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Introducing Hasbro’s New Disney Princess Rapunzel #DreamBigPrincess

Have you heard the news? There’s a new princess in town. Eleven of them, in fact! Disney Princesses are some of the most iconic characters in the world, and over the next few months, I’m going to introduce you to the new Disney Princesses reimagined and redesigned by Hasbro to appeal to modern kids while still staying true to each Princess’s unique attributes and story.

Tangled is one of my girls’ favourite movies. They love to pretend they’re swinging from a tower on Rapunzel’s long hair, and little Kay likes to put her yellow hooded towel on her head and pretend that she has Rapunzel hair too. We appreciate Rapunzel’s curious and adventurous spirit that leads her to follow her dreams and leave her protected tower to discover what life is like outside in the big, wide world.

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll

I really like the look of the new Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll ($17.99 CAD). She actually looks like Rapunzel from the movie – big green eyes, freckles, and all. The body type is still slim, but without the unrealistic teeny wasp waist and huge chest that most other dolls have.


She wears a pretty sparkly dress in her signature purple, and her silky hair is just the right length to be long (it is Rapunzel after all!) without being so long that it gets tangled immediately. Rapunzel has movable joints at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Unfortunately, she’s just a little smaller than other fashion dolls so she can’t swap outfits which is a bit limiting.

We also received the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Rapunzel’s Stylin’ Tower ($29.99) to play test. My girls really like this mini playset. It comes with a miniature Rapunzel figure with short brown hair underneath and two long blonde “wigs” so they can play with Rapunzel from any point in the movie. It folds shut and is small enough to fit comfortably inside Tee’s backpack and travel with her to Grandma’s or come along when she’s waiting for Daddy to finish his karate class.Small Doll Rapunzel's Tower

The play set does have a lot of small pieces and accessories. The tiny snap-in flowers are kind of a pain to get in properly so they stay in. Right now we’re keeping the tower and accessories in a small bin, but I know it’s really only a matter of time before the little pieces disappear one by one into thin air.

Finally, we received this Disney Princess Little Kingdom Royal Sparkle Collection ($34.99) with five miniature 3″ figurines: Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Ariel.

Small Doll Collection Pack

Last Christmas, Kay received a similar set of mini Princesses with hard plastic clip-on dresses. She still plays with them on an almost daily basis so I knew for sure she’d love this set. She was really excited about these Little Kingdom Princesses, but it turns out they’re aimed at kids just a little older (the recommended age is 4+). Unlike those other dolls, each Little Kingdom doll’s outfit is made up of 3 separate interchangeable pieces of sparkly stiff rubber (bodice, peplum, and dress). Her six-year-old sister loves that this gives her way more options for customization, but at three years old the tiny pieces are too frustrating for Kay to put on the dolls.

Each doll comes with two tiny snap-in decorations and a snap-in head piece. Again, they’re challenging for the kids to manipulate and get to stay put in the tiny holes. Luckily, even when the snap-ins are inevitably lost, these adorable dolls will still be totally playable.
Small Doll Collection

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  • Cinderella because she is a strong woman who overcome challenge’s to become a Princess and got her Prince Charming! I have always loved the Cinderella story.

  • My 5 year old granddaughter was very obsessed with Rapunzel and her long hair until Frozen came along and now she likes Elsa too. She tells me she is a beautiful princess. Last year Grandma surprised her with a visit from Elsa and she still talks about it and asks if I can have her come visit again. 🙂

  • I like the Disney Rapunzel. I find her both cute and fiesty and able to stand up for herself. It was the first Disney in a while that I’ve really enjoyed.

  • My granddaughter is in love with the princess from frozen, but me I love Cinderella, I always have ever since I was a young girl, I think it’s because she never gave up!!

  • My daughter likes cinderella. I think because we make her do chores just like cinderella and so sh can relate. We’re much nicer though.

  • I have always loved Cinderella but my daughter liked Ariel ,she said it was because she could swim with the fishes!

  • My daughters also love Rapunzel!! They love her sense of humor and wide eyed curiosity! Ironically the two younger ones both have pixie hair cuts!

  • Ariel! I swear in another life time I was a fish. I love love the water. My daughter is only 5 months so I’m not sure who she will like lol

  • I personally love Ariel, not only is she a red-head but she knows what she wants & is willing to give up everything she’s ever known to get it! She’s got an awesome singing voice too 🙂

  • For me it’s Cinderella, she had courage and strength of character. My granddaughters both love Elsa they can’t me why though, they just do. 🙂

  • Long hair is beautiful, so Rapunzel it is. Fortunately dolls and fairy tale heroes don’t have to wash their hair.

  • Snow White is my daughters favorite Disney Pricess. I most admire Cinderella because she was kind even when others put her down.

  • Our daughter loves Snow White. Not sure why but ever since she was little she always picked her over the rest? Maybe because of the color of her dress and her black hair 🙂

  • My child’s very first favorite Frozen princess quiz flower for Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. we bought her the dress for Christmas renew current favorite princess is one of the Frozen girls but since the movie is getting older she loves them all again.

  • My daughter actually loves all of them but my favorite has always been Cinderella. I have dressed up as her for Halloween for 4 years now. I even named my oldest Ella but not evening knowing till after the fact that Ella is in Cinderella. It was meant to be I tell ya

  • I would have to say Ariel, the little mermaid. I was always a fan of the story, since before Disney, and Disney just made it magical. I did like the twist. Ariel is my favorite princess, because she risked going to an unknown world, totally different from what she knew, and all to find true love. I kind of feel that way too when I moved to be with my husband. Totally different environment than what I was used to, food was different, the weather was different, culture, language, people. But at the end I think it was worth it, because I have found my prince Eric.

  • My daughter loves snow white, and she says “because she’s so nice, and sings pretty” lol
    I like Cinderella because she slaves over a family that doesn’t appreciate her, and she still stays positive… I struggle with that lol

  • My nieces love the princess with the long dresses the best. So, really, ever one. Probably prefer Cinderella the most.

  • My daughter loves Belle She says it is because she is really smart and likes to read . Shes pretty too

  • I always loved Ariel, but I don’t know why… probably because she was the first Disney princess I’ve ever seen, or because the original tale is my all times favorite. (it bothered me a lot though that Disney’s interpretation is far from original, but it’s also not as sad)

  • MYSELF and my baby sister have always been fans of the little mermaid!! Emily is too, but I think the adults are the biggest fans baby sister and I have 18yrs between us and she just had a baby on the 13th of this month, so Emily is now a big sis!!

  • My little ones around her like Elsa best I think just because that is the most recent movie they have seen

  • Miss R really likes Belle because she is surrounded by so many unique characters like Mrs. Pots and Chip.

  • My daughter admires Cinderella the most. I think it is because she is so kind to everyone (people and animals).

  • My niece loves Cinderella because Cinderella loves animals and got to ride around in a pumpkin carriage !

  • My daughter is always changing her favourites around. Right now her favourite is Jasmine – as she had a great interaction with her and Aladdin in Disney World last year. She has also filtered through Anna and Elsa, and another longterm favourite is Merida! 🙂

  • My granddaughter is too young for a fav but our family favs Cinderella because baby’s name is Ella 🙂