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Holiday Gifts for Tea Lovers from Harney and Sons

There are tea people and there are coffee people. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them both, but when I sit down with a cup of tea, it’s so much more than just a cup of tea. It’s 6-year-old me staying up late, drinking sweet milky tea with my dad and sticking my pinky up in the air like a real lady. It’s curled up on the couch with my best friend drinking chai lattes and laughing together all evening. It’s garden parties in the backyard with Earl Grey tea and cute little sandwiches.

high tea

I have my personal favourites, but I like to keep a broad variety of teas in my home for all my different moods and for visitors, especially with the holidays on the way. A cup of hot tea while we watch the kids opening their Christmas presents, and a cup of tea for guests after Christmas dinner are traditions in my house – practically a must!

Tea aficianados are likely already familiar with master tea blenders Harney & Sons. They’ve been blending unique and distinctive teas since 1983. With over 300 blends to their name, this is a tea lover’s dream! But with that many varieties, how do you pick? I’ve pored over all of them for you and put together my personal shortlist of teas and tea sets for gift giving this holiday season.

When I buy tea for myself, I don’t mind utilitarian cardboard boxes, but when I’m giving gifts to friends and family, I love the fancy tins that Harney & Sons teas come in. I know that once the tea is done, those tins will get a second life storing other tea bags or trinkets.

holiday black teas

Read on for my roundup of premium teas perfect for holiday entertaining and gift giving, and don’t forget to enter for a delicious tea and chocolate gift set down at the bottom of the post.

Black Teas

When in doubt, black teas are the most popular tea and a safe bet for gift giving. Harney & Sons’ classic Holiday Tea is spiced with citrus, almond, clove, and cinnamon. Its warm spicy aroma and flavour are perfect for cold winter mornings or that after Christmas dinner cup. For gift giving, pick the pretty red reusable tin with 20 sachets for $7.95.

Holiday Tea tin

Sweet and fruity and tart at the same time, Cranberry Autumn is premium black tea blended with cranberry and orange flavors, reminiscent of crisp autumn days. This tea comes in a fancy Historic Royal Palaces Collection tin with 30 sachets for $10.95.

Cranberry Autumn Tea

Hot Cinnamon Spice is Harney & Sons’ most popular flavoured tea. This unique black tea blend is flavoured with three varieties of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It tastes spicy and sweet without any added sugar, just like a hot cinnamon heart! Pick from the Classic tin (seen below) with 20 sachets for $8.50 or an Historic Royal Palaces Collection tin with 30 sachets for $10.95.

Hot Cinnamon Spice

I love a pot of hot, spicy, creamy chai tea. Now I could make my own by grinding and simmering spices on the stove top then mixing in the tea, brown sugar, and milk, but it’s so much easier to enjoy the taste with this tin of Chai loose tea. Made from Indian black tea and flavoured with cardamom seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and natural cardamom and vanilla flavors, the 4 ounce tin of loose tea makes 30-40 cups for $7.50.

brewed chai loose leaf tea

Not sure how to make a cup of authentic chai? Not to worry, full instructions are on a folded piece of paper tucked away inside the tin.

Green Teas

Dragon Pearl Jasmine green tea comes from Fuan, China. Each beautiful tea “pearl” is hand rolled and gently infused with the essence of jasmine flowers. The 4 ounce tin of loose tea pearls retails for $10.00.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Tropical Green is a fresh twist on traditional green tea, infused with pineapple flavour. It comes in an Historic Royal Palaces Collection tin with 30 sachets for $10.95.

Tropical Green

White Teas

White tea is made from young tea buds plucked just before the leaf opens on the stem and air-dried. Its pale colour comes from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds. Flavoured with almond and vanilla, a sip from this White Christmas warm and nutty blend completes the perfect winter wonderland. The classic tin of 20 sachets is $10.00.

White Christmas

Herbal & Fruit Infusions

Organic Passion Plum herbal tea blends the sweetness of plums with the spiciness of cinnamon and the benefits of American ginseng. This deep red, caffeine-free infusion is one of my favourites with its strong, rich flavour. No need to add any sugar! The 4 ounce tin makes 30-40 cups for $7.50.

organic passion plum herbal infusion

organic passion plum

Or for a caffeine-free version of Harney & Sons’ Holiday Tea, try their Holiday Herbal Tea made with rooibos (red bush) instead of black tea. Like the black tea version, it’s flavoured with citrus and holidays spices. A 4 ounce tin retails for $8.00.

Peppermint is known for soothing indigestion, gas, and upset tummies, which makes this the perfect tea to keep around during all the holiday feasting. Harney & Sons’ caffeine-free Peppermint Tea is sourced from Oregon and certified Organic by the USDA Organic Program. A 3 ounce tin of loose leaf tea is $10.00.Organic Peppermint Tea

Orange Passion Fruit Tea blends rosehips, hibiscus, dried oranges, and other fruit pieces with orange and tropical passion fruit flavors. This kid-friendly and caffeine-free combination produces a brilliant ruby red brew loaded with great flavor. Pick up a 4 ounce tin for $7.00.

Gift Sets

The Harney & Sons signature Brown Linen Tea Chest ($34.95) is an elegant hostess gift and a wonderful way to sample 8 different flavours of Harney & Sons teas. My tea chest contained 4 individually wrapped sachets of these 8 teas: Chamomile, Japanese Sencha, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Mint Verbena, Organic Bangkok, Organic Assam, Dragon Pearl Jasmine, and Earl Grey Supreme for a total of 32 sachets. Your selection isn’t guaranteed to be the same, so there’s a fun element of mystery to every box.

linen chest with 8 teas

tea chest - brewing basics

The tea chest comes in a beautiful box for gift giving, wrapped up in a pretty bow. And when all the tea is gone, refill it for your next dinner party or keep jewelry or other trinkets in there. (As of today, the Brown Linen Tea Chest is on sale for $19.99!)

The Happiest of Holidays Gift Set ($34.95) includes 30 sachets of Holiday  black tea spiced with citrus & cloves, delicious White Chocolate Chip & Macadamia cookies from Tate’s Bake shop, and Chocolate Peppermint marshmallows from Saxon Chocolates. A festive Red Tartan 100% cotton tea towel completes the gift.

Happiest of Holidays Gift Set

The Winter Blues Gift Box ($44.95) is sure to chase away those winter blues with Harney & Sons’ bestselling Classic Paris black tea, Winter White Earl Grey, Blueberry Green, and Seasonal Celebration. And what goes better with tea than chocolate? This set comes with two chocolate bars from Lake Champlain Chocolates: Almonds & Sea Salt (70% cocoa) and Creamy Coconut (57% cocoa).

Winter Blues Gift Set

Gift It!

Give the gift of flavour this Christmas with a selection of fine teas or a specialty gift set! Visit Harney & Sons and order before December 15th to ensure delivery in the US before Christmas. (December 5th for Canada.)

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