Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs: So Many Sweet Hair Clips! #MadeinCanadaBaby


When I was pregnant, I swore up until the very last second of my 3D ultrasound that I was having a boy. I had visions of cars, trains and baby blue all over my house. Little did I know, life had a different plan for us and my house has since exploded in pink, baby dolls and endless amounts of hair clips, hair ties and bows.

Moms to little girls know the struggle, you don’t want to cut their hair but towards the end of the day it’s become a scraggly mess when it’s left to its own devices. I know this first hand, my daughter has waist length layered hair and on the best of days I’m pretty lucky if she doesn’t end up looking like Cousin It.

I learned early on the value of a good hair clip. Not a cheapie dollar store one that will end up falling apart or ripping out hair at the end of the day – you know the ones I mean.. a GOOD one. The ones that are put back on their bow board at the end of the night. When I was asked to review Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs I did a little recon before accepting. I wanted to make sure that the style of hair clip and the workmanship were up to my personal standards, and I certainly was not disappointed!

Sarah, the owner and creative mastermind behind Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs leaves no edges unglued and no character left behind. One look at her colorful Facebook page is enough to draw in any shopper. I had expected when I peeked through the page that these stunning boutique bows would be on the costly side and had prepared myself for this – I was so pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced each clip was. With our budget, I was able to choose 14 clips, custom-made to match events, holidays and Alivia’s personal favorite friends right now.


The first thing I noticed when our clippies arrived was how much thought went into the packaging – each clip is attached to an appropriate size card stock and shipped in a bubble mailer – even our large Despicable Me 2 boutique bow arrived fluffy and unscathed!

We are super into My Little Pony right now so it was a must that I scoop up as many pony bows and clips as I could in our order – Sarah made this stunning, yet simply classic My Little Pony bow out of our chosen ribbon. It is the perfect size for everyday wear, an addition to any ponytail or you can even clip them straight onto a stretch headband. It was pretty hard to keep Alivia from wanting to wear every pony clip at once – she was so excited to see her favorites; AppleJack, Rarity and Fluttershy and she even noticed that our ribbon had a Princess Celestia on it, definitely Alivia approved.


If you are anything like me and a total holiday junkie then you’re in luck too! Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs caters to the holidays and sports fans alike! I ordered this unique Mickey Mouse Canada clippie and hoped and prayed it would make it in time for Canada Day. We were in luck! Our package arrived the day before and she wore her Mickey clip with pride throughout all of our celebrations. We had so many compliments on how one of a kind it was and how sweet it looked with her outfit.


And of course, a package for Alivia wouldn’t be complete without a Minion, we chose this beautiful boutique clip to complete our order. I absolutely couldn’t believe the quality of this clip when it arrived, each one is custom made with high quality satin and grosgrain ribbon with heat sealed ends to ensure no fraying! With the Minion movie opening this weekend, we already know what she’ll be wearing to the theatre proudly.

Favorite thing about our order? The unique assortment of base clips used – each alligator clip is lined with a matching high quality ribbon and neatly trimmed. No glue or frayed edges on these clips! Combine that with her no-slip grip liner on each clip and these bad boys stay PUT. We’ll definitely be placing more orders with Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs in the future and can’t wait to expand our everyday hair clippie collection.

Don’t forget – Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs isn’t just about hair clips – with a wide assortment of handmade hair bows, headbands, flowers, tutus, bow ties and more, you can certainly check off a few gift ideas in this one shop and feel great supporting a work from home mom.

Connect with Hip-Bow-Potamus Designs by visiting their website/shop, or check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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Disclosure: I received sample items for review.  All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

Tara is a full time working mom who balances work, her daughter Alivia and a LOVE for deal-finding. With an energetic four-year-old and a passion for life on the cheap she’s a wealth of information on where to go and what to buy – without spending a fortune. You can find her over at British Columbia Mom, or visit her on Facebook or Twitter!

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