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Kids Organic Travel Essentials from @DeservingHealth

Summer is almost upon us, and for many families, including my own, that means vacation! Whether you have plans to visit a swanky resort or go on a camping trip, a lot of the baby and child items on your packing list will be the same. Deserving Health makes it really easy with their Baby & Kids Essentials Travel Kit and Baby & Kids SPF45 Pomelo Sunblock.

I’m very finicky about my packing process, and it can be tedious work wandering around the house, checking a hundred items off my list one at a time. One of the things I love about the Baby & Kids Essentials Travel Kit is that I can toss the cute fabric pouch in the kids’ luggage, and I know I’ve got all their bath time toiletries covered in one fell swoop. It comes with shampoo, body wash, lotion, and even bubble bath.

The best part? They’re all organic and made in Canada! Deserving Health prides themselves on using top quality natural botanical extracts and essential oils that are safe and gentle on sensitive baby skin. I feel so much better about bringing this toiletry kit on our adventures than grabbing a bunch of synthetic, chemical-ridden soaps and lotions from the travel size section at the drugstore.

The body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath all lather really well, which means the 2 ounces will go a long way. We like a lot of bubbles, so I recommend using about two quarters’ worth (or one toonie for my neighbors to the north) of the bubble bath in the palm of your hand for a tub full.

As an added bonus, my kids smell great after their bath and lotion with all those botanical extracts, and I feel good knowing there aren’t any harsh chemicals or added fragrances. Deserving Health says they are also tear-free, but I didn’t care to test that part out. Thankfully my kids are finally at an age where they actually let me rinse their hair without flailing around like I’m trying to drown them.

We’ve taken our Baby & Kids Travel Kit and Pomelo Sunblock with us on two family vacations so far: one road trip to a beach house in the northwest and another by plane down to Arizona. They hold up to travel and airport security perfectly! The travel bag is very water resistant, so the rest of your belongings are protected should you have a small leak caused by changes in air pressure. They are also the right size—3 oz or under—to take in your carry on luggage through any U.S. airport.

The Pomelo Sunblock rubs in completely and smells amazing—way better than the standard varieties that have that distinct sunscreen scent. As long as you follow the directions and reapply every two hours in the sun and after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating, it works exactly as it should, shielding their sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Note that the Pomelo Sunblock is not yet available in Canada. It is FDA approved and available in the U.S. right now, though Hawaii has recently announced it will start banning non-prescription sunscreens containing oxybenzone in 2021, of which this contains 6%.

Though fun and memorable, traveling with kids isn’t easy, and I often end up feeling less rested than before I left. Fortunately, Deserving Health has my back there too.

Their Super-Restorative Eye Cream with green tea extracts gives me an instant lift both physically and mentally. I may feel like I crossed a few time zones, slept in an unfamiliar bed, and woke up through the night with restless kids, but I don’t have to look that way in our vacation photos! My tired eyes love this stuff, and it has definitely earned its place on my packing list.

I would recommend these natural and convenient travel items to all you families with trips coming up this summer. It’s so easy to grab the kids’ pre-stocked Deserving Health toiletry bag and toss it in your suitcase, and TSA agents won’t hassle you about the size of your shampoo or sunblock. If you love the products, they also have a complete Baby Care Collection with full-sized bottles and even more to choose from.

Use coupon code DHMOMMY2018 for 15% off your purchase at Deserving Health until May 31, 2018.

Happy travels!

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