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Halloween Pumpkin #StarWars Diorama Project

For Halloween this year, how about something a little bit different? Everybody does jack o’lanterns, but this year we decided to try a jack o’diorama!

We picked a nice, big round pumpkin and cut a large circle out of the side. After scooping out all the pumpkin guts (saving the seeds to roast of course!), we started creating our pumpkin scene with toys around the house.

There’s no limit to what you can create! Make a jungle scene with toy animals. How about a LEGO world or a miniature dollhouse scene?

Here’s our Star Wars themed pumpkin inspired by the ice cave scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke is hung upside down with thread tied around his feet and a pin pushed into the roof of the pumpkin cave. You can see how hard he’s concentrating on the Force, trying to call his lightsaber to his hand before the wampa ice creature takes a bite out of him!


Or here’s another classic pairing – Luke and Darth in a lightsaber battle!

The great thing about this simple project is that even the littlest kids can help decorate. I think we’ll try a My Little Pony pumpkin tomorrow with my youngest!


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