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Happy Halloween!

Before I became a mom, Halloween meant dressing up and finding a party. Haunted houses, role playing, mystery, fireworks, and sugar. Nowadays, it’s only sugar. Candy stolen from the big bowl every time a kid comes to the door, and then a little bit more from the night’s haul after my girls go to bed. For some reason I don’t feel very Halloweeny this year. We went to the pumpkin patch and painted a pumpkin. I got costumes for the girls. We made some Halloween decorations for our front door. But it just doesn’t feel like Halloween. I think I’ve been too wrapped up in the daily chaos with a stubborn determined preschooler and an active toddler, finding my blogging groove, and concern over a family member’s health issues.

painted pumpkin

Halloween door decorations

Tee woke up yesterday morning with a fever of 102, and I’ve had to keep her home from preschool the past two days. Other than not having much of an appetite, she doesn’t seem too sick. She’s not coughing or especially lethargic, but for a kid, is there any worse day to be sick? Maybe your birthday. But still, it kinda sucks.

Today was supposed to be Tee’s school Halloween party. She’s been talking about it for the last week, but of course now she can’t go. She’s pretty disappointed about missing her first school party. She knows the kids are eating pizza and having candy and playing games. I guess compared to that, lying on the couch in her PJs and watching endless Max and Ruby reruns on the PVR just doesn’t stack up. I feel so bad for her. Luckily, her grandma was kind enough to stop by her preschool and pick up a plate of pizza and a candy bag and deliver it to us.

Well, tonight is Halloween, and I’m going to find my Halloween spirit. The girls will get to go trick or treating if I have to carry both of them from door to door holding the pumpkin pail between my teeth. And then I’m going to let Tee stuff herself silly on candy. Tomorrow we’ll be back to eating normally with good quality meats, fresh local produce, organic apples, yada yada yada. But tonight… tonight is for sugar!

Happy Halloween!

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