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Halloween Craft: Spooky Paper Spiders

These paper spiders are a very simple last minute Halloween craft suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Make a whole bunch of them and hang them on the wall or in doorways to add some extra Halloween spirit! All you need is some black construction paper, glue or tape, thread for hanging, and googly eyes if you have them, a white crayon or white paper if you don’t.

spooky paper spiders

Draw a circle on some black construction paper (I traced a mug) and cut it out. This will be the body of your spider. Next you need eight strips of paper. I made mine about half an inch wide and five or six inches long to suit the size of my paper circle. Accordion fold the strips for the legs.accordion foldedAlternatively, make springy spider legs by weaving together two paper strips of the same width and about twice as long. Start by gluing the ends together at right angles, then fold each strip over the other, repeating until the strips are woven together all the way to the end. Glue the ends together to finish. This was Tee’s favourite part of the whole craft!

Weave the paper strips

Glue the legs onto the bottom of the circle and add eyes on top. We used googly eyes from the dollar store that I already had lying around, but if you don’t have any handy, draw the eyes on with a white crayon or glue on small circles of white paper. Tape some thread on and hang your paper spider wherever you need a little more spookiness. Happy Halloween!

Make classic paper spiders for Halloween!

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