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15 Kids’ Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, when people in more than 192 countries come together to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental issues. Check out these creative crafts and activities you can do with your kids to celebrate Earth Day together and help teach environmental stewardship!

1.  Turn eggshells into tiny planters perfect for starting herb seedlings like basil, rosemary, parsley, and thyme. Clean the shells, add potting soil, and plant your herb seeds about 1/4″ below the surface of the soil. Place your eggshell planters on a windowsill where they’ll get lots of light. Keep the soil most and watch your little seedlings grow! Once the weather warms up, you can plant them outside still in the shell. Those eggshells are a great source of calcium to moderate soil acidity and provide nutrients for your growing plants.

2.  Did you know you can regrow lettuce, celery, potatoes, and even pineapples from your kitchen scraps? Find out how to grow these and 21 more foods at DIY & Crafts.

3.  Thrifty Nifty Mommy has a free printable Earth Day Trash or Recycle Game for ages 3 and up. Which items go in the trash and which go in the recycle bin?

4.  Look for a book! Check out this list of 50 environmentally-aware children’s books that will help teach, inspire, and engage kids in caring for Planet Earth.


5.  Younger kids will love playing and sorting items in an Earth Day sensory bin. Check out One Time Through for some fun ideas of what to put in yours.

6.  For older kids, make an Earth Day-themed sun catcher mobile from plastic in your recycling bin. Find the full instructions at Books and Giggles.

7.  What about throwing an Earth Day Party at home? The Spruce has a bunch of ideas for activities and snacks to make your Earth Day party a blast.

8.  Serve these vegan chocolate chia pudding “dirt cups” for dessert. Feasting on Fruit has the recipe.

9.  Make a cute bird feeder from a milk carton, popsicle stick, and other basic supplies. Get the full instructions over at Busy Bee Kate.

10.  Here’s another, even easier DIY bird feeder craft made with an old toilet paper tube, peanut butter, and birdseed. Get the full instructions at My Family Stuff.

11.  Keep the creativity going with blue and green Earth-themed crayons and play dough! The Gunny Sack has full instructions for both projects.

12.  This really cool project recycles used coffee grounds and other basic supplies around your home to make “fossils”. What a clever way to start learning about the timeline of Earth! Visit Crafts by Amanda for the instructions.

13.  Send the kids on a nature-themed scavenger hunt in the yard. You can either create your own list or print out this Earth Day Scavenger Hunt from Teachers Pay Teachers.

14.  Create a magical Earth Day fairy garden from an old pot, succulents, and found objects. Emma Heming Willis shows you a couple ways of doing it.

15.  Here’s a video tutorial from We Are Teachers showing you how to make a recycled hanging planter from an old soda bottle.

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