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I’m Starting Yoga Again for #HappyRenewYear

About ten years ago, I started taking yoga classes through my workplace’s wellness program. I had a lot of fun learning poses and challenging myself in a non-competitive way with my colleagues. I bought my first pair of yoga pants and a yoga mat and joined the ranks of all the other West Coast yuppies getting their yoga on. I tried to keep it up in my pregnancy with Tee, but exhaustion and general pregnancy-ness got in the way and I eventually dropped it.

My kids have been doing yoga at school this month, and they love showing me all the poses they’ve learned, so as part of my #HappyRenewYear plan, I’ve decided to join them! My plan is to build regular yoga time into our weekly routine using YouTube videos or my trusty Wii Fit. I’m looking forward to all of us increasing our core strength and flexibility, calming our minds, and improving our sleep.

Yoga for happyrenewyear

Butterfly pose and… um, downward facing dog?

My friends at Sears sent over a new extra thick Gaiam™ Printed Premium Yoga Mat to help me out. I love the pretty plum colour and the nature-inspired print, and as I’m going to be getting my face close to that thing (and my kids too!), I’m glad to know that it’s free from the top six most harmful phthalates as well.

My kids are using my older Gaiam yoga mats, and even in the picture you can see how much thicker and cushier my new mat is. When you’re getting to my age, that extra padding really helps, especially on the knees and tailbone.

Gaiam printed premium yoga mat

I’m looking forward to picking out some new yoga clothes too – mine are 10 years old! Sears has lots of comfortable fitness wear like this PURE NRG ATHLETICS®/MD French Terry Seamed Hoodie and Athletic Capri. I’ve got my eye on some of their yoga accessories too. I think these Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks and Super Grippy Yoga Gloves will be really helpful in getting back into practice.

Yoga gear

Sears Canada is the ideal destination to help time-starved women integrate health and wellness into their everyday lifestyle, all year long! Whether your resolution is to get in shape, give up a bad habit, or learn something new, Sears Canada can help us achieve our health goals through the #HappyRenewYear initiative offering simple, cost-effective solutions and tips for success.

Have you tried yoga before? What activities do you do to keep your mind and body fit?

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  • I went to yoga classes a few years ago and loved it. I found yoga to be so relaxing and I love how the stretching helped my back. I really need to get back at it!

  • I have never tried yoga before but I have heard that it is amazing to help build strength and get into shape. I should really give it a try cause like you now that my youngest is 3 I am looking to get back in shape.

  • Yoga is so good for flexibility and balance it is also good to improve breathing something my sister told me i should try. My kids follow me in yoga too. I live your pictures. Haha so cute to see your kids join in.

  • I have never done yoga in my life and I would love to try, but I have a hard time getting down on the ground with my arthritis, I love those no-slip socks and gloves and would probably need some if I do start!!

  • I need to start doing yoga again too. It’s great for stress relief and back pain. My little one always like to try and do the poses with me too. So cute!

  • I became interested in Yoga a few years ago. I have practised it off and on since them. I hope to get into it again as it is a wonderful exercise for a body, stretching it and making you more flexible and not so prone to aches and pains. Thank you for your post for reminding me just what a great form of exercise I have been missing.

  • I love to see parents and kids taking the same interest in such a wonderful experience of Yoga!