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Kinderglo Night Light Friendly Dragon Review (plus Coupon Code!)

When Tee moved into her own room last year, she complained it was too dark and asked for a night light to keep her company. We got her one of those plain, white night lights that plugs into the outlet. It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job. The only problem was that whenever Kay came in the room, she was fascinated with yanking it out of the wall. I did my best to unplug the night light whenever we were playing or reading books in Tee’s room, but I wasn’t always quick enough. Not safe! 

These rechargeable and portable colour-changing LED night lights from KinderGlo were the solution for us. They’re made from safe, non-toxic materials and always cool to the touch, so they’re safe for my kids to play with and even fall asleep with without worry. Tee got to try out this chubby dragon night light.

KinderGlo Night Light is safe to sleep with

Tee loves falling asleep with her dragon pal on guard. We normally set it to turn off automatically after 30 minutes, but it’s easy enough to change the setting to keep the light on continuously. If Tee wakes up in the middle of the night, she can easily turn the light back on to see her way to the bathroom.

Our new dragon friend came with a charging base, AC adapter, and cord. We plugged the charging base in behind the dresser where Kay couldn’t reach it, and just placed the night light on the base. There’s no exposed plug or worry of electrocution. Kay can safely play with it to her heart’s content and Tee can recharge the dragon whenever she needs to without help. (KinderGlo lights can go 8-10 hours on a single charge, so we’ll be taking this camping with us this summer!)

This cute little guy has only the one button on the bottom that turns it on and off, changes the colours, and toggles the timer. You can set the night light to change colours or glow a steady blue, steady red, or steady green. We like watching the light cycle through the rainbow of colours!

Set the KinderGlo Night Light to change colours or glow steady blue, steady red, or steady green.

Kay’s fascinated with this little dragon too and keeps trying to steal it! She likes to carry it around (and drop it), but because it’s made from sturdy, unbreakable plastic and free from phthalates, BPA, or lead, I don’t mind at all. Night light, toy, and friend in one, I wish we’d had this a year ago when Tee first moved into her own room. It would have made a fantastic roomwarming present!


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KinderGlo night lights come in nine fun characters: dragon, owl, bear, elephant, hippo, quarter moon, brontosaurus, angel, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Buy yours here for $24.95. Use my special promo code WESTCOASTMOMMY and it’s only $19.95! (Promo code expires October 31, 2014.)

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Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • What a great little night light! Love the timer feature, and the rainbow of colors.
    I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually have to buy one when my little one gets her own room., she sleeps well now, but I know that WILL change when her room is ready.

  • my 4.5 year old son has a kinderglo (the moon) and we absolutely love it. i think we’ve had it for at least 2 years now and its going strong

  • This is such a neat product! I love that it can be any of those colors so my grandson could choose which color he wants! He would love to have the Moon!

  • These are really cute nightlights and I like you can put them anywhere you want because they are so cute, and the colour changing I think is one of my favourites love that, but I also like that you can leave it solid to if you wantm, I like that you have that choice, and they also have a nice selection to pick from too

  • What a great night light! i really love that it isrechargeable and portable, and the colour-changing LED night lights . The kids would love it!

  • Thanks for the great review,we are expecting a new bundle of joy soon in our family and what a great nightlight to have I really like timer feature and the beautiful colors.I think the Moon is my favorite.

  • My little grandson is afraid of the dark and needs a night light on so he can settle down and go to sleep.
    The timer feature on these night lights is awesome and I love the beautiful colour variations and soft

  • I’ve seen these before and always thought they were so cute for kids! Now that I have a new Grand Baby,it would be a perfect gift!!

  • In your review the safety features of the KinderGlo Night Light are listed in detail which I appreciate very much…it answers all of the questions that I had as I read your review.

  • I love the idea that my daughter can carry it around with her, though she isn’t old enough for that yet 🙂 It really is the perfect night light. Thanks for the review!

  • I’m not going to give this to anyone. Too cute to give away. Besides I need something that lights up at night so I don’t trip on my way to the kitchen or bathroom.

