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It’s Cold Outside. Stay In and Play Games!

Winter is the perfect time to stay inside, cozy up with the fam, and spend some quality time together. What better way to spend a day inside than with fun Asmodee board games, your favourite snacks, and a mug of hot chocolate or hot apple cider? Disconnect from your screen, set up one of the family games on this list, and connect with your loved ones instead!

Unlock! Escape Adventures is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms where players work together to search scenes, combine objects, and solve puzzles. We love playing Unlock! games as even younger players can notice clues, sort cards, and see things from a different perspective that the older folks might miss.

The box contains three separate adventures to solve using only cards and a companion app that provides clues, checks codes, monitors time remaining, and more. Since everything is done on the app and no materials are destroyed, all the games are replayable. In “The Seventh Screening,” players must survive a showing of The Werewolf’s Final Night. In “The Dragon’s Seven Tests,” players will earn the right to learn under Master Li of the Gold Dragon Temple. “Mission #07” tasks players with discovering the mole in the secret organization EAGLE.

2-6 players | Ages 10+ | 60 minutes

In the multi award-winning game Jaipur, players take on the roles of two of the city’s most powerful traders seeking to become the Maharaja’s personal trader by amassing more riches than their opponent. Collect and exchange goods at the market then sell them for rupees. Out-trade your opponent to obtain the Maharajah’s favor. At the end of each 10-minute round, the richest trader receives a Seal of Excellence. The first player to collect two Seals of Excellence wins the game.

2 players | Ages 10+ | 30 minutes

It’s a tea party in Wonderland! Tea for 2 is a boiling hot card game with gorgeous illustrations and a subtle blend of battle and deck-building. Defy time with your hourglasses, feast on strawberry pies, and keep a flamingo by your side. Use your cards wisely, buy them sensibly, and enrich your deck to win. Each player’s deck evolves as they play and make strategic choices, so every game is different.

2 players | Ages 10+ | 30 minutes

7 Wonders Duel takes the game play and excitement of the original 7 Wonders and adapts it for one-on-one battles. Take control of your civilization and decide to invest in science, military or prestige. Two new ways to win will keep you on your toes and watching every move your opponent makes. If you fail to build defenses your capital city may be destroyed, but ignore technology and your people may be left in the dark ages.

2 players | Ages 10+ | 30 minutes

Continue the struggle for supremacy in the ancient world with 7 Wonders Duel: Agora. This expansion for 7 Wonders Duel adds the new Senate Board, two new Wonders, two new Progress Tokens, and a new type of instant victory condition: Control of the Senate.

The 7 Wonders Duel base game is required to play with this expansion (also compatible with 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon expansion).

Continue the struggle for supremacy in the ancient world with 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon. This expansion for 7 Wonders Duel adds the new Pantheon Board, two new Wonders, three new Progress Tokens, 5 Grand Temple Cards, and Divinities. Divinities come from 5 different Mythologies each with a single focus: Greek (civilian), Phoenician (commercial), Mesopotamian (scientific), Egyptian (wonder) and Roman (military).

The 7 Wonders Duel base game is required to play with this expansion (also compatible with 7 Wonders Duel: Agora expansion).

Fans of the original Catan game can continue exploring the ever-mysterious and fantastic island with Rivals for Catan. This two-player strategy card game puts you in charge of one of two factions developing the newly-settled land.

Acquire resources through card play and the luck of the dice. Use gold, resource combinations, and trade to develop your domain. Expand your settlements and cities, recruit heroes, and defend your lands through politics, invention, and intrigue. Use your cunning skills, and a dash of luck, to decide who will become the Prince of Catan!

2 players | Ages 10+ | 45-60 minutes

Rory’s Story Cubes put limitless imagination and adventure in your pocket! Each set of 9 cubes depicts 54 icons that allow you to combine items, characters, places, and animals to create and share unique stories. Play all the dice from one set or mix and match dice from any of the themed sets like Voyages or Star Wars.

Roll the cubes, start with the first symbol to grab your attention, and tell a story that links together all nine face-up images. Play as a game for one or more players, as a party game for three or more, or as an improv game in which each player contributes part of the story, picking up where the last one left off. We love the open-ended play – there is no wrong answer, and everybody wins!

1 or more players | Ages 6+

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