petite three year old. I love the pictures of your girl in the Lille. I know mine would love it too!

  • That’s a really beautiful carrier, I love the colour and the design! I enjoyed this review, as your daughter is about the same size as one of my children – it is nice to hear that this is something that would work for us!

  • We been searching for a better baby carrier. We considered Tula, Beco, Ergo 360 and Lillebaby. The winner is the Lillebaby because of the front carry face out feature , lumbar support, wide seat for the baby. Now, our delimma is the design,COMPLETE AIRFLOW-BLUE/AQUA , we want is difficult to find in Canada. Grrr :-(. If Lillebaby can ship product to Canada.

  • Your review is so helpful!! It is so important to me that the Lillebaby always holds their hips in the proper position, your review shows the different positions really well and the width adjust on the seat! I have a 1 year old who I want to wear for as long as possible and I think this is our best option since it will grow so well with her height-wise. Thanks so much for a great review!!

  • I have serious carrier envy right now. I am trying to save for my first Lillebaby, but being an adult is hard sometimes and requires my monies go elsewhere at times. I will get my embossed eventually and my #stage5clinger will look fabulous in it.

  • Thank-you for reviewing the beautiful Embossed Líllébaby, it’s been my dream carrier since they were released! I love my Airflow and Original, but just hearing how lush & soft the embossed is makes me want another!

  • I love Lillebaby carriers, and would love one for our new baby. The new embossed collection and the air flow are really beautiful.

  • This carrier is just gorgeous! Gosh, Lillebaby just makes beautiful products. I’ve heard that these carriers are so comfy. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m in love with these carriers. I love that you can adjust everything, that it fits plus sized mammas, & that my newborn will fit in it without an insert!

  • I just received my first lillebaby carrier the other day and so far so good but the fabric is a bit stiff. I purchased the all seasons and have already worn/washed it. I wish I had read more reviews prior to purchasing because now I’m reading how soft and cool the embossed is.

  • I’m a mother of four boys, and am finally trying to baby wear with my latest little squish. I’ve been researching the Lillebaby brand of carriers, and they seem perfect! Thank you so much for your review, I’ve had a hard time deciding between an Embossed and an Airflow, the pictures you’ve used have definitely pushed me toward the Embossed. Thank you!

  • Thank you for an honest review!
    I love the lillebaby carriers, but I don’t understand the hip option it does look terribly uncomfortable. With the strap on your neck. With ring slings you’re told to pull it off of your neck towards your shoulder, so I’m not sure why it would intentionally be left on the neck, but I’m not the pro!
    I can only imagine what the fabric feels like, my little one would be snug as bug it sounds like.

  • i love everything about this carrier. back support and thick padding looks great compared to other carriers, and i love the colours and fabrics available!

  • Love our lille! It has been so comfortable to wear throughout pregnancy! I am hoping to get an embossed citrus so I can tandem wear when baby girl arrives in February

  • These LÍLLÉBABY CARRIERS look amazing it looks like they thought of everything when they made these from neck support to different positions of carrying them also from new born to 2 year old could fit with the adjustable straps. perfect for mothers who breast feed as well as pockets forextra Items i had 4 children and these didn’t exist this defiantly would have been a great help love the colors also.

  • I’ve been looking into buying one of these! Thank you for the review, and it pretty made up my mind that I want one bad! And the design is so pretty!

  • These look beautiful. I especially like the idea of the sleeping hood to support the baby’s head while dozing. Carriers are great for naps!

  • I was JUST telling my husband we need a carrier with a pocket! We have a Stokke, and I am forever shoving things in my shirt when I wear my son…need that pocket!

  • So nice to see more stylish and versatile options for carriers! Love the bright color, it’s more of an accessory that you would love wearing and get compliments on than the standard boring carriers out there.

  • i like that its easy to use and very comfortable for the baby to be in it. i like that the air passage is open and the strap is adjustable to the baby’s needs.

  • This has been our go-to carrier for a couple years now. I recommend them to all be first time parents (and second, third, or more timers). It’s the only carrier I could comfortably use for the first month and a half after my second was born.

  • Thank you for this extensive review. It’s the best that I’ve read on Lillebaby. Already a Lillebaby fan and would love to win the giveaway! Our family will have 3 babies under 3 by early December so this carrier will be SO helpful! Thank you!

  • I saw one ‘in the wild’ today and I had to stop the mama so I could see it. And she insisted I touch it! Lol. I can not wait to get a citrus for new baby!

  • Minorly (okay majorly) obsessed with LilleBaby. Their colors are stunning and they’re the only carrier I’ve found with every feature this neurotic mom needs!

  • That is a beautiful carrier! Thank you for a thorough review. I’ve been going back and forth on one of these or a new Ergo but I think you’ve made up my mind. I mean, machine washable? Awesome!

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    • I apologize, I didn’t see your comment until today. I’m sure this is too late, but in case anyone else was wondering, our weather is obviously pretty similar to Pacific Northwest, and I can say I didn’t find this carrier too hot even on muggy days.

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    • I have a Boba 4G too, and I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two. Having a baby pressed up against you will be noticeable either way, but I don’t think either made me overheat. Maybe a slight advantage to the Lillebaby? I haven’t tried the mesh one, but I imagine that would be cooler.