  • I wish they had these KinderGlo night lights when my girls were growing up. Especially my younger daughter Briana who was afraid of everything, especially the dark. Night time brought the boogie man, his brother satan, his friend an alien, his cousin a ghost,etc & so forth…she was afraid of them all! Poor baby couldn’t sleep by herself with or without the lights on, until maybe after a couple of years after high school graduation I think. I used many different night lights but they were always so bright they would keep others awake. I love the subtle glow these give off and she would’ve loved any one of these in her room & probably still would…I will show her their website.

  • I have a light similar to these and love it. However, it’s not as cute or cuddly. Loved how you talked about the dragon standing guard. My little girl tends to be scared of the dark and sometimes has a hard time settling for bed. Watching the color cycle might help her.

  • My son is still petrified of the dark! I definitely think my son would welcome this adorable nightlight with open arms!!! Since I have a son (who tends to break everything) it’s good to hear that this is a durable night light! I absolutely love the dragon style…my son collects Kristonia Pieces, which include a lot of dragons, so this would be perfect!

  • We are having such a tough time finding a nightlight that fits our little girl’s room and gives off enough light for both us and her, without blinding us all night! The timer feature is awesome and I love the different colors!

  • Okay, these are amazing! I also understand the frustrations and dangers of having little ones pull out their night-light cords. We have also had the issue of our little man touching the lightbulb on his lamp – we hadn’t realized at the time how painful and dangerous just a simple lamp can be! These are so brilliant and adorable!

  • This is such a cool product! I love that it has a timer, changes colors, and is easy to use. It’s pretty neat too that, since it’s a dragon, it can be portrayed as “guarding” the child. Thank-you for the information & review!

  • I think this kinderglo night light would be a perfect gift for any child. I think most small childeen would be comforted by this friendly light in their room. I like that the cord may be plugged in where little hands cannot pull it out and that the plastic is unbreakable. The colours would be fascinating and for all these reasons I love this friendly night light.

  • My little guy had a white noise machine with a little nightlight but these are so much cuter!

  • My daughter is afraid of the dark and the nightlight is too far from her bed so it doesn’t help we got a dreamlite for her and she is on the bottom bunk so it doesn’t work well the Kinderglo looks cute and looks like it lights up just enough that it is perfect and just what I am looking for to help her.

  • I think these night lites are the best. The next time anyone I know needs a Night Lite for their child, I’m telling them about KinderGlo. It comes with a charger and is cool to touch, so children can carried it. It doesn’t have to just sit on a dresser like other night lites. Brillant idea!

  • I like that this is safe, non-toxic, and stays cool to the touch. My favorite feature is that you can set it to change colors through the night! Any child would love this.

  • I LOVE the idea of taking this camping! We went a couple of weeks ago and it was a nightmare having a 6 month old in a dark tent. I was constantly fumbling around for a flashlight.

  • These are adorable! Ahhhh I want one for MY room- not just my kids! lol. This would be cute for my younger kids to carry to the bathroom at night when they have to potty. I love the owl for myself!

  • Enjoyed your review. So adorable & glad you can take it with you & won’t get hot to the touch is perfect for my hands on little sunshine ♥

  • My kids would love the dragon night light. We already have the moon and t-rex but with another kid on the way, we could always use another!

  • The timer feature is great. I love the idea that the dragon is “on guard”. My son has been having bad dreams-these might help!

  • I don’t know about the other animals this comes in but the dragon is positively adorable!

  • This is such a great idea! My one year like to pull the plug in ones out of the of the walls, this is a much safer option.

  • These are really cute and I think it’ll help with my son’s fear of the dark. I find some night lights too bright and affects his sleep but these one, the light seems subtle enough to give him comfort, but not keep him up.

  • Thanks for reviewing these. My daughter wants several night lights, and the lamp on. I am always worried she will burn herself. I like that these stay cool to the touch.

  • There are so many things I love about this product!! Portable, safe, the rainbow of colours, adorable dragon (my daughter was born in the year of the dragon and it is so hard to find cute dragon things!), that you can set it on a timer, that the charge lasts 8-10 hours… I really want to get this for my daughter – she is only 1 and currently doesn’t have a night light, but I can sense the need for one coming and this one would be perfect!

  • These nightlights are so cute! I love the dragon in blue. It would be fun to have on my pregnant midnight runs to the bathroom. Especially when I’ll be living upstairs and the closest bathroom will be downstairs