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I’m an Ikea Ambassador: Inspired by Sustainable Living

Where can you drop the kids off for some free child minding, eat all the Swedish meatballs you want, and shop for modern furniture and decor for your entire home, all at the same time? I think you all know where I’m talking about!

Ikea is the world’s largest furniture store, and while you probably know them for their stylish and affordable flat pack furniture, did you know that Ikea is also a world leader in corporate sustainability too? Ikea is committed to integrating a focus on sustainability – People and Planet Positive – throughout all their products and business practices.

Sustainable Living Project

From my 25-year-old Billy bookcases (Ikea’s most popular item) to my dressers and TV bench, we’ve been an Ikea family for a very long time. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been shopping in my local store though. When I toured the Coquitlam store last week I was amazed by all the ways that Ikea is shining a spotlight on greener and more sustainable living.

Ikea sustainable healthy living

Ikea recycling program

Ikea reusable batteries

One of those ways is Ikea’s Sustainable Living Program designed to create more sustainable homes and demonstrate affordable, attractive, and easy solutions. First launched as an internal program with co-worker “ambassadors” in 2013, this groundbreaking program has been growing every year and has now expanded to include customers. And now me!

I’m so proud to let you know I’ve been asked to be an Ikea Sustainability Ambassador. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be working with the amazing team at Ikea to come up with solutions for making our home more sustainable, focusing on the areas of energy saving, waste & recycling, water saving, and healthy living.

Ikea sustainable kitchen

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to show here on This West Coast Mommy that going greener doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Actually, I know that reducing our environmental impact by saving energy and water, reducing waste, and living healthier is almost always the more economical route in the long run. I hope you’ll join me along the way and maybe find some inspiration of your own as I work with my local store to create and implement sustainable Ikea solutions around my home.

Want to know more? Visit Ikea’s People & Planet page to learn more about Ikea’s Sustainability Strategy and how Ikea is actively working to fulfill their commitment to healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy environments.

Ikea sustainability panels

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  • I was at our local Ikea last week and was impressed by the eco-friendly focus they had there. I prefer to vote with my dollars so I’m glad they’re doing this. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes you make!

  • I am surprised and pleased to hear about Ikea’s efforts to help our environment. I wish we had a store closeby. I am trying to think of ways to live more naturally. My mother recycled and composted sixty years ago. I know now that she was really a pioneer in green living. Most people did not bother then so I am very proud of her for this and other reasons.