June Baby Names

The summer solstice falls between June 20-22 every year, marking the longest day of the year as well as the official start of summer. We also set aside a day this month to celebrate dads of all kinds. Babies born this month can expect sunshine, beach days, and outdoor birthday parties.

If you’re expecting a new baby this June, check out our list of 40 June baby names inspired by sunny days and the special role dads play.

June Baby Names for Girls

Abigail means a father’s joy (Hebrew).

Arjun means bright, shining (Hindi).

Avira means bright (Hindi/Tamil).

Clea from Cleopatra, meaning glory of the father (Greek).

Eliana means daughter of the sun (Greek).

Elidi means gift of the sun, a perfect choice for your new bundle of joy (Greek).

Eloise is a variant on the Old French name, Héloïse, which possibly comes from the Greek Helios meaning “sun”.

Kalinda means sun (Hindi).

Kyra is the female form of Cyrus, meaning sun (Greek).

June of course.

Juna is a pretty and modern version of June.

Juno is also the name of the Roman goddess who gives her name to the month of June.

Marisol is a combination of Maria meaning beloved (Greek) and sol, the Spanish word for sun.

Metheven means June (Cornish).

Pearl is June’s birthstone.

Phaedra/Phedra means bright (Greek).

Rhoswen means white rose (Welsh).

Rose is June’s birth flower.

Solana means sunshine (Spanish).

Soleil means sun (French).

June Baby Names for Boys

Abbott means father (Hebrew).

Abraham means father of many (Hebrew).

Aitor/Aytor means father (Basque).

Anshul means sunbeam (Hindi).

Asis means sun (uncertain African origin).

Bram is a short form of Abraham, meaning father of many (Hebrew).

Cyrus means sun (Persian).

Delbert means bright like day (English).

Eleodoro means gift from the sun (Spanish).

Elio is a variation on the name Helios, the Greek sun god (Italian/Spanish).

Galeno means little bright one (Spanish).

Helios is the name of the young Greek sun god who rides across the sky each day in a bright chariot pulled by four horses.

Jared means rose, June’s birth flower (Hebrew).

Linden is a flowering tree.

Nayer/Nayir means sunshine (Egyptian).

Phoebus means shining and brilliant. Also an alternative name for the god, Apollo (Greek).

Roshan means light (Persian).

Samson means of the sun (Hebrew).

Sharik means one on whom the sun shines (Arabic).

Ziv means very bright (Hebrew).


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