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Holiday Book Gift Ideas from Raincoast Books #TWCMgifts

You can never go wrong with books for Christmas! This year I’ve gathered an assortment of books and gifts from Raincoast Books sure to please any child and parent, including a classic Advent calendar, winter-themed books, a Christmas pop-up, and a fun sound book for little fingers to explore.

The Night Before Christmas Pop-Up Advent Calendar
by Marc Boutavant

The Night Before Christmas Pop-Up Advent Calendar

When I was a child, opening the first window of the year’s Advent calendar and gobbling down the chocolate meant that Christmas was near. Oh, the anticipation was sheer torture, but counting down the days on my calendar made December bearable.

This pop-up Advent calendar has stickers instead of chocolate, so kids get to open one flap every day and decorate the 3D winter scene with that sticker. Tabs on the back fold out to display the scene on a table or dresser. My kids are sticker fiends, and I know this will be a hit come December 1st.

The Knights Before Christmas
by Joan Holub

The Knights Before Christmas

“Twas December 24th,
and three knights ding-a-ling
were guarding the castle
for their illustrious king.”

Inspired by the holiday classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, this rhyming holiday tale is full of puns and good fun. Brave Knight, Polite Knight, and Silent Knight (chortle), think their castle is under attack by a strange red and white knight accompanied by eight dragons.

But Santa always gets his way, and no matter what, he’ll make sure the knights have a merry Christmas!

Planet Pop-Up: Bear’s Merry Christmas
by Jonathan Litton

Bear's Merry Christmas

Everyone loves pop-up books! Bear’s Merry Christmas is full of friendly animals all celebrating Christmas in their own ways. The first pop-up features Santa Bear in his flying sleigh looking down at the forest, and subsequent spreads show the animals having fun. The final spread shows everyone gathered around the Christmas tree.

The large size book is great for lap reading, and each of the six spreads has a large, sturdy pop-up, just right for little ones who may not be as careful with books yet as we would like.

Dear Yeti
by James Kwan

Dear Yeti

This simple story follows two hikers who set out one day to search for Yeti. The title Dear Yeti comes from the letters they write along the way to the elusive beast. But when they get hungry, cold, and lost, and run into a fierce grizzly bear, they discover just how good of a friend Yeti can be. Reading this book helped start a discussion about friendship, and what it means to be a friend.

Steam Train, Dream Train
by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

Steam Train, Dream Train

From the author and illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestseller Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, this charming bedtime story is filled with friendly animals who help load the dream train up with all the best things in life – ice cream, paint, race cars, balls, and dinosaurs. Once everything and everyone is on board, it’s time to curl up for sweet dreams.

The magical nighttime scenes are illustrated in luminous oil pastels and create a soft dreamy atmosphere for the rhyming couplets. This is a fun book to read together, cuddled up before bed.

Steam Train, Dream Train

Steam Train, Dream Train Sound Book
by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

Steam Train, Dream Train sound book

This board book is based on the imaginative prose from the original Steam Train, Dream Train story, now with sounds! The text is abridged but keeps the sense and gentle, playful feel of the original.

Every child likes to press buttons, and the buttons on the sound bar allow kids to participate in the story. Don’t worry, the sounds aren’t too loud for bedtime, even the train whistle noise.

Steam Train, Dream Train Puzzle
by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

Steam Train, Dream Train puzzle

Based on the images from the book, this is not what you might first think of as a puzzle. The engine and the caboose are clearly the front and the back, but the other ten pieces can be placed in any combination your child likes to build their own unique dream train. Each large piece (about 8″ x 5″) has a unique image on each side, so the combinations are endless!

The inside of the box top has suggestions for things to look for on the dream train. Parents can use these activities to encourage interaction and attention to detail, counting (e.g., find 1 elephant, 2 giraffes, 3 rabbits, etc.), colour identification and learning types of train cars (e.g., find the white reefer car, pink boxcar, etc.), as well as different animals.
Steam Train, Dream Train puzzle pieces

Ruby’s Wish
by Bridges Shirin Yim

Ruby's Wish

My daughters are one quarter Chinese, and I’m always looking for ways to make sure they have some familiarity and exposure to that part of their heritage. This true story is set in late 19th century China and introduces us to Ruby, a joyful and talented little girl whose only wish is to go to university like her brothers and male cousins. I’m working hard to raise daughters who believe in themselves and their dreams, and I’m excited about reading this to them.

Ruby’s Wish is beautifully illustrated in water colours, reminiscent of Chinese brush painting, but the best part is the final page when we see a photograph of the real Ruby, the author’s grandmother. Her photo makes it clear that this is a true story and underscores the lessons to be learned. Funnily enough, my great-great-grandfather had multiple wives too (four if I remember the family stories correctly), just like Ruby’s grandfather.

The Big Penguin Party
by Christian Jeremies and Fabian Jeremies

The Big Penguin Party

The premise behind this look and find book is that it’s Grandma Penguin’s birthday, and she needs to find all the pieces of her special rainbow birthday costume for the party. Can you find Grandma’s striped dress, green stockings, pink pearl necklace, blue scarf, hat, red gloves, yellow purse, purple shoes, and orange coat?

Each spread is chock full of 90 penguins and all the chaos that would naturally accompany a party with 90 penguins in attendance. There’s so much going on in these fun watercolour paintings, it takes a good eye and attention to detail to find each piece, which means this is a great book to keep the kids occupied for a while!

Disney Frozen Crochet Gift Set
by Kati Galusz

Disney Frozen Crochet gift set

This amigurumi gift set is perfect for an older Frozen fan or for a mom like me who wants to create these small crocheted and stuffed toys for her own kids.

The included softcover book starts with detailed pictures of different stitches and techniques needed to start crocheting. Then it moves into step-by-step and full colour illustrated instructions to create Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Prince Han, Oaken, Olaf, Sven, Grand Pabbie (the ruler of the trolls), Marshmallow, Young Elsa, Young Anna, and Young Kristoff. The set includes all the materials and supplies you need to make the Elsa and Anna dolls.

I’ve wanted to learn how to crochet for a long time, and the book makes it look a little less intimidating. I’m looking forward to learning and hopefully creating a set of Frozen dolls for my girls!

Disney Frozen Crochet gift set

Win a Steam Train, Dream Train Prize Pack!

Win a Steam Train, Dream Train prize pack (CAN, 12/6)

One lucky Canadian reader will win a Steam Train, Dream Train prize pack. That’s the original hardcover book, the sound book, and the puzzle! This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, 18+. All entries will be verified. Prize delivery is not guaranteed by Christmas, so please plan accordingly.

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