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The Letter Machine Rescue Team is Now Out on DVD

Hey, parents! From the creators of the award-winning Letter Factory DVD, LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: The Letter Machine Rescue Team from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and LeapFrog Enterprises is now out on DVD and Digital HD!

The Letter Machine Rescue Team released on DVD March 4

“Join Leap, Tad, Lily and friends on a problem solving adventure! When Quigley announces the new Letter Factory is almost ready to open, the team takes a visit to learn about adjectives and words with consonant blends. But when the letter machine goes on the fritz, it’s up to them to work together as “junior engineers” to find the best fix-it solutions!”

This educational DVD covers adjectives and making comparisons (fast, faster, and fastest), consonant blends (sn, cl), and the problem-solving process. Honestly, there are lots of children’s DVDs that teach language skills, but what I especially liked was the instruction on how to solve problems. Problem-solving skills are critical to success in school and in life: explore, design, build, test, improve, and celebrate!

Tee has watched the original Letter Factory movie on Netflix almost a dozen times. This DVD (recommended for ages 4-7) covers the next stage of material and is just the right level of difficulty to challenge her without being too frustrating. From a parent’s perspective, the songs are catchy and surprisingly tolerable to listen to multiple times, which is good because of course Tee wants to watch this movie over and over again.

This is a nice DVD to have in your collection. Tee likes watching and singing along, and she doesn’t even know she’s learning something valuable at the same time. She’s already started talking to me about “ajetives” and telling me she’s fast, faster, fastest. You can pick up a copy of The Letter Machine Rescue Team wherever DVDs are sold.

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