July Baby Names

Now that summer is here, everything just seems to slow down. Air travel in your last month isn’t recommended, but you can still plan a babymoon before the baby comes. Take advantage of the long weekend this month to stay at a nice hotel, a bed and breakfast, or just take a day or two away from your everyday responsibilities.

If you’re expecting a baby in July, take a look at our list of 36 summery names inspired by long, lazy days, bees visiting the profusion of flowers blooming everywhere, and summer sun.

July Baby Names for Girls

Anshula means radiant, sunny (Hindi).

Calinda can mean either sun (Sanskrit) or lark (Greek), both appropriate for babies born in July.

Devorah means a bee (Hebrew).

Idalia means behold the sun and is another name for Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty (Greek).

Kyra means sun (Greek).

Lily is another flower name appropriate for babies born this month. The water lily is one of two birth flowers for July.

Juliet/Juliette is the feminine form of Julius, for whom the month of July is named (Latin).

Mariposa means butterfly (Spanish).

Melissa means bee (Greek).

Mellina means honey (Greek).

Ruby is July’s birthstone and a precious name for your  precious bundle of joy.

Senna is both a cheerful, yellow flower and an Arabic name meaning brightness, making it doubly appropriate for a summer baby!

Somah means summer (Old English).

Summer is always a popular choice.

Tarala means honey bee (Hindi).

Tejasri means with brightness (Hindi).

Zinnia is a pretty and contemporary flower name for your July baby girl.

Ziva means radiance or aglow (Hebrew).


July Baby Names for Boys

Aarush means first ray of the sun (Sanskrit).

Aftab means the sun (Persian). 

Anshul means sunbeam (Hindi).

Arnit means beautiful flower (Hindi).

Beckett means beehive (Old English).

Julian is a variation of Julius (Latin).

Julius is a traditional name for July babies. The month of July was named after Julius Caesar (Latin).

Kunal means lotus (Sanskrit).

Langley means long meadow (Old English).

Lark is short for Larkspur, one of July’s birth flowers.

Lee means meadow (Old English).

Nash means by the ash tree (Old English).

Oakley means field of oak trees (Old English).

Ren means lotus (Japanese).

Surya refers to the Hindu sun god (Sanskrit).

Tapan means bright or summer (Hindi).

Theros means summer (Greek).

Tajo means sunny day (Spanish).

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