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January Preschool Update

Welcome to my January update in my ongoing monthly series covering Tee’s first year of preschool. This month Tee began going to school four days a week, and she’s been loving it. She’s even learning to keep track of the days of the week so she can tell whether she has school that day or not.

This month Tee has been learning about the continents and Antarctica in particular. She learned this awesome song all about the continents. (I don’t know why she’s wearing a pirate bandana, but it’s cute!)

Tee’s been learning about the decimal system this month and working with units, tens, and hundreds. According to her teacher, numbers are a definite strength of hers.

She’s also been practicing her spelling. Her teacher gives her three letter words to sound out and then spell out with wooden letters. When she’s at home, Tee talks a lot about the sounds that letters make and gleefully shouts out the first letter of random words that she hears. And yes, I’ve been watching my language!

Arts & Crafts

Fitting in with winter and the Antarctica theme, Tee has been bringing home lots of snow and penguin-themed crafts.

Cotton Ball Snowy Tree

Snowy Tree

Snowy Day with Snowman and Two Trees, multimedia

Snowy Day with Snowman and Two Trees, multimedia

This little guy really makes me smile.

Wall-eyed Penguin

Wall-eyed Penguin

 Chinese New Year

Friday is Chinese New Year so Tee brought red packets to school this week with chocolate coins for all her classmates. We also brought in some Chinese New Year cookies for everyone. I taught her how to say, “Gung Hay Fat Choy”. She really got a kick out of speaking Chinese.

red packets
Does your child’s school recognize or celebrate Chinese New Year? I’d love to hear about it!

